[KR750] Keiser Report: Bankers’ marathon

We discuss central bankers running marathons…perhaps not quite fast enough for a QE-induced revolution. We also discuss wars for oil market share in a zero-interest-rate world in which supply and demand no longer matter. In the second half, Max interviews crypto and crowdfunding expert Simon Dixon about his move to Hong Kong, regulatory issues on the crypto environment and his latest equity crowdfunding effort for Bitcoin Capital.

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  1. pch says:

    seeing yet another link to alex jones’ infowars – happened to be heading east on interstate 40 through knoxville, tennessee a few weeks ago; he’s got his own big smiling billboard right in the middle of the city along the interstate.

    that’s it; just letting any alex jones’ listeners and readers here about the billboard.

    good deed done for the day.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vmP11Umow0

    There is method in all this madness. My friend Robert Eastman, who used to help run the McDonald Observatory. Robert’s pet Tigress is called Benedictine, and yes he is Kodak Eastman, he helped design the Avionics software for the F15 Fighter Aircraft….blah.

    We are now observing anomalous activity within our Solar System. Fans of the Late Douglas Adams, who in consultation with Academia’s most prominent scholarship on the topic of ancient texts and scripture, was made aware of “Plan B”.

    Plan ‘B’ was illustrated in Douglas Adams comic BBC Series, Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

    Plan ‘A’ involved a Solar System with ‘Intelligent’ humanoids actually doing the work that was assigned to them…. Gross stupidity prevented that, Money was invented to limit the distribution of malted grain, after inclement weather at harvest, allowed the grain to sprout on the stalk. Roasting was the only practical solution, and the best use for the malted grain was an alcoholic beverage known as beer…. Money rapidly became very popular…. I digress.

    Plan ‘B’ requires the removal of the Planets, in order to facilitate Course Corrections for Cargo Transport, cruising this sector of our Galaxy at sub-light velocity.

    The Elite know all about this, and need to book their seats on the escape transport…. blah. Keiser Report fans, have a very high threshold of belief. so really I am wasting my time even posting here!

    The YouTube link above illustrated a very inefficient “Inertia Thruster”, The Rolls Royce version, may incorporate near friction free elliptical magnetic gear trains (See YouTube for those as well. The Rolls Royce Inertia Thrusters conserve ‘angular momentum’ through elliptical gears by pairing dual-pendulums, so that Acceleration is powered by deceleration.

    If you hate ‘religion’, I totally sympathise, but Revelation Chapter 21 explains what happens after Planet Earth and the entire Solar System is obliterated…. There is a very good reason for this, those planets endanger those Cargo Transport course corrections. Andromeda and our Galaxy are soon (geologic time) to merge. Preparations must be made well ahead of schedule/ (Geologic Time) I regret posting this glum news… but enjoy your beers and money all the same!


  3. BTW, it is possible that Bombardier, may??? in the not too distant future unveil a ‘Concept Design’ for a Hyper-Sonic Mach 10+ Swing-Wing? Fuel Free, Inertia Thrust and Atmospheric Rolls Royce Electric Ducted Fan Passenger Aircraft. Paris to Sidney in little over an hour or so. The inertia thrusters kick in at take-off, but come into their own at low orbit… blah!

    Also BTW a BIG case in the London High Court on 5th May, a 25 minute hearing to receive a bundle of damning evidence for an Appeal Submission. The huge Legal Conglomerate Halliwells poor people are already in administration, but many of their ex “Eat What You Kill” tenants are still desperately trying to fleece their old victims of their last penny. They know about this “Abandon Ship” business as well. The case supplicant is Mrs Jean Taylor, who is now learning to read! McDonalds (another Firm of Legal Beagles) may have taken advantage of her inability to read! A lot of Judges over 15 years have had difficulty adjudicating this case, possibly because Senior Colleagues on the bench, did not want “Miss Whiplash” publishing incriminating pictures on the Internet.??? just a wild speculation!

    What a crazy world we live in! but best wishes from The Royal Military Police Association (Retired Military Police)

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWXG246BciU

    We could have done it without money, but the money-men prevented us. “The Drummer” Chief of The Blackfoot Nation did NOT hand over their “Prophecy Stone” in the 17th Century, to the Jesuit Envoys. they did not beat the correct beat on their drums. This may explain why the fake “Lapis Exillis” was smashed? and the fragments form the subject of this Documentary (Trailer above). This is Jacob’s Pillow, or The Holy Grail.

    There were great celebrations and exchange of gifts, when James Carnegie, Earl of Southesk arrived in Saskatchewan. Those precious gifts are now preserved in their Tribal Museum.

    It is a great pity that Warfare accelerates technology, and also is an adequate source of revenue. Narcotics and intoxicants generate about half a trillion dollars per year revenue. That can be leveraged to $5 Trillion instantly, and helps fund the other Criminal Racketeer Operations, that generate $1 Trillion annually, totalling $15 Trillion Revenue per annum. This revenue is essential for the “Abandon Ship” Project.

    This was known two thousand years ago. after JC failed to persuade the Money Men, that there might be a better way? …Tough Luck for all of us. There is no panic, and plenty of time to adapt to the situation. especially with cooperation from The Elite… and Racketeers. Cooperation is the key to survival now. Trust me on that one! Please!

  5. Flopot says:


    You always bring a vacuum cleaner to a breeze-shooting 😀 Relax.

  6. Evolutis says:

    @AC ….. We could have done it without money, Now! may be the only relevant interval ‘wash your bowl’ consult the information and wash your bowl.

    Now we can do it without money, just as other life autonomous life forms do.

    Would not surprise to find that, infinite change, within the infinite radiation flow, will not sit still for fixation on any portion of the esoteric, bundled money, politics, theology cluster fuck.

    Wash your bowl, what you have just read need not be a fication, just information you place back on the dry cleaners’ carrousel … Pick up later if you feel the need …the ticket for it comes with your next (wash)breath … no one is deadwood with access

  7. Evolutis says:

    Fixation…= fixation 🙂

  8. @Evolutis, A little bit of trivia, that may or may not be true? What is true, is that I was named after Prince Alastair, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn. The first of the Windsors to be baptised by that name.

    Also true is the fact that his cause of death was hypothermia after falling out of a window blind drunk in the deep Canadian Winter.

    What is simply rumour and speculation, is the reason he got blind drunk. He may have been given a guided tour of Canada’s contribution to The Manhattan Project?

    Prince Alastair may have lifted the lid off a heavy Lead flask, to see what was inside….. Oops! … Even the Elite are mortal.

    This instant as I post this Eva took her pill, and Adolph wearing odd socks for his Wedding one that needed darning, put a bullet through his head. Allegedly!

  9. Useless Eater says:

    No time to relax, Flopot. Got those like AC propagandizing us at break-neck speed towards a Carbon Credit society.


    Did I ever mention that Obamaduznotcare implements death panels? Oh, good. Because they are already using them. I work in a doctor’s office in a retirement community. I see it every single day. The banks (insurance companies and government) have their own idea of what life is – and is not.

    It is sickening.

    You’ll rarely find me at a loss for words, Flopot. What I don’t tell the socialists around here could fill volumes, but it is just a form of self-preservation. I protect my consent with my life, but that is not the only thing I protect.

  10. @Evolutis, Good advise is always welcome, Clean your bowl, and also “Guard your gourd”, or are they both the same thing?

    “Socrates (470?-399? BC) was a thorn in the side of the leaders of ancient Athens, who saw him as a corruptor of young men. The problem was that he was uncompromising in his search for an objective understanding of such moral virtues as justice, courage, and piety, and he passed on this spirit to his students, most notably Plato. And in the process, the leaders contended, he neglected the gods of the state. He taught all who would listen to engage in self-examination and tend to their souls. Even today, many have heard of Socrates’ instruction to “know thyself,” but what does it mean? ” Hmmmm?

  11. A point of clarification about Douglas Adams, of Hitchhikers guide to The Galaxy. There are volumes of ancient scripture to consult, and Scholars are the best people to advise on navigating them.,,, I am NOT a scholar of the Vedas!

    However it is fair to ask why our Planets were predicted to be obliterated those thousands of years ago? Srimad Bhagavatam was a Scripture intended for very young students. The principle persona dramatis are naturally children….

    The Naughty Planets are of course Demigods, and they behave in capricious ways… Tut! Tut! Eventually they go too far and overstep the mark, Thus they must be severely punished, just as very naught children may have their SONY Virtual Reality PlayStation taken away and locked in the toy cupboard for the duration of the punishment.

    Here is one good translation of the relevant text. Remember that individual Sanskrit words lead to concordance with other texts within this vast opus, and often help clarify the meaning. Please enjoy without criticism of the Author those many thousands of years ago.

  12. YoLithos says:

    Re : Chaotic – actually Caco-entropic – Conspiracies x All of Existence. – ( @Flopot )
    The North Atlantean Chaosium might not have the “option” of exiting Ukraine. At this point, either they advance or die. Greece, Turkey, and the Crimea are key to the 21st Century Silk Road’s Bosphorus Branch passage into Europe and the Mediterranean. From the Mediterranean, West Africa and the – mainly Equatorial and South – Atlantic are within easier reach. And the North Atlanteans might no longer have as completely an irrestricted access to Antartica, on that side. That might some “accident” that interdicts part or all of that passage that much more appealing to them. No “Après moi… “. They *are* the “déluge”.
    Schlocky outdated pop cult ref :
    Elric of Melniboné.

  13. Evolutis says:

    “We know what we are, but we know not what we may become” William Shakespeare 🙂 … a point of view

  14. Evolutis says:

    with zillions of products? … 🙂

    Nominal GDP https://www.khanacademy.org/economics-finance-domain/macroeconomics/gdp-topic/real-nominal-gdp-tutorial/v/real-gdp-and-nominal-gdp 8:03 Min.

    A functional replacement for ‘schooling’ our on going, instinct for research

  15. maxkeiser says:

    We need some max keiser billboards – crowdfund some on StartJOIN? why not???

  16. Youri Carma says:

    Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme (performed live by Kebu)

    Amazing Spacy!

  17. Dippy says:

    @Max Keiser, X11 coins will be the future, even the ECB report said that sha256 and scrypt being ASIC have probably had their day.
    ”Currently, efforts are put into using the X11 algorithm for reasons of higher cryptographic security and lower processing
    costs, so it is quite possible that the algorithms mentioned above will be replaced shortly. ”
    ”the Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Janet Yellen, said at a US Senate banking committee hearing in February 2014: “It’s important to understand that this is a payment innovation that’s happening outside the banking industry. […] The Federal Reserve simply does not have the authority to regulate Bitcoin in any way.”

  18. Evolutis says:


  19. Youri Carma says:

    Ry Cooder – Vigilante Man

    Would he shoot his brother and sister down …?

  20. Useless Eater says:

    I watched a recent Holly Wood movie, Max. I forgot the title but it was about the ultimate in copyright adherence. Make that, abhorrence. A one-time pay off to sell your image to Holly Wood since they no longer need you to show up with all of the CGI and AI and whatnot. You give up everything connected to your image for money, not at all far removed from the new paragraph added to the PayPal New User Agreement – for their (capitalized) Services. The suckers will always fall for it because they actually place the most value on one of the most worthless things on the planet: Fiat.

    Paypal New User Agreement excerpt:

    “When providing us with content or posting content (in each case for publication, whether on- or off-line) using the Services, you grant the PayPal Group a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensable (through multiple tiers) right to exercise any and all copyright, publicity, trademarks, database rights and intellectual property rights you have in the content, in any media known now or in the future. Further, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, you waive your moral rights and promise not to assert such rights against the PayPal Group, its sublicensees or assignees. You represent and warrant that none of the following infringe any intellectual property right: your provision of content to us, your posting of content using the Services, and the PayPal Group’s use of such content (including of works derived from it) in connection with the Services.”

    To make this an equitable contract, one would need to redact all but about eight words.

    Hope somebody finds and contributes the name of the movie title because we are not far from that “reality”. Gotta go; People need my help. Later, hopefully.

  21. Youri Carma says:

    We Are Witnessing A Fundamental Change In The Oil Sector

    The decrease in well completions provides additional evidence that the true break-even price for tight oil plays is between $75 and $85 per barrel.

  22. Flopot says:


    Why let AC bother you at all?

    Thanks for the morsel on death panels selecting prime stock. Yes, my allusion is soylentgreenesque hyperbole; but only for the moment. I see all this as the logical conclusion of the lawless market; or a captured law; or an unlawful market?

    This is probably what the oligarchs or the elites have always done: captured/co-opted/supplanted — planned(!) — those who make and maintain the laws of a society and culture. This is what the Powell Memo was all about; to roll back all the gains made that created a more just and equal political order.

    We in the West are now living under a bizarro Corporate-Zionist tyranny. Although I’m beginning to believe that “Zionism” was always just a cover for another set of Oligarchs — you see them sacrificing their supposed brethen in false flags and wars of aggression.

    Of course you’ve alluded to this already. I’m just putting it through the my own mind’s mangle 😛

    Good luck saving the world.

  23. Flopot says:


    I’ve gone an killed another fred…I mean thread.

    Good grief!

  24. http://www.go4awalk.com/uk-mountains-and-hills/walks-up-lad-law-boulsworth-hill.php

    @Flopot, I love the ascetic life. for two decades after I came up to Pendle Witch Country, I used to carry my shoes into town in a shopping bag. I loved walking the secret valleys of Boulsworth Moor…. Feeling the earth beneath the thick souls of my feet. that I would only wear boots when covered in snow.

    One of my favourite spots is “Lad Law” or “The Slaughter Rock”. I spent the night of Winter Solstice, tucked up in the Shepherds Crevice, beneath Lad Law. I wanted to pour some milk and whisky into the sacrificial bowl carved out by millennia of Thunderbolts. Thankfully I had a good woollen overcoat on, and snuggled up warm and cosy, pulling heather in after me, after shaking off the snow, which was quite deep that year. Yes I wore woollen gloves as well, long-johns and thick woolly socks. I had wandered these hills in the snow many at time before. sometimes with very interesting friends from Bonnie Colne, only “Pete The Pot” went barefoot like myself.

    So if people here imagine that I live in the Lap of Luxury… Think again! I find that austerity sharpens the brain, and I can highly recommend the ascetic life, to whoever likes to give it a go. Wild life are my best companions…. I have had them die in my lap. Injured animals and old birds come and keep me company. I especially liked a bedraggled old pigeon a couple of days ago… a very old bird. I went to get bread, but the healthy pigeons would not allow this old timer to get near. Horses and Cattle race over the fields to greet me. so do sheep. I was born on a Farm after all. So enough of ME ME ME ME! …it get’s tiresome I imagine! Cheers!

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