Hong Kong Publishers Reportedly Being Kidnapped by Chinese Authorities and Taken to the Mainland

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For several years now, I’ve periodically observed that China’s increasingly aggressive crackdown on dissent serves as a harbinger of far more difficult times ahead. The thinking goes that if anyone is privy to the severe fragility of the country’s economic situation, it would be Chinese leadership. As such, desperate moves by Chinese leadership should foretell drastically worse economic and social conditions.

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5 comments on “Hong Kong Publishers Reportedly Being Kidnapped by Chinese Authorities and Taken to the Mainland
  1. YoLithos says:

    Hong-Konged. The new Shanghaid?

  2. YoLithos says:

    And the ‘e’s sally awol, again.

  3. 7th Avenue Aviator says:

    More like King-Konged. Plenty of skyscrapers.


  4. 7th Avenue Aviator says:

    And we know how that ended. In this story, will they be offered up as sacrifice?


  5. Flopot says:

    As easy as AZE…

    ” Significantly in addition to the Soros Fund, Gene Sharp of the Cambridge Massachusetts Albert Einstein Institution, whose handbooks on “non-violence as a method of warfare” have been the “how-to” textbook for every color revolution to date, was in Beijing days before the Tiananmen events. Then-US Ambassador Lilley himself was a career CIA officer who, like then-President George H.W. Bush, had been in the secretive Yale Skull & Bones society, and who was with Bush at the CIA. The circumstantial evidence points to an attempted US destabilization of China designed to coincide with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, with Lilley the likely on-the-ground coordinator.

    When the PLA failed to fill Beijing with the blood of “thousands” of student democracy martyrs, Washington could simply go with fabrication of a fantasy or virtual massacre and, because of its overwhelming control of mainstream media; most of the world could believe the Washington version. ”


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