The 2014 Elections by the Numbers – Who are the 1% of 1% Driving American Politics?

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The good news is that with modern technology we can data-mine the 0.001%, or even the 0.01%, better than ever in order to get a sense of who the really bad players are. Naturally, this would be much harder to do with a pool of several million, but that’s probably unnecessary anyway due to the extreme concentration of wealth and power in America today.

Several organizations are already doing such data mining, and one study that caught my eye yesterday is a joint analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics and the Sunlight FoundationWe should all be indebted to them for doing this, as the revelations and the wealth of information provided serves as an invaluable resource to anyone trying to avert multi-generational oligarch dictatorship.

The analysis focused on 31,796 people, roughly 0.01% of the American population, who collectively contributed $1.18 billion during the 2014 elections, or an estimated 29% of total donations…

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3 comments on “The 2014 Elections by the Numbers – Who are the 1% of 1% Driving American Politics?
  1. 7th Avenue Aviator says:

    “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.”


  2. YoLithos says:

    A hypothesis, or general personal theory based on individual perception of series of successive widespread historical observations :

    When the post-colonial binge and its revenue streams started to slowly but surely started to ebb and fade. When African liberations, Latin-American democratization, non-aligned movements, more nationalistic international leaderships and consciousness started not only to evolve but to spread and take hold. When the price of installing and maintaining oppressive obscurantist and subservient dictatorships became ever more costly, troublesome, bloody, unstable, and brief.

    When that revenue stream from the 3rd-to-‘n’th world began to ebb and fade, and channeling it into the center became too difficult and costly – to the point of becoming untenable. When they no longer had all that easy money from a shattered, subdued, and subservient 3rd world. Then they turn the center into a ‘local’ 3rd world.

    They ‘apartheid’ a major part of the center into an ‘internal periphery’ – as exploitative aristocracies have always done, including in the US. Not having the same easy lunch money from the former colonies, just means they turn up the dial on the internal apartheid, the internal segregation exploiting the poor of all types and races.

    They make internal production as cheap, uneducated, and dependent as ‘befits’ any colonial 3rd world economy. As everyone waved little flags and sent their children off to die in doomed holding actions for their greedy overlords. So much for giving scorpions a ride.

  3. Flopot says:


    “Then they turn the center into a ‘local’ 3rd world”

    Nice one. The chickens came home to roost after the neoliberal orgy abroad: that’s what pushes me into believing the financial crisis was manufactured. It also explains the phony war on terror aswell.

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