[KR863] Keiser Report: Class, Financial Warfare

We discuss the geniuses calling for World War III, while the debt refugees caused by the financial and class war raging in the economy swamp the global financial markets with volatility and instability. In the second half, Max interviews Reggie Middleton about Pathogenic Finance: The autonomous, anti-fragile, trustless paradigm shift transforming banking, brokerage, securities and insurance.

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  1. …and the Messiah said “I shall make ye fishers of sardines”

  2. poopysnot says:

    Sprott Breaks Through to Gold Trust Holders
    January 19, 2016 (video)

    John Wilson, CEO of Sprott Asset Management, joins Bloomberg TV Canada’s Pamela Ritchie to break down the asset giant’s deal to purchase Central Gold Trust.

    2016 Market Crash Explained In 1 Chart – Mike Maloney
    Mike Maloney – Jan 19, 2016

    Dennis Tubbergen talks with Michael Pento & Jay Taylor
    Everything Financial Radio – Jan 19, 2016


  3. YoLithos says:

    @susan – re : Blame it on Rio
    Thanks. Neat article. It gets the main points. The locals – and internationals – have been complaining a lot about it. Let’s not forget the chemical depot explosions. And the neocon destabilizer gang has been doing its best to chip away at national institutions and relevant figures without harming the ‘massa’ corporations or their cronies’ profits – which are a bit difficult to separate from the other cronies’ profits, since it’s one widespread provincial crony snakeball tied in to all the others – national and international. They usually range from conservative authoritarian to unbelievably worse and deranged. The usual.

    The US destabilizer oligarchs and their clubs – Millenium, Birch, their stink tanks, Singer, the Kochs and several others have been at it for years. While the US considered to be inadmissible the recent ‘excessive interaction’ by international heads of state and other representatives at the Rio World Cup without their overbearing control and oversight, as well as the rebelliousness of the FIFA beaurocracy that preferred to be bribed by better bribers (a new word?). And that the US can’t handle the game. So they called in ‘their cops’ to raid the joint. Capone style.

    And so on. The rear end of the bust job in that joint.

  4. YoLithos says:

    It seems as if everyone above a certain economic or social threshold has become a Marie Antoinette impersonator in drag. With a few very notable exceptions.

  5. YoLithos says:

    NASA’s newest cargo spacecraft began life as a Soviet space plane
    The hybrid rocket motors are fueled with hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) and nitrous oxide, or more simply put, “rubber and laughing gas”.[8] These two substances are both non-toxic and easily stored, making them safer than liquid rocket fuels. Unlike solid rockets, Dream Chaser’s hybrid fuel system would allow the motor to stop and start repeatedly, and be throttleable.

  6. YoLithos says:

    The historical antecedents of the Dream Chaser go back over 50 years in the US; with the 1957 X-20 Dyna-Soar concept and the 1966 Northrop M2-F2 and Martin X-23 PRIME lifting bodies.[15][16] Its design is derived from NASA’s 1990 HL-20 lifting body design which was itself similar to the 1980s Soviet BOR-4, which in turn was considered by NASA engineers as influenced by the late 1960s HL-10,[17] and the Soviet Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-105 military spaceplane concept,[18] a spaceplane studied as a means to develop a Soviet counterpart to the US’s X-20 Dyna-Soar.[19]

  7. Youri Carma says:

    @Trevor Morgan

    …and the Messiah said “I shall make ye fishers of sardines”
    Read more at http://www.maxkeiser.com/2016/01/kr863-keiser-report-class-financial-warfare/#9Y1rBdjeAtqJ3189.99

    And the somebody said “I don’t like sardines”

    And the Messiah said “Fuck off then and got and eat somewhere else you ungrateful cunt!”

    And so was decided.

  8. susan says:

    ‘If you’re not taking this (Putin) Messiah stuff seriously, you should consider doing so. But what of Russia Insider – should it be taken seriously? Is it a propaganda site full of ridiculous bullsh*t, like Veterans Today, or is a propaganda site that should be taken fairly seriously, like RT? It is more the latter than the former, for reasons I will explain in an upcoming entry.’



  9. YoLithos says:

    On Saturday, regulators in California decided to hold off on a plan to capture and burn the natural gas that is leaking from a broken storage well just north of Los Angeles, citing the risk of a “catastrophic explosion,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

    On top of that, the area around the wellhead is so flammable that cellphones and watches are not permitted, lest something set off a spark. Relief well drilling takes place at a site that is a safe distance away.

    As for “a safe distance away” :
    A fracking aftermath.

  10. Flopot says:


    But the point still stands — the vast majority of Westerners will have no notion of Putin as a Messiah. So such propaganda only plays to Eastern and alternative audiences (“like wot we are, innit”)

    I’m not going to defend Veterans Today as I know it is run by some very dubious people, but I do like certain contributors like say, Gilad Atzmon.

    However, on the whole I have to admit the propaganda is towards a Clash of Civilisations. Hmmmmm I wonder who benefits from brainf**ked Christians wiping out Muslims. Tbh this has been going on for decades.

  11. Flopot says:

    I also notice RFG has given himself 200 days for his projected war? And what if (here’s hoping) there is no war on that date?

    You know my stance — I think Putin’s a puppet until THAT bank falls; but I’m still going to be sceptical right until the end 😛

  12. Flopot says:


  13. susan says:

    For me, global geoengineering is proof that the conspiracy is global.

  14. Flopot says:

    Looks like there’s a false flag destined for Ireland sometime soon…

    “Haaretz quoted an Israeli official as saying that “the drafts have become increasingly harsh and grave from moment to moment. The Swedes and Irish are pushing and it appears as if our friends are not able to withstand it. The Germans are trying to hold the line, but are not succeeding.””


  15. Flopot says:

    The gloom of doom — what does Larry Fink fink…I mean think…

    “Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock, the world’s biggest private investment fund, told US financial channel CNBC that the crisis was set to worsen. “I actually believe there’s not enough blood in the streets,” he said, adding, “you’re going to start seeing more layoffs in the middle part of the first quarter, definitely the second quarter.””


  16. Sardines gave me gout

  17. Flopot says:


    And PNAC declared bioweapons a “useful political tool”.

    And Ebola seems to have been weaponized and test released in Africa (the recent outbreaks near a particular facility); nevermind the US has apparently patented a variant of Ebola. Wtf?

    And then the Russian Federation (firing a broadside) states that it has a new, more effective treatment for Ebola. O.R. perhaps this is to have everyone running to a Russian vaccine (if you belive in the Uber-Kabuki).

  18. Youri Carma says:

    IMF Cuts Global Growth Forecast to 3.4% in Year of ‘Great Challenges’ http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-19/imf-trims-global-outlook-as-brazil-slump-oil-weigh-on-expansion

    World’s Biggest Steel Industry Shrinks for First Time Since 1991

    Oil Giants Start Losing Safety Net as Refining Margins Squeezed

    U.S. Yields Near 2% Make Traders Wonder Where Animal Spirits Are

    Fed’s $216 Billion Treasuries Rollover Recalls Crisis Era Buying – Portfolio has $1.1 trillion of U.S. debt maturing through 2019 http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-18/fed-s-216-billion-treasuries-rollover-recalls-crisis-era-buying

  19. Youri Carma says:

    U.S. Takes Step Toward Increasing Oversight of Treasury Market

    Meaning, FED will look how they better can hide, better smooth out, their market manipulations.

  20. Flopot says:


    “Iran Gives Order to Boost Crude Oil Output Amid Global Glut”

    But why?

  21. To get hold of foreign exchange;
    To screw over other exporters;
    To shift some of those laden tankers at anchor in their waters;
    Other reasons to speculate upon.

  22. Flopot says:

    Thanks Trev; stuff to ponder over. Stills seems mad tho’.

  23. Flopot says:


  24. Flopot says:

    This is a gaddamn dead thread.

  25. Youri Carma says:


    Simply because it’s Iran’s main export product to create income and income is what Iran needs***. But first Iran needs to create wider export channels or in other words, market share and with other oil suppliers on the brink of collapse this is a great time to do that, like said before, to fill in the gaps in oil supplies where others defaulted. So a lot of oil suppliers are eager to please their customers with lower prices for gain in market share. Hence the oil prices wars.

    And if you are able to pump oil out of the ground for less than a dollar a gallon you still can make a nice profit at $10 dollars a barrel. So, that’s why.

    *** Eni CEO says Iran needs $150 billion of energy investment

  26. ronron says:

    @Flopot. political correct whiners kill threads.

  27. Flopot says:


    Fairenoughski. I thought gluts killed markets. Ah well.


    You’re whining about whining.

  28. ronron says:

    @Flopot. not so. i don’t give a fuck one way or the other.

  29. Flopot says:


    Yes you do; there are things you do give a f**k about. So stop all this Gran Tourino shit.

  30. Flopot says:

    Okay; well maybe you don’t give a hoot about the “porkchops” episode.

    Thing is, neither do I.

  31. ronron says:

    @Flopot. umm. let me be clear. i have worked in the mud rain and snow with many a pork chop and have there permission to say what i like.

  32. Youri Carma says:


    Yeah, gluts kill markets but others are stepping in and the U.S. shale business is kept alive partly artificially via hedges an printed up money to cover the huge losses by the banks. So the glut is not killing as fast as one would suspect at first glance.

    And for the ones who can afford it market share can be forced by keeping oil low for a while also to make alternative energy sources look more expensive. They did it before.

  33. Flopot says:


    Firstly. Dead thread.

    Secondly, nobody’s stopping you.

  34. ronron says:

    @Flopot. stopping me from what?

  35. Flopot says:


    So Iran is joining in the drive to kill US shale; also fighting to create new markets with really cheap oil (linked to first)…they must be confident about finding these markets.

  36. Youri Carma says:

    @Flopot – Fairenoughski


  37. Flopot says:


    Nobody is stopping you from saying anything.

  38. Flopot says:


    Lol. Nope. Fairenoughski as in “I suppose…okay…cannot really argue with that or add to that…”

  39. ronron says:

    sympathy is not empathy. jagador played the ppc hand long before i piped in. i’m just a poor canadian poster that wants a hat tip.

  40. Flopot says:

    Ah, the sympathy/empathy divide. My brother is always going on about that…

    Empathy is reading emotions

    Sympathy is…feeling emotions for someone?

    I dunno and cba to look it up.

    What is ppc?

  41. Youri Carma says:


    Iran still has oil markets despite the U.S. sanctions which could give them bigger market share where others failed so broadening their existing markets rather than creating new ones. But they could create some new markets too with the sanctions gone.

  42. ronron says:

    @Flopot. sympathy is seeing and not acting. empathy is seeing and acting.

  43. Flopot says:


    And challenge The Kingdom for markets! Aye; it all makes sense now.

  44. Flopot says:


    I am not sure about those definitions; seem a tad tricksie.

  45. ronron says:

    @Flopot. i could say too you i really am sorry what happened. or i could say. no worry’s man you can sleep here.

  46. Flopot says:

    Surely you can empathize (fully understand someone’s experience) and then do f**k all about it. Perhaps even laugh at them, i.e. schadenfreude.

    An evil example but we live in evil times 😛

  47. Flopot says:

    Still, I do understand your definition. Laconic, as always, and shows that the one who really understands what another is going through, will act.

    Fairenoughski 😛

  48. Flopot says:

    Now I’m fecking outta this dead thread. Comprende? Can you at least sympathize wit dat thought, amigo? 😉

  49. Flopot says:


    As in “fecking off”

  50. ronron says:

    @Flopot. i am probably going against the dictionary? just my thought on words.

  51. Flopot says:

    I’m in the new thread.

    But nn, just in case.

    I’ll have to save your definition tho’ for my laconic character, who may one day see the light of day.

  52. Youri Carma says:

    Brent crude $28.00 and U.S. crude $28.00 A Barrel Now

  53. Youri Carma says:


    Peeps sometimes forget that we peeps make the dictionary not the other way around. That’s why new words are added while others scrapped every year from the dictionary.

  54. Youri Carma says:


    And we have to make our own dictionary here I think.

    – Peeps
    – Fairenoughski 🙂 Like that
    – Busted (Drinking alcohol free)


  55. Flopot says:


    I empathize…empathise with you feelings on the matter of we create the dictionary and I sympathise with your need to list the KR argot.

    Yeh, I probably flunked the usage but I’m tryin’!

    For ronron from my bro


  56. Flopot says:


    *our creation of the dictionary

    Good grief!

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