Davos Depression: Soros Predicts Devastating Deflation, Repeat of 2008

In Davos, billionaires plot ways to consolidate power under one government, but in Acapulco Mexico, late in February, we will meet together to discuss how to create seven billion separate governments!

That’s what anarchy is all about, the ability of each individual to be in charge of his or her own life without predetermined restraints. If you injure someone or damage something, you’re responsible. Otherwise, society has no claims on you, certainly none enforced by the power of the state. There is no state ….

That’s much different than Davos where hundreds of seriously wealthy control freaks are meeting together to figure out how to promote global government that will have a claim on each and every one of us. Don’t do what they tell you to do and you are fined, jailed or worse. That’s “civilization” – Davos style.

When they are not gathered together in fancy restaurants quaffing expensive wines and eating fine food, the old men (mostly men) of Davos are “brainstorming” new ways to confuse and frighten us.

The idea is that we are to be afflicted with worse and worse disasters and as a result, convinced to turn to them – the Davos conclave – for salvation and hope.

And this is surely the reason for Davos attendee and billionaire George Soros’s pronouncements regarding the world economy, which made news recently for the extent of their alarmism.

Soros and another Davos attendee, William White are warning we are on the cusp of collapse. You’d think they just discovered yesterday that bad things were about to happen.

Earlier this week we wrote about White, the former chief economist of the Bank for International Settlements, who labeled 2016 a debt Jubilee year and basically predicted the shattering of the world economy. You can read what we wrote here.

Now comes billionaire Soros claiming that “the world is running into something it doesn’t know how to handle.” His statements hit the wires around the world and resulted in a BusinessInsider post profiling Soros’ “bearishness” with some choice quotes.

“We are repeating [2008],” Soros said during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in an interview with Bloomberg TV. The root cause of the crisis is different this time, however. In 2008, it was the subprime crisis in America. This time, it is China and the deflationary forces it is transmitting to the rest of the world.

There’s the same old bogeyman that they like to roll out. This time it is “China,” which we have recently explained is not the culprit for this coming mess… and “deflationary forces”.

They purposefully try to confuse people with inflation/deflation. They want people to think the symptoms of inflation (rising prices) is inflation itself… and it happens inexplicably! Inflation is the increase in the money supply (aka. money printing). This causes prices to rise. But the root-problem isn’t rising prices; the root-problem is the increase in the money supply by the central banks.

And, it’s the same for deflation. When markets are blown up to bubble-like levels by money printing and then begin to fall, they call that “deflation” and say that is the problem. It’s not. The problem is that the increase in the money supply will eventually create a bubble, which will eventually collapse.

But you will NEVER hear that from the old men muttering to each other in Davos. They don’t want you to know that THEIR actions create the market crashes that they are now grimly warning us about.

He goes on to add in another red herring, oil!

The issue is that China’s problems are being passed on to the rest of the world. “It’s one of the sources of deflation,” Soros said. “You’ve got basically three major root causes. One is China, the other is oil and raw material prices, and the third is competitive devaluation,” he added. “You have all three.”

As we also explained earlier this week, the price of energy getting cheaper could not possibly destroy an economy. How could it?

At Davos, they want to point the blame at everyone but the true culprit: themselves. They are the true financial terrorists. And what is the answer they will present to save the world? You guessed it, print more money!

European stocks rebounded this week after the European Central Bank essentially said that is what they would do. And, next week, the Federal Reserve meets to decide on how to manipulate the price of money (interest). If they also become “dovish” – which is a funny word to describe manipulating interest rates lower and counterfeiting money – we could see a short-term rebound in the markets… but it won’t last.

This system is in collapse, and quite likely a planned collapse, to cause worldwide chaos in order for the elites to garner more power and control as a dumbed down and impoverished populace (dumbed down by government public education and impoverished by governments and central banks) clamor for someone to do something.

The truth of the matter is that the people of the world need to wake-up to this con game and stop supporting governments and central banks and move their assets into gold, silver and bitcoin.

At Anarchapulco and its sister conference. the TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit, we’ll be discussing these issues. We won’t waste our time with scare tactics and how to figure out ways to rule the world. We’ll discuss ways to DEFEND ourselves from the tactics being plotted at Davos and elsewhere.

We’ll write about what we discover in our TDV newsletter (subscribe today here) and we’ll try to spread the word through videos and radio interviews.

The path for humanity is clear… and it won’t be long until enough people figure out what is going on and rid the world of these heinous governments and central banks. But, most people will likely go through the pain of the collapse before they recognize the problem.

We plan to be one step ahead of them and not only recognize the problem but protect our assets and profit from the collapse.

Call Anarchapulco the “Anti-Davos” Conference.

Originally Appeared At The Dollar Vigilante

7 comments on “Davos Depression: Soros Predicts Devastating Deflation, Repeat of 2008
  1. Andy Perry says:

    If you injure someone or damage something, you’re responsible. Otherwise, society has no claims on you, certainly none enforced by the power of the state. There is no state ….

    Who decides the extent and the nature of the damage, or even if any damage has been committed?
    Who decides what reparation should be made for this damage?
    Who enforces this reparation?

    This is Neo Conservative ‘there is no such thing as society’ given a rather thin radical gloss..


  2. Flopot says:


    It’s neoliberalism and communism taken to their ultimate conclusions — there is no family, only 7 billion “self-goverments”. It is an insult to rational thought.

    Is this the synthesis to the One World Government vs the Nationstate false dialectic the Oligarchs are cooking up? It is insane Kool-Aid.

  3. mike says:

    When money is easier to borrow, production increases and the products are cheaper, while …speculation increases and assets are more expensive…and you then have a horse race between production and speculation! Banks feed the horses, governments tend the race tracks, stock exchanges take the bets and sorosians are the gamblers?

  4. keith says:

    40 years ago most economists and almost everyone else believed the economy was demand driven and the system naturally trickled up.

    Now most economists and almost everyone else believe the economy is supply driven and the system naturally trickles down.

    Economics has been turned upside down in the last 40 years.

    All the Central Bank stimulus programs have been Neo-Keynesian, in line with the new economics. The money is pushed into the top of the economic pyramid, the banks, and according to the new economics it should trickle down.

    What we have seen is that the money stays at the top inflating asset bubbles in stocks, fine art, classic cars and top end property.

    The old economics looks as though it was right all along.

    More supply side stimulus is a complete waste of time.

    Keynes and the old economics suggested spending on infra-structure projects to create jobs and wages which will be spent into the economy and trickle up.

    When the Western consumer went on life support in 2008, China used Keynesian stimulus to keep its economy going through infra-structure spending and job creation. Unfortunately, it has reached max. debt before the Western consumer has recovered.

    The West has done totally the wrong thing in the intervening eight years and just blown asset bubbles rather than helping its consumer base recover.

    After Keynesian stimulus you have new infra-structure that you can hopefully use in the future.

    After Neo-Keynesian stimulus the asset bubbles burst and you have a deflation problem on your hands.

  5. keith says:

    If you are using upside-down economics, you have rendered yourself incapable of finding a solution that works.

    What can we do to fix Greece?

    Job cuts in the public sector; wage cuts in the public sector; reducing pensions and other austerity measures.

    Put it though the lens of the old economics and you can see you are reducing demand in the economy.

    The old economics would suggest raising taxes on those that can consume no more to balance the budget.

    Upside-down economics gives all the wrong answers.

  6. Sir David Rottentrousers says:

    Soros the financial terrorist is going to do everything in his power to help make it crash. He did it to SE Asia, and he’s going to do it again. China had better prepare, and so should all of us. Soros is a scoundrel, and should be hanged in the middle of the street somewhere in Asia.

    Why does Soros pick on places like Malaysia and China when there are better targets like Japan? Because Japan is nothing more than a lapdog for the elite. China is not, China is playing by their rules and the old white oligarchs don’t like it one bit.

    Watch out! This is going to get ugly….

  7. Flopot says:

    Aye; Soros is just the public shyster face of Oligarchy — there are many more nasties in the background. Everything he says is the opposite of reality and what he really thinks; everything he does serves an evil, nefarious agenda.

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