Davos Channels Its Inner Frank Sinatra

You’re embraceable.  Blockchain is embraceable.  So, why don’t you get together?  The fine folks over at Davos, Switzerland will show you how with their brand new do it yourself video… Don’t get left behind!

If Barry Diller’s $400 million Match.com hasn’t worked out so well for you and if mail order brides come with a bit too much liability, then why not try the blockchain.  She’s embraceable…


2 comments on “Davos Channels Its Inner Frank Sinatra
  1. 7th Avenue Aviator says:

    “Start spreading the news”
    “I’m leaving today”
    “I want to be a part of it”

    Ah yes, the original rat pack.


  2. 7th Avenue Aviator says:

    Sometimes in life, don’t you just wanna break out in a song and dance.