[KR864] Keiser Report: Pathogenic Finance

We discuss what the price of sardines teaches us about disintermediation. We also discuss the strange email from Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton about the real reason for France’s invasion of Libya. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Reggie Middleton about Pathogenic Finance: The autonomous, anti-fragile, trustless paradigm shift transforming banking, brokerage, securities and insurance.

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  1. Flopot says:


    Lol. Those charts are hilarious — truth-revealing joy. Gonna be hard for zee Max unt Stacy to trump that.

  2. Flopot says:

    ^…as in those are the most informative (euphemism for “omg look at all the f**king corruption”) charts they ever headlined.

  3. Flopot says:

    “What even some sections of Western corporate media are not buying anymore are Saudi diversionist tactics about their cheap oil strategy – which has been essentially designed to hurt Iran, and Russia.”


    Stacy, get Pepe on the show. I mean, you got f**king Rickards on a few times and he’s, apparently, a CIA asset 😉

  4. Specky4eyes says:

    A simple case of price fixing?

  5. Flopot says:

    Oh the irony…

    “The Greek island of Lesbos is where hundreds of thousands of people fleeing Africa and the Middle East first reach Europe. Clowns without Borders is an organization that sends volunteers to entertain children in the refugee camps and offer a little comic relief.”


    …because that’s exactly what the Europeans will be called if the Oligarchs get their way.

    “Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”, Soros.

  6. Youri Carma says:

    Brent crude $27.50 and U.S. crude $26.50 A Barrel Now

  7. ronron says:

    @Flopot. Soros will rule from his grave. how old is this fucker? 😉

  8. Youri Carma says:

    Dumpster-Diving Massive-Short-Squeeze Rescues Stocks From 2014 Ebola Lows http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-20/dumpster-diving-massive-short-squeeze-rescues-stocks-2014-ebola-lows

    Yeah, wonder Peter Pan Tannen nephew of Biff Tannen Fuckin’ Dip 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpnxSuAUc2o

  9. Youri Carma says:

    10 Year Could Drop Below 2% Within Days, Citi Predicts

    Why The 10Y Yield Will Slide To 1.75%: Deutsche Bank Explains

    Yep, the 10-Year under 2% now.

    US Generic Govt 10 Year Yield 1.98% Now

  10. Flopot says:


    How old is evil? 😉

  11. ronron says:

    @Flopot. where the fuck is Frans. bath house? 😉

  12. Youri Carma says:

    Saudis Line Up Chinese Energy Deals As Competition For Asian Market Heats Up http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-20/saudis-line-chinese-energy-deals-competition-asian-market-heats

    The lifting of international sanctions against Tehran triggered a $100 billion windfall for the Iranians and increased access to global markets means Iran will be able to pull in as much as five times more per month from crude sales than it did under sanctions.

    Saudi Arabia is Beijing’s number one supplier of oil, but as China’s economy continues to decelerate, there are questions as to how long the Chinese will continue to snap up cheap crude. On top of concerns about falling demand from the East, Riyadh is also worried that Beijing will look increasingly to other suppliers. Russia, for instance, surged ahead of Saudi Arabia as China’s top supplier on at least three occasions in 2015.

    With Iran set to ramp up production by 500,000 b/d in Q1 and by 1,000,000 b/d by year end, the Saudis fear Xi may look increasingly to his ally in Tehran to satisfy China’s oil needs. After all, Beijing bought 40% of the oil Iran exported while international sanctions were still in place.

  13. Flopot says:

    “This is why the Empire will have to turn to its traditional set of dirty tricks: false flags, support for various terrorist groups, subversion of the Islamic Republic by means of the local money elites, sabotage, “human rights” campaigns (à la Neda), support for “gay rights”, arming of separatists groups, etc.”


  14. Flopot says:

    There you have it – $ 20, quoted by “Goldman Sachs”, was not a forecast.

    “Schedule of falling oil prices, adjusted in relation to the current fluctuations, has essentially been a straight line since last September, when prices fell from $ 50 per barrel to the current $ 29. What was so momentous that happened in the world market in September? In September, “Goldman Sachs” lowered expectations for the average oil price for 2016, assuming that it will drop to $ 20 a barrel. “Expectations” of “Goldman Sachs” were “whole-heartedly” supported by “Merrill Lynch”, “Bank of America” and others.

    There you have it – $ 20, quoted by “Goldman Sachs”, was not a forecast. It was the target. Only our own Ministry of Economy is the one that makes forecasts, “Goldman Sachs” , on the other hand, makes the markets”


  15. YoLithos says:

    Draghiput. Sounds like a place on the Indian continent.

  16. YoLithos says:

    Agh. Tablet fat fingers. Sorry @poopysnot.

  17. Vonda Bra says:




    Manifesto of the Awakened
    by Zen Gardner

    To the Few Whom This Concerns:

    Re: The deliberate subjugation of our people and planet

    While you continue to hypocritically blame humanity for the dire plight of our world, we hereby put you on notice that we are well aware that it is you, the financial, corporate, military, scientific and governmental agents and most of all the dark shadow forces behind you, that we know full well comprise and empower the destructive global power grid, that are responsible for our current engineered crises and overall social condition.

    You’ve brought us and our planet to the precipice. If you do not cease and desist, what is soon to come will be blood on your hands, cause untold suffering, and all for naught as far as your designs are concerned. You too will shrivel up in the dustbin of history as just another invasive parasite that couldn’t succeed in its self-serving designs for all its efforts.

    Know that.

    We hereby officially notify all those complicit in this massive control program that:

    -We are aware of your efforts to dumb down, anesthetize and control the world’s populations.
    -We are aware of your destructive programs to sicken and alter humanity through the chemical, electromagnetic and genetic modification of our food, plants, animals and ourselves.
    -We are aware of your wanton destruction of our earth, skies and oceans through resource exploitation, geoengineering and weather modification.
    -We are aware of your many false flag events and surreptitious “strategy of tension” schemes purposely designed to keep the world in perpetual fear and continual wars against fabricated outside enemies for control and profit.
    -We are aware of your fascist medical designs to drain and destroy humanity via the decrepit allopathic medical system based on profit and ill health at every level, including the proliferation of pharmaceuticals, invasive and debilitating treatments and deliberately damaging vaccines.
    -We are aware of your moves toward a worldwide police state based on hyperbolized fear and disinformation to manipulate humanity in order to get an unspoken imprimatur to execute your program of control and subjugation.
    -We are aware that your political crony establishment is all staged and designed to distract from the real issues and keep the populace occupied and feeling like participants while you work your nefarious program.
    -We are aware of your falsely imposed vampiristic taxation system to fund further bureaucratic bloat, controls and an overarching agenda of genocidal wars on innocent peoples, and that it is arbitrary and our sovereign choice to simply not participate in any longer.
    -We are aware that a select few major corporations with vested interests in this global agenda now control almost all media and that mass media is nothing more than a mouthpiece of propaganda to these ends.
    -We are aware that your “entertainment” industry is simply socially engineered entrainment towards personal and social distraction, chaos and degradation.
    -We are aware of your AI, electromagnetic grid and mind manipulating designs and technologies that are being imposed to further expand your psychopathic control program.
    -We are aware that you repress emerging technologies that threaten existing parasitic profitable ones, such as the hazardous petroleum and nuclear industries, when alternative energy sources and other such solutions have arisen for many decades which you have suppressed.
    -We are aware that you sequester knowledge and information in a vast array of fields to keep the general populace in the dark and thereby disempowered as to our true historical context, while you are coveting secret information and carrying out advanced covert research for your own ends.
    -We are aware that you have stigmatized, marginalized and seek to outlaw any form of criticism, questioning or dissent using whatever excuse you can manufacture.
    -We are aware of your oppressive, enslaving monetary and legal control scams, private fractionalized banking pillaging, and twisted cravings for money and power in an imposed control system that never needed to exist in the first place.
    -We are aware of your falsely postured institutions, foundations, institutes, charitable organizations and international bodies such as the so-called United Nations and its many agencies and agendas being used to further develop your global control plans and programs.
    -We are aware of your secret societies, blood line allegiances and luciferian, freemasonic, Babylonian and otherworldy roots that propel the wickedness of your self appointed leaders. We are aware of your ritual sacrifices, paedophelia and bestiality inclinations and other sordid practices, all of which are anathema to our conscious race.

    Ad nauseum…
    This will be tolerated no longer.


    +We are aware that you know we are on to you. We stand fearless, fully committed to humanity’s well being. You are shallow, self-serving and seriously misled guns for hire working for a control system being engineered by powers beyond your knowledge that will devour you, just as you seek to devour us.
    +We are aware of who you are. Your days are numbered. Your designs will soon be visited upon your heads if you do not drastically change your ways. Universal law dictates it. You know it, and we know it. Hence your sloppy, miscreant behavior being so thoroughly exposed which you so furiously attempt to deny and suppress. This futile lashing out only works toward the exposure of open truth and the awakening’s favor.

    If there is an ounce of humanity left in any of you, defect and help us expose and bring down these life ending forces. You, your children, your grandchildren and anything you may still hold dear are already suffering and will also perish in the catastrophe we are soon destined for if you do not respond.


    A last warning.

    We are aware. We are awake and activated. We will do everything within and without our personal power to see our race and planet survive and shake this parasitic invasion. Our planet itself will not take this attempted overthrow. Know that, and expect repercussions from Her, as well as us, a gathering storm of sacred truth you cannot possibly fathom.

    Your opposition, resistance and puny, short-sighted efforts are dwarfed by what awaits you.

    Will you find your humanity in time? We think many of you could, and those of you who do will be welcomed amongst the awakened. However, we realize many are beyond redemption.

    But don’t try to fool us. We’re more on to you than you could ever imagine.

    Just watch and see. We will surprise you, just as you fear.

    We’re here. We live. We cannot be stopped nor thwarted by any means despite your flimsy efforts.

    The truth and love we bear are coming for you. Truth and cosmic resonance cannot be denied and any aberration from it will be mitigated.

    That’s just the way it is.

    Think about it. If you dare.


    The Eternally Awakened




    german version:

    Manifest der Erwachten



  18. Flopot says:






  19. YoLithos says:

    Tsk! Time to change those wallet keys.

    GIMPS discovered the prime number by multiplying 2 by itself 74,207,281 times and then subtracting 1. This obscenely large number, which you can peruse (though it is a 44MB text document full of numbers). Curiously, the number was discovered using nothing more than an Intel Core i7 processor. It’s the 49th prime number discovered since the search began in about 500 BCE.

    The GIMPS project, located at the University of Central Missouri, beat out the previous record holder, discovered in 2013, by a cool 5 million digits. A video posted by YouTube user standupmaths breaks down the discovery and includes lengthy interview with the team’s lead prof, Curtis Cooper.

  20. poopysnot says:

    Nick Barisheff & Chris Waltzek – January 20, 2016
    Interview Summary: http://radio.goldseek.com/nuggets.php

    Oil Glut Pushes Prices Below $27 A Barrel
    wochit Business – Jan 20, 2016

    On Wednesday, oil prices crashed below $27 dollars a barrel. This is the lowest price for oil since 2003. And with financial markets around the world taking a hit, this glut of oil could continue for the foreseeable future. This year alone, oil prices have plunged 25%. And while these low prices have buried some small-time and shale oil companies, oil producers continue to drill. Oil prices were all the way down to $26.41 on the afternoon’s New York Stock Exchange.

  21. poopysnot says:

    @Yo Lithos: haha =)~

    Ever watch Draghi eat a booger?

  22. poopysnot says:

    you can learn a lot about a man, from the way he eats a booger 😉

  23. poopysnot says:

    oh, I’m sorry.. wooops I forgot, that was Berlusconi!
    AAA, whats the difference.. uuurp* =)~

    (((a few too many Warsteiners tonight)))

  24. alan says:

    so typical of these hawks. Its kill, kill, kill until they stub there toe then it’s boo hoo hoo cry baby cry.
    its all good when it is some one else on the receiving end.


  25. poopysnot says:

    one beer turned into three. which turned into a glass of wine. which turned into filet mignons and more wine.. and then it gets fuzzy~

    ‘nite all ~ uuuurp*

  26. poopysnot says:

    one more..

    It Looks Like a Recession Because It Is One
    Peter Schiff – Jan 20, 2016

    January 20, 2016

    A Glimpse Of Things To Come: Bankrupt Shale Producers “Can’t Give Their Assets Away”


  27. poopysnot says:

    (I’m going to fall asleep wondering if Draghi’s a booger eater too)

  28. YoLithos says:


  29. @ Specky4eyes

    Brilliant – thanks!

  30. poopysnot says:

    Member Update 1/20/16 Fair Value
    BrotherJohnF – Jan 20, 2016

    James Corbett – China’s Massive Effort to Save Stock Market
    Talk Digital Network – January 20, 2016

    Michael Maloney – The Greatest Crisis in the History of Mankind is here
    Jay Taylor Media – Jan 20, 2016

  31. poopysnot says:

    China Must Give Up Peg on Dollar, Ex-Central Bank Adviser Says
    January 20, 2016

    Egypt Expects Suez Canal to Serve “Belt & Road” Initiative: Advisor
    CCTV+ Jan 20, 2016

  32. YoLithos says:

    “Gal said it was ironic Brave was a for-profit operation that can make money from reducing advertising.”

    ZDNet, of course, having been engulfed and bodysnatched by the corporate praising “ethos”. And chromium, Mozilla and its latter-day minions not being exactly immaculate vestals preserving user privacy.

  33. YoLithos says:

    Not any more.

  34. YoLithos says:

    This is a great incentive to go study somewhere else. This will boost online education like wildfire. Sooner or later dependable quality will arise there, as well.
    “It is envisioned that the system will include knowing whether they are in lectures, at the gym or in the bar, and in an effort to boost their results, students may also want to share data on their fitness, sleeping patterns, and their academic and semi-academic interactions online.”
    Some people, though, do like or need to live like that – the military, prisoners, monks, …

    The old model of centralization of education and knowledge is another one being shaken more than it can understand.

  35. YoLithos says:

    Yep. “Lively”.

    10 people were arrested in the Netherlands today according to the Public Prosecution Service. The arrests were said to be part of an international investigation, including requests from the USA, Morocco, Australia and Lithuania. Apparently the investigators followed the trace from ‘Bitcoin-cashers’ (who convert the Bitcoin profits to old money) back to Bitcoin transactions on the Dark Web. How successful this was is yet to be seen, since all the main suspects are said to be ‘cashers’, not traders.
    https:[email protected]/10-aanhoudingen/ (surprisingly, in Dutch 🙂 )
    Via – http://yro.slashdot.org/story/16/01/21/0147242/10-people-arrested-in-the-netherlands-for-bitcoin-laundering

  36. Flopot says:

    Pushing Russia down a road to ruin…

    “Moscow and Tehran are very much on it. The logic behind crashing markets, creating a recession and a depression – from the point of view of the Masters of the Universe above the lame duck President of the United States — is to engineer a major slow down, cripple buying patterns, decrease oil and natural gas consumption, and point Russia on a road to ruin.”


    Meanwhile, Russia tacitly agrees to a Turkish invasion of Syria — that country is gonna be carved-up I tell ya! The sacrifices of the Syrian people and the Syrian Arab Army are all for nothing — fighting an invasion of Zionist proxy forces.


    I’ll never forget the strange sense of aloofness emanating from Putin when Assad last visited Moscow. Assad looked almost desperate but Putin did not behave like a friend or ally.

    I’m s**t scared for the Syrians.

  37. Flopot says:

    ^Maybe I’m reading too much into Putin’s reaction to Assad


  38. Flopot says:

    The “room” laughs when Qaddafi, in 2011, predicts other Arab elites will be the next victims of Western* aggression…


    *AZE psychopaths

  39. Youri Carma says:

    Stephen Hawking Warns Humanity: Leave Earth Before The Ruling Class Destroys It http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-21/stephen-hawking-warns-humanity-leave-earth-ruling-class-destroys-it

    Because of the flawed theories of Stephen Hawkins we’re still not on the Moon and Mars while the elite is!

    You need anti gravity to get there because of the Van Allen belts and Stephen Hawkins prevents that.

  40. Youri Carma says:

    WTI Crude Spikes Above $30 – Back To Post-Iran Ledge

    Brent crude $29.50 and U.S. crude $30.00 A Barrel Now

  41. Youri Carma says:

    Won’t hold I think.

  42. Youri Carma says:

    How The Banks Are Tightening The Noose On U.S. Oil Firms

    What The Big Banks Say About Their Energy Exposure

    Oil Giants Start Losing Safety Net as Refining Margins Squeezed

    BofA Reports $21.3 Billion In Energy Exposure; Beats On EPS Despite Revenue Miss, Sliding Sales And Trading http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-19/bofa-beats-eps-despite-revenue-miss-sliding-sales-and-trading-reports-213-billion-en

    America’s Cash Flow Negative Energy Companies Have $325 Billion In Debt Among Them http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-18/these-are-cash-flow-negative-energy-companies-us-total-debt-325-billion

  43. Youri Carma says:

    Like said, we’ve got us these factors keeping oil low for the foreseeable future (That’s to say at least the next 2-5 years but maybe even 10):

    – Demand simply underperforming supply, the world economy is collapsing, mind you!

    – Saudi crude exports rose, Iraq’s oil and Iran’s oil comes online, Libya signals more crude, Russian oil patch just keeps pumping, Algeria to boost 2016 oil output.

    – U.S. shale still pumping under hedges some till 2017

    As firms aim to reach revenue targets, lower prices result in increased production levels to cover debt payments, creating vicious debt spirals http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-20/how-banks-are-tightening-noose-us-oil-firms

    – Canadian oil sands projects coming online several of which by 2017
    – Natural gas steadily used more and more and dirt cheap because it can be found anywhere around the globe
    – Coal is still widely used and still very cheap and reliable energy source
    – More sun-energy sources used despite the low oil prices

  44. Youri Carma says:

    Solar and Wind Just Did the Unthinkable, Cheap oil and gas couldn’t stop another record year for renewables, or a turning point for energy investment http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-14/solar-and-wind-just-did-the-unthinkable

    As Oil Crashed, Renewables Attracted Record $329 Billion

  45. Vonda Bra says:



    Europe Collapsing With Gender Bashing – Morris
    https://youtu.be/pAuRlQhl7b8 (9:29)



  46. Vonda Bra says:



    REALIST NEWS – Even Chinese Slave Labor are losing their jobs (7 mins)
    REALIST NEWS – Got Silver? I hope so (12 mins)
    REALIST NEWS – US Debt to GDP over 100% Canada = 171% WOW (17 mins)




  47. Youri Carma says:

    Blame Canada for Making the Oil Glut Worse

    Legacy projects from the days of $100 barrels mean that two years of new production is still in the pipeline.

    Morgan Stanley analysts project that Western Canadian crude volumes will rise at a compound annual rate of 4 percent through 2017. In

  48. Flopot says:


    You got me at “Blame Canada…” 😉

  49. Youri Carma says:


    U.S. ruled by borderliners and psychopaths always blame somebody else.

  50. Vonda Bra says:




    just found out, that CAF also was on yesterdays “Power Hour” .. 3rd hour.

    here it is: (coming in around the 8.20 min. mark)




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