[KR737] Keiser Report: Deadly Sales

We discuss the hell (of a profit) to be made by killing a man – and his family – as Lockheed Martin assures analysts from Deutsche Bank there is enough fear of war to maintain its deadly sales. In the second half, Max interviews Swiss banker, Egon von Greyerz about QE, gold and the economic and financial disasters wrought by central banks.

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  1. YoLithos says:

    Er, evidently that’s “just” as in “merely”, and *not* as in “fair”. The absurd empirical contradiction itself, of “fair authoritarian”, ought to have been enough to serve the other, proper concept. Errata mea.

  2. poopysnot says:

    -The Dark Pools Are Turning-

    Rudy Havenstein invited me out for a drink at one of his favorite nightclubs the other night.. Jamie & Loyd were just arriving as we were getting ready to leave 🙂
    (Rudy likes to retire early, he’s 157)

    Citadel Securities to Shut Down Apogee Dark Pool in US
    March 27, 2015

    Citadel Securities plans to shut down its Apogee “dark pool” in the U.S., according to people familiar with the matter, as the U.S. market maker focuses on its faster-growing off-exchange trading platform aimed at institutional investors.

    Details on when the shutdown will occur couldn’t be learned. The move comes as competition among dark pools and operators of other private trading venues is set to intensify…

  3. Vonda Bra says:



    BREAKING … mmhhh … ?

    Germanwings … Co-Pilot framed, not on plane!

    found dead in his car at Barcelona airport




  4. YoLithos says:

    It is interesting that the rote suit in the second half seems to only have reservations about governments spending on public services. Would he consider government spending on corporate or business interests and support strucures as unwarranted or deleterious? Or does he consider only spending on public interest as being “odious” – to his business, of course? And damn the rest? The very same blather as others like him have dumped on the Show, in other episodes.

    It is very ironic that he complains about a bankster-corporate toady “led” country “spending too much on the peasants“. “More than they can afford”. “The useless loafers are a load on *our* finances”. etc. When most of it never goes even near the “pesants”. And the reason for not having enough to spend is all that they (the suits and ties) squander on sub-prime debt-bubble bailouts to nation-looters and their cronies. In league, consort, and tandem with the other looter cronies in adjoining fear fiefdoms. Or fearfiefs. Which is what they (we, all of us, all of the people, all of humanity, the World, the Planet, evvvvery-one!) really can’t afford.


    Chunky Mark (Marc McGowan) ought to have a go at him face-to-face. Russell Brand might be too gentle for what needs be done. Despite the (hopefully absurdly slight) danger that conditioned reflex forelock-tugging, or team chummery, might be triggered in either of them.

  5. Danny Cunnington says:

    @Vonda Bra, Well posted. Another staged attack starts to unravel! Notice all the media running stories about the muslim fanatic co-polit when they have no evidence. The Data memory card was removed in the flight recorders which requires a special tool and security clearance to do.

    This airline is run by Lufthansa of Germany who are world class on correctness and safety. IMO an accident or lone terrorist attack is impossible.

  6. chris thorpe says:

    In KR737 Max mentions new restrictions on withdrawals of cash from French banks. It’s the sort of thing I’m expecting, but could not find any references to this elsewhere, so I went out and withdrew 1100 euro from my account – I live in France – without any problem. I then paid a recent garage bill with it which surprised the guy a bit. I asked the Bank manager if there had been any recent changes and he was unaware of any? What is going on?

  7. poopysnot says:

    ANDREW HOFFMAN – The Hideous Ramifications of Economic Data Fabrication
    Miles Franklin – Mar 30, 2015

    1 Earnings Alert: Worst Sales And Profits Decline Since 2009
    Wolf Richter – March 29, 2015

  8. Evolutis says:

    Pegnant R We?? … of course we are!

    … is unwanted pregnancy the result of having unprotected intercourse with the contentious, elite world of warcraft?

    You could consider that ‘Rosemary’ can be counted on to fall for the nefarious, theoretical foreplay…’Yes Rosemary’, … HFTs, copyright, and ‘notional derivatives spread out in the trillions’ require your great compromise. …. always impractical.


    My, my, always such a false authority, petri dish idea, of simultaneous, symbiotic antibiosis; an insult to the genius of the science of simplicity wherein … ‘to you want to understand anything …. Aristotle[384-322BC] said … ‘ is to observe it’s beginning and it’s development.’ Pavlov backs this our instinct for research which will always allow for the amateur to out preform the professional by 15 to 30 %.

    laws of physics and geology trump those the ‘chalky under taste’ of economics

  9. Flopot says:


    Mindbrainsoulf**king! Mein Gott! Will definitely check out that story about the co-pilot after I go totally off-topic for a few seconds.

    Nevermind the Antikythera find, even the prosaic stuff is profound: lead piping for a water bilge pump in the 2220 year old greek transport ship…


  10. poopysnot says:

    A Tax on Bank Deposits
    ofInterestNZ – Mar 29, 2015

    US backs China-led AIIB ahead of joining deadline
    30 Mar, 2015

    U.S. looking forward to AIIB cooperation: Jacob Lew
    March 30, 2015

    BEIJING, March 30– U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said on Monday that the United States is looking forward to cooperating with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), as it welcomes and supports proposals that are helpful to infrastructure construction.

    The cooperation can be carried out through the China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialog (SED), the World Bank and the AIIB, and any other mechanisms accepted by the two countries, Lew said in his talks with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang earlier on Monday, according to Chinese Vice Minister of Finance Zhu Guangyao…

  11. poopysnot says:

    Taiwan will consider joining AIIB: Hsia
    Mar 31, 2015

    South Korea and Turkey apply to join AIIB
    30 Mar 2015

  12. Youri Carma says:

    WTI Tumbles To $47 Handle; Energy Stocks Don’t Care At All

    When In Need Of Humor, NYMEX Close Delivers

    Brent crude $56.30 and U.S. crude $48.61 A Barrel Now

  13. jogador says:

    Big-Bank Bad Guys Bully Democracy – And Blow It


    Paranoia Reigns in Congress Over an International Financial Cabal


    ‘Peak Gold’ in 2015? – Goldman Sachs Research Warns of Peak Gold Production


    Consumer spending barely rises in Feburary. Shoppers are saving instead.


    Anti-Gold Terrorism From Bloomberg News

    Yesterday Bloomberg News published a report which alleges that hedge funds have assumed their most bearish position in gold in history. That article is 100% inaccurate. Moreover, historically, whenever the hedge fund net long position (longs minus shorts) becomes as low as it is now, gold has staged big rallies.

    While Bloomberg specializes in misleading and fraudulent news reports, thankfully we still have access to data which enables truthseekers to ferret out the truth.


  14. jogador says:

    The U.S. Economy Is Showing Cracks


    Indictment Claims Federal Agents Stole Bitcoin In Silk Road Investigation

    Federal agents couldn’t resist temptation to steal “anonymous” Bitcoins In Silk Road investigation


    The collapse of the shale bubble: does it bring also the collapse of climate denial?

    The Western press has been engaged in a major PR campaign destined to convince the public that Climate Change does not exist or it is not human-made. Perhaps this campaign could end soon, together with the collapse of the shale oil and gas bubble in the US


    Austerity in Greece – What Has Gone Wrong?


    Bank of England right to stress test for possibility of China meltdown

    Fear that the next financial crisis will come from disruption in emerging markets is uncomfortably plausible


  15. jogador says:

    Was Hillary Clinton, While Secretary of State, Running a Secret Spy Network?


    Corporation Literally Served Inmates Trash


    You Owe Us, Corporations: Four Reasons Why, and One Way to Pay

    The distorted belief that wealthy individuals and corporations are job creators has led to sizeable business subsidies and tax breaks. The biggest giveaway is often overlooked: corporations use our nation’s plentiful resources, largely at no cost, to build their profits.


    Report: Big Education Firms Spend Millions Lobbying for Pro-Testing Policies

    The four corporations that dominate the U.S. standardized testing market spend millions of dollars lobbying state and federal officials — as well as sometimes hiring them — to persuade them to favor policies that include mandated student assessments, helping to fuel a nearly $2 billion annual testing business, a new analysis shows.


    Big Oil Pressured Scientists Over Fracking Wastewater’s Link to Quakes

    Energy firms tried to slow science inquiries blaming them for earthquakes in Oklahoma


  16. susan says:


    Are you sure there are 25 people in this club? Seems more like 2.5 tonight!

  17. YoLithos says:

    Re : The end of shale is nigh and hale. – ( @jogador )
    And huge, mean, vicious dogs will gently hand over their bone, if they see others in need.

    It has served big oligarch and corporate oil not to quash the news and research linking fracking to earthquakes and to genocidal widespread environmental contamination and poisoning. While it was serving to boost hyperbole and stocks, and move “money” around. Now that the lesser players and wildcatters have done most of the work and taken the loans for it, though, it’s time to leave them in the debt and failure pit, and reap the spoils.

    When they buy out the remains at firesale prices, be ready for the barrage of rebranding, spins, and facelifts. And the flood of news and papers and ads etc. claiming that the science is uncertain, that it is not unanimous, that it is due exclusively to to normal variations in the sunspot cycles, that people are having hallucinations, that they are on “the government’s” payroll, or on some other billionaires payroll, or both, or… ah, the same as ever.

  18. Youri Carma says:

    Slowing U.S. economy is inconvenient truth

    Dallas Fed Collapses At Fastest Pace Since Lehman, Lowest Since June 2011 http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-03-30/dallas-fed-collapses-fastest-pace-lehman-lowest-june-2011

    Fed Now Sees Only 0.2% GDP Growth In Q1

    Atlanta Fed Forecast for Real Q1 GDP Growth 0.6%

    – JPM Cuts Q1 GDP Again From 2.5% to 2.0%
    – US Economic Data Is Having Its Worst Year Since At Least 2000
    – Kansas Fed Plunges To 2-Year Lows, New Orders Crash
    – Richmond Fed Manufacturing Survey Collapses To 2-Year Lows
    – February Chicago Fed Nat’l Activity Index Drops to Negative 0.11
    – Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator Revised Drastically Lower
    – Chicago In Fiscal Free Fall After Latest Downgrade
    – Philly Fed Index Unexpectedly Edges Down To 5.0 In March
    – Philly Fed Signals Worst Margin Compression Since Lehman
    – Philly Fed Suffers Worst Run In 3 Years, All Sub-Indices Collapse

  19. YoLithos says:

    After the bailout dumps the debt and losses on the public – taxpayer or not – and they get incentives and exemptions for the “favor” of taking on the productive remains and sanitized assets. And the Ferguson model gets ratcheted up another notch – all over the USA, and everywhere else, too.
    (But, you already knew that) 🙂

  20. Youri Carma says:


    The ShadowStats Alternate Unemployment Rate for January 2015 is 23.2%
    One in five U.S. children now rely on food stamps: Census data
    Labor Participation Rate Drops To Fresh 38 Year Low of 62.7%
    U.S. Productivity Falls 2.2% In Q4
    Business Deaths Exceeds Number of Business Births For the First Time Since 1977

    China new-job creation slows sharply: official
    Japan Unemployment Rate Rises In January
    Japan’s Sharp to cut 6,000 jobs in global restructuring
    South Korea Unemployment Rises Unexpectedly In February
    South Korea Unemployment Rate Rises Unexpectedly In January
    There Are a Lot More Jobless South Koreans Than You Think
    Malaysia Unemployment Rate Rises In January
    Malaysia Unemployment Rate Rises In December
    Australia’s unemployment rate jumps in January
    Australia Unemployment Rate Jumps To 6.4% In January
    Suburb With 27% Jobless Shows Danger of Australian Recession

    German SAP to Reduce More Than 2,000 Jobs in McDermott’s Second Cut
    Dutch Unemployment rose For The Fourth Consecutive Month!
    Poland Jobless Rate Rises As Expected In January
    Hungary November To December Jobless Rate Rises
    Norway Unemployment Rate Rises Unexpectedly In January
    Sweden Jobless Rate At 11-Month High
    Ericsson to Cut as Many as 2,200 Swedish Jobs to Lower Costs
    Finland Unemployment Rate Climbs More Than Expected In February
    Finland’s February Jobless Rate Jumps to 10.1% Last Month – More Than Estimated
    French Unemployment Rises In February
    French joblessness rises to 10.4%
    Spain Unemployment Rises In January
    Italy Unemployment Rises to New High of 13.4%
    Portugal Q4 Unemployment Rate Rises
    Greek unemployment rises
    Turkey Unemployment Rate Rises For Second Month
    Turkey’s unemployment rises in November
    RBS to cut up to 14,000 jobs in investment banking unit

  21. A bit of mathematical trivia…. I like the number 125 because it is the cube of five. we have just had comment 125 or 5^3,

    125*125 or 125 raised to the power of 125, is 5^375,

    And 375 is 3 x 125. or 3*(5*3)…. A kind of classic symmetry that loony mathematicians like to ponder.

  22. Youri Carma says:

    China just goes along to get along …

    The SDR is only a temporarily tool as far as the Chinese are concerned and if the West likes it the better for a smooth transition. China understands that the best transitions are the gradual transitions, ‘Easy doesn’t break the line’ :Dutch Proverb. They like to take their time to get the frog at boiling point. The Yuan slowly becomes Dollars sparring partner. The Chinese are building their money infrastructure.

    By the time the hubris U.S. Military Industrial Complex wakes up from their satanic dreams of war, it will be all over with. U.S. ambitious wars burn taxpayers money faster than you can say, sorry and as long as the consumer market is collapsing taxpayers money get’s reduced drastically. And the collapse of the money system will take the U.S. Military Industrial Complex with it.

  23. ronron says:

    @Vonda. you are missing the key piece. find the first CNN broadcast on the crash.

  24. Typo 3^(5^3)… Norton Symantic have just spent six hours fixing my computer that got infected. Senior Norton Engineer “fkAVITHA” did a great job.

    I think Queen’s Gurkha Signals will have tracked down another Hacking Malware operation.

    My computer was the bait. The Phishers caught a bigger Phish and we Phished them instead!

  25. Youri Carma says:

    Nomi Prins ~ “People Don’t Have Any Money”

    Consumer spending barely rises in February. Shoppers are saving instead http://m.csmonitor.com/Business/new-economy/2015/0330/Consumer-spending-barely-rises-in-Feburary.-Shoppers-are-saving-instead

    Earnings Alert: Worst Revenue & Earnings Declines Since Crisis Year 2009 http://wolfstreet.com/2015/03/29/worst-revenue-earnings-declines-since-crisis-year-2009/

    Brent crude $56.17 and U.S. crude $48.65 A Barrel Today
    Brent crude $56.02 and U.S. crude $48.49 A Barrel Now

  26. ronron says:

    @Vonda. if you can handle the truth? i will tell you in the morrow.

  27. Hondo Stalwart says:


    Switch to Fire Eye

    the cream

  28. Youri Carma says:

    Just One Chart: “Bad News is Good News”, Thanks to Mr. Bullard

  29. Evolutis says:

    @ Yo…(But, you already knew that) yep we’ve know for centuries …Can we jump the track or are we “cars on a cable”?

    In the days before light bulbs, a polite fiction … today the fiction show up as what we already know … from Nikolai Starikov “Not going into much more detail on that theme, since doing so would require a whole other in-depth discussion, I will simply point out that, as historical experience and logical consideration confirm, this economic system cannot work without theft.”

    The ‘light bulb’ thesis was and remains, unless you have money, unless you have politics, unless you have the tax free high priests of a church and state religion, to feed the divisiveness the sun will not rise.

    ‘they get incentives and exemptions for the “favor” of taking on the productive remains and sanitized assets.’ – is thinking from within all we got? lol

    ‘As we finally awaken groggy eyed from centuries of slumber we look about we see a world that was once our home now transformed into a prison. Those of us who have gone deepest down the rabbit hole know that our minds alone are not enough to save us, nor is simply saving us enough.

    ‘Our goal must be to rebuild our world entirely.’…an advanced civilization?

  30. Youri Carma says:

    Brent crude $55.94 and U.S. crude $48.40 A Barrel Now

  31. Youri Carma says:

    Goldman’s “Excel Fat Finger” – Says Earlier GDP Estimate Was A Mistake, Lowers Q1 GDP Tracking To Just 0.8% http://www.zerohedge.com/node/504028

  32. Almost trivia, This is why I was named Alastair, and also why hurtful comments about The British Royal Family cut me deep!

    “….Princess Maud consistently appeared at the Court of St. James’s among the Royal Family, although she did not undertake official or public duties. During George VI’s absence in Africa in 1943, Maud served as a Counsellor of State. At the time of her death in 1945, she was thirteenth in line to the British throne and heiress presumptive to the dukedom of Fife, since her sister’s only son Alastair Windsor, 2nd Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, had died in 1943. Maud’s only son James, Lord Carnegie, succeeded his aunt as 3rd Duke of Fife in 1959.[3] He succeeded to his father’s titles in 1992.

    Maud died in a London nursing home in December 1945 after a bout of acute bronchitis.” [Wikipedia]

    Poor Prince Charles had to endure constant assaults at his schools, nastly little boys used to bruise him black and blue, as their claim to fame… They had beaten up the future King” Charles never reported it so it just got worse and worse for him. Some people get a perverse kind of delight in taunting people for no sane reason. Simply because they are bitter and twisted up inside with hatred. It must be terrible to have a warped mind that constantly torments you to act with unreasoning cruelty.

  33. Youri Carma says:

    Steve Keen: The Deliberate Blindness Of Our Central Planners

    Paul Craig Roberts-Inflationary Depression Coming

  34. Youri Carma says:

    Brent crude $55.82 and U.S. crude $48.27 A Barrel Now

  35. Useless Eater says:

    “Poor Prince Charles”? Do you mean in a metaphorical sense? You are quite humorous at times, AC. Be content that it does not pass unnoticed.

  36. poopysnot says:

    @susan – Someone following your links? 😉

    SDR Fundamentals & Future Announcements – JC Collins http://t.co/sOLO96Jazj pic.twitter.com/vP1qSeHOfu— Dan Popescu (@PopescuCo) March 29, 2015

  37. Vonda Bra says:

    @ ronron

    I haven´t seen this CNN vid yet, so thanks for posting it already after 6 days!!!
    Absolutely Nothing rhymes with me, what the MSM and french authorities are putting out there so far…
    so what exactly do you want me to wake up to?
    you seem to be in the know!?
    According to Peter Haisenko, we know NOTHING yet! Its all speculation! The story they offer is “doctored” and full of flaws!

  38. poopysnot says:

    Why The Mania Is Getting Scary—-Central Bankers Are Running A Doomsday Machine
    by David Stockman – March 30, 2015

    History rhyming again. From 1931. pic.twitter.com/7x8f346Nfy— Rudolf E. Havenstein (@RudyHavenstein) March 30, 2015

  39. poopysnot says:

    Mysterious Mayan Citadel Discovered In Belize, Unlike Any Other Discovered
    DAHBOO77 – Mar 30, 2015

    Archaeologist Discovers Mysterious Ancient Maya Citadel
    Mar 26, 2015

    Teotihuacan In Mexico: Mysterious Ancient Pyramidal Complex
    Brien Foerster – Mar 24, 2015

    Cahokia ~ The Pyramid & City Of Ancient Knowledge
    cfapps7865 – Mar 21, 2015

  40. Youri Carma says:

    OBAMA TAKES A STUMBLE – Obama Almost Falls Down the Steps from Air Force One https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrmhDkF0O24

  41. Youri Carma says:

    So does Oil after been ramped up by the algo-bots. See:

    Brent crude $55.94 and U.S. crude $48.13 A Barrel Now

  42. poopysnot says:

    Andorra on the brink of Europe’s next banking crisis
    Tiny principality has been rocked by allegations of money laundering in its oversized banking sector
    28 Mar 2015

    BofA: "we no longer recommend that investors swap out of EUR, into USD credit."— zerohedge (@zerohedge) March 30, 2015

  43. Youri Carma says:

    Yeah, oil just took bit of a stumble after been ramped up before.

    So did Obama … 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrmhDkF0O24

  44. Youri Carma says:

    Oil is like Stumble & Stumbler … bots bring it up after which the market takes oil lower again and then the bots arrive again …

  45. Youri Carma says:

    The Atlanta Fed forecasts Q1 growth of just 0.6%…

    The Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow model has now collapsed its estimates of Q1 GDP growth to just 0.2% http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-03-25/fed-now-sees-only-02-gdp-growth-q1

  46. Youri Carma says:

    The GDPNow model forecast for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the first quarter of 2015 was 0.6% on March 12, down from 1.2% on March 6.

    The Atlanta Fed’s GDP Now model has now collapsed its estimates of Q1 GDP growth to just 0.2%.

  47. Youri Carma says:

    U.S. Crude Trading 0n $47 Handle Now …

    Brent crude $55.74 and U.S. crude $47.97 A Barrel Now

  48. Youri Carma says:

    The Inconvenient Truth: Even after 7 years The US and Europe never left the Depression and in fact are now back into a Recession!

    This also brought down the economy in China and the other Asian producing countries after which, the countries that produce raw materials like Australia and Canada got affected.

    And with the downfall of China’s producing power house the economy came down and that rounds the circle so now what next? …

    Don’t even think of the Q-word. Oh No … here we go again shouldn’t have mentioned it.

    Whitesnake – Here I Go Again

  49. Youri Carma says:


    China new-job creation slows sharply: official – “Chinese Economic Activity Has Probably Slowed To Less Than 3%”

  50. Youri Carma says:

    Gerald Celente – Infowars – March 30, 2015
    Mar 30, 2015 Trends Journal

  51. Youri Carma says:

    Gerald Celente – SGT Report – March 30, 2015
    Mar 30, 2015 Trends Journal

  52. Youri Carma says:

    [322] Celente on Greece and Merkel on earnings
    Mar 30, 2015 Boom Bust

  53. @Useless Eater, in point of fact the greatest wealth any man or woman can possess is not anything material. Material opulence is actually a poor compensation for lack of true wealth. Intoxicants are yet another way to compensate for lack of true wealth. Wisdom, good manners, compassion, knowledge, friendship, companions, the list is quite a long one, but these are real wealth. For the ‘Wise’ the greatest of all of these is “Austerity”.

    The wise know that austerity is the greatest wealth, because austerity is the currency that is required to purchase all the other genuine forms of wealth.

  54. jogador says:

    (Starbucks is where hipsters go to engage in intellectual promiscuity , just like the Starbucks/USA Today relationship)

    A Factually Bereft U.S.A. Today


  55. jogador says:

    South Korea joins Chinese-led investment bank

    South Korea announced on Thursday that it would join China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), making it the latest United States ally to do so in recent weeks. The debate over joining the AIIB is an indication of the divisions within the South Korean ruling class over whether to move closer to China or strengthen its traditional ties to the United States.


    Blogging Bernanke Says He Didn’t ‘Throw Seniors Under the Bus’


    The Media is Distracting You from the Crimes of DC Politicians

    Sometimes you have to wonder, since we have twenty-four hour news networks, why are they not having investigative reporters digging into the crimes of the current administration? Why do they always find ways to divert attention from where it is needed most? After all, part of the design of the press is to keep government responsible before the people, right?


    News vs. sub-news: how the game works

    For example, in faking medical reality

    Let’s start there…


    Google vs Antiwar.com: Is Google Set on Gutting the Alternative Media?


  56. jogador says:

    Breaking through Americans’ Dumbed Down Layers of Deception and Denial

    propaganda tools that have been controlling the people for centuries are still being successfully used against us


    The Geopolitics Behind the War in Yemen: Do the US and Saudi Arabia Want to Divide Yemen?

    The Geopolitics behind the War in Yemen (I)


    The Geopolitics behind the War in Yemen (II)


    Scientists rediscover 1000 year old medieval potion that can kill hospital superbugs like MRSA dead

    A thousand year-old medieval potion made out of onions, garlic, wine and oxgall – bile from a cow’s stomach – can kill hospital superbugs, say scientists.

    The potent 10th century brew – used by Anglo Saxons to treat a stye – destroyed 90 per cent of the bacteria on scraps of skin taken from mice with MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).


    China’s big leap forward with new bank could oust U.S. as prime funder of Asian development projects


  57. jogador says:

    World Health Organization Won’t Back Down From Study Linking Monsanto to Cancer


    Obama Tees Off With Big Oil

    President Barack Obama played golf in Florida with some big oil executives over the weekend.


    Swiss Fund Manager Warns Unprecedented Fed Intervention Leaving “Markets More Distorted Than Ever”


    170 Scientific Studies Retracted Since 2013 for Blatant Fraud, Rigged Peer Reviews

    Editor’s Note: And that’s probably just scratching the surface. What’s really surprising is that anyone actually caught these and did anything about it. But they’re waiving the banner of SCIIIIIEEEEENNNNCE! Who actually pays attention anymore to whether or not what they are actually saying is true? It’s sciiiiiiiieeeence!


    Company vs country

    Inside the booming and lucrative business of multinational companies suing governments. The strangely-named investor state dispute settlement (ISDS) system is built into thousands of treaties between countries around the world. It is a key part of negotiations for a new trade and investment treaty between the US and the EU. Yet on both sides of the Atlantic, resistance is mounting. Michael Robinson digs into the ISDS mechanism to find out if the fears are justified. Are these little-known lawsuits threatening the democratic process?


  58. http://www.yoo.com/

    Tomorrow is April 1st, Fools Day.

    We will shortly be explaining how it is ‘technically’ possible to give away free luxury accommodation to those who sign up to it. The property remains in the ‘Freehold’ of the Company. The occupier has a Lease up to 99 years. (only Civic Buildings like Town Halls are allowed 999 Year Leases)

    Obviously conditions apply! The property must be maintained in good order….blah!

    The April Fools are the people who pay for it all through their Utility Bills! The people who do not know that unlimited free energy is readily available. This is a symptom of mental myopia, faulty logic and deep prejudice!

    The reason 1,500 Magnets each with a volume of 10 cc. 40.0 x 25.0 x 10.0 mm. each with a ‘pull’ of 10 kilos in close contact, is because they also have a ‘push’ of ten kilos.

    I described earlier how bevelled edges to the inside diameter of an inner steel ‘stator’ ring mating closely (a hack-saw or electric jig-saw blade’s width apart) with the matching ‘bevelled’ edge of a ‘rotor’ outside diameter, results in a ‘trapped’ ring magnetic bearing.

    |__<>__|… I think this should be obvious.

    The magnets are actually only High Performance Ferrite magnets. not Neodymium. They are on special offer at First-4-Magnets, as they are extremely popular! they cost less the half the equivalent weight of very similar magnets. about 23 pence each. £414.00 worth after VAT. [£345.00 Ex VAT.]

    150 Tonnes is the ‘static’ load these will bear, drop that quite a bit for ‘dynamic’ load and ‘remnance’ (loss of flux over time) Ferrite magnets have the advantage of no corrosion issues, and should they lose their flux can be restored in a few milliseconds with a strong electro-magnet. This procedure could be undertaken at service intervals with portable equipment.

    Rust can be re-smelted into Iron, and Magnetite is one of the easiest and most pure forms of Iron ore. It’s NOT difficult to collect and sift. Chile has great towering mountains and vast deserts of the stuff. Millions of cubic kilometres in total. A cubic kilometre of Iron is 7.8 x 1000 x 1000 x 1000 Tonnes. 7.8 Billion Tonnes.

    And the most important ingredient needed to smelt it is energy derived from simple Iron based components.

    Every April 1st is April Fools day. The lack of wisdom continues for the rest of the year!

  59. jogador says:

    Mexico: Labor Rebellion in San Quintín‬ – Farmworkers on Strike

    Tens of thousands of farmworkers in San Quintín‬, Baja California went on strike March 17th protesting labor law violations and demanding dignified salaries, health care, overtime pay, vacation days and overall better working conditions. Some workers have since returned to the fields but protests in solidarity with San Quintín‬ continue and workers have threatened to continue striking and blocking roads if there is no progress.


    Monster bubbles: the delayed crisis of capitalism resurfaces

    Seven years since the bursting of a US housing bubble led to financial meltdown, investors and policymakers are already well on their way to the next.


    Why the House of Representatives Doesn’t Represent the US Public

    One of the really weird ironies of politics these days is the huge divergence between what the US people actually want and what the radical right-wingers in Washington actually do.

    You won’t hear this on “Fox So-Called News,” but right now the US people are as progressive as they ever have been.


    Pentagon Loses $500 Million in Yemen, Gets a $96 Billion Budget Increase


    Saudi Prince Slams Putin for Arming Assad and Fueling Conflict in the Middle East


  60. ASCI Fail, for some reason double arrows do not work!

    |__>>”””<<__| … Try again!

  61. jogador says:

    The Promised Land: Cocaine and Faith in the Amazon (Full Length)

    Peru is now the world’s main supplier of coca, the raw plant material used to manufacture cocaine. In the last five years, coca production has grown the most in the tri-border region, an area deep in the Amazon where Colombia, Brazil and Peru meet.

    The tri-border region is home to a messianic sect with apocalyptic beliefs whose members dress in biblical robes. Known as “Israelites,” the religious group migrated to the Peruvian Amazon in 1995 in search of a promised land that’s now infested with coca plantations.


    After a story is published, a minimum wage worker loses her job


    The New York Times Publishes Call to Bomb Iran

    when the newspapers are American – the New York Times and the Washington Post – and the target country is Iran, no one in the US government and media bats an eye. These inflammatory articles – these incitements to murder and violation of international law – are considered just normal discussion in the Land of Exceptionalism.


    During Fracking Hearing, Nebraskan Challenges Oil And Gas Commission To Drink Wastewater


    Lobbying Group Scrubs Page Listing Corporate Backers After Mother Jones Article


  62. jogador says:

    Student debt strikers grow in number and in power


    TPP Opponents Mobilize as Powerful Forces Seek to Ram Through ‘Fast Track’ Trade Authority

    Lawmakers in favor of the pro-corporate trade deals hope to vote on Fast Track legislation in mid-April


    A One-World Corporate Government May Actually Be In The Making

    from Redacted Tonight: (4:05)

    America Ranks in the Top 5 Globally—for Putting Its Citizens to Death


    All of the Ways Big Brother Is Watching You

    from RutherfordInstitute: (6:25)

  63. jogador says:

    Colorado bill would impose $15,000 fine on cops who try to stop people from filming them

    This law is much needed. How many videos have we seen of police threatening citizens who film them and lying about it being illegal?


    Government Corruption Has Become Rampant


  64. Flopot says:

    Business owners fatally frame woman to protect Afghan GDP – Osborne would be impressed by their dedication…

    “Just a few days ago, an Afghan woman, named Farkhunda, from a well-respected family, less than a mile away from Ghani’s barricaded palace and ISAF headquarters, was brutally attacked and eventually killed by a group of street thugs and U.S. trained Afghan security forces. She was a teacher and lived in Kabul. She used to guide the Afghan women in the right direction -not to spend their money and time on magic products and remedies, superstitions and other non-Islamic practices.

    The business owners of these non-Islamic operations falsely accused her of burning the holy Quran and attacked her while the U.S. trained Afghan police participated or stood by. After her killing, her family was threatened by the Kabul Chief of Police and told to quickly leave Kabul and not to talk about the killing of their daughter to press.”


    Another paragon of the Empire of Chaos.

  65. https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/534943261964854031/

    This is the number factored for you :- 534,943,261,964,854,031 = 17 x 39,775,049 x 791,130,407
    or 676,175,833 x 791,130,407

    Ratio [R} 1.170006924811227318737965010944:1

    and R – 2980/2547 = 2.9986235555480273250423535013742e-6

    This cypher is only the “Key”. The information it unlocks is quite interesting.

    A simple version of the “Pinterest” Illustration, involves a ball bearing and a bicycle wheel, with a ‘tubeless’ tyre, that you have to remove and insert the ball-bearing. relace and re-inflate.

    What could be more April Fools than that? The fools are the people who don’t do it! and start pontification on the so called Laws of Thermodynamics.

  66. BTW, Dual Pseudo-Prime composites are very large. See Tim Berners-Lee’s Home Page for his “Public Key”… As far as we know, these pseudo-primes may or may not be composite? They have been subjected to prime tests, but proving them prime is difficult, because the process takes soooo long, it becomes more and more probable that a stray cosmic ray will invalidate the answer, so a triple computer needs to do the proof in synchronisation. Co-processing. Then vote n errors. For the big numbers five or more co-processing computers are safer. But it will always be, We ‘think’ we have proved it prime.

    The trouble with ‘Public Keys’ is that they are rather too public. So hide them under the door-mat where every thief first looks. NOT! ….All the time, the door was never locked! A knock opens the door. or a bell rope/whatever.

  67. Flopot says:

    Quick question – if someone specifies a deadline for a project, lets say 30th June 2015, does that mean the project must be handed-in on or before that date or no later than the 29th June?

    Forgive my obtuseness but I always get confused by such concepts 😛

    It is a bit like, “On the count of 3 we charge, got it?”

    “So we charge on 3 or after?”

  68. Flopot says:

    I would be shot if the origins of “deadline” are true. Apparently it was a line beyond which prisoners would be shot: so I would have to test standing just before the line and then standing on the line. What if the armed prison guard is as obtuse as me? Will he phone HQ and check with his superiors before he shoots, “He’s right by the line now, Guv, but not on it. Do I shoot him now or if he’s on the line or only if he crosses it?”

    I think I understand now – only if you actually cross over the line are you shot. Thus the deadline date is the date you do not cross, no later than that date. So a project can be handed in on the deadline.


  69. poopysnot says:

    Cablevision to make $1 offer for New York Daily News
    Mar 31, 2015

    New York Daily News' reported $30 million annual loss and $150 million investment in a printing press: RTRS— zerohedge (@zerohedge) March 31, 2015

  70. poopysnot says:

    It’s Just a Question of Whose Capital Will Be Destroyed
    March 30, 2015

    As economists rapidly reduce 1st qtr GDP estimates based on lousy economic data, they are raising their 2nd qtr GDP estimates based on hope.— Peter Schiff (@PeterSchiff) March 30, 2015

  71. poopysnot says:

    Banking Inquiry: ‘Property Porn’ In Media Fed Economic Bubble
    Wed, Mar 25, 2015,

    UCD academic Dr Julien Mercille: “A number of journalists simply acted as cheerleaders for the property sector”

  72. poopysnot says:

    QE For The People – What Could Go Wrong?

    The Essence Of QE: Taxing Savers, Subsidizing Debtors, Wrecking Markets
    March 29, 2015

    A Total of 26 Central Banks and Monetary Authorities Around The World Have Eased Policy This Year
    Mar 31, 2015

    March 31 (Reuters) – A total of 26 central banks and monetary authorities around the world have eased policy this year, in an unprecedented wave of measures aimed at boosting growth and bolstering inflation. Below is a chronological list of the moves.


    Uzbekistan’s central bank cuts its refinancing rate to 9 percent from 10 percent. Jan. 7/Feb. 4/March 31 ROMANIA

    Romania’s central bank shaved another quarter point off its benchmark interest rate to a record low of 2.00 percent with weak inflation expanding its room to ease.


    The Swiss National Bank stuns markets by scrapping its three-year-old cap on the franc’s value against the euro, leading to a surge in the currency. The de facto tightening, however, is in part offset by a cut in the interest rate on certain sight deposit account balances of 0.5 percentage points, to -0.75 percent.

    Jan. 15/March 4 INDIA

    The Reserve Bank of India unexpectedly lowers its policy rate for the second time this year, backing the 10-month-old government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in its push to revive economic growth as inflation cools.

    Jan. 15 EGYPT

    Egypt’s central bank makes a surprise 50-basis-point cut in its main interest rates, reducing the overnight deposit and lending rates to 8.75 and 9.75 percent, respectively.

    Jan. 16 PERU

    Peru’s central bank unexpectedly cuts its benchmark interest rate to 3.25 percent from 3.5 percent after the country posts its worst monthly economic expansion since 2009.

    Jan. 20 TURKEY

    Turkey’s central bank lowers its main interest rate, but draws heavy criticism from government ministers, who say the 50- basis-point cut, five months before a parliamentary election, is not enough to support growth.

    Jan. 21 CANADA

    The Bank of Canada cuts interest rates to 0.75 percent from 1 percent, where they had been since September 2010, ending the longest period of unchanged rates in Canada since 1950.


    The ECB launches a government bond-buying programme which will pump over 1 trillion euros into the sagging euro zone economy, starting in March and running to September next year and perhaps beyond.

    Jan. 24 PAKISTAN

    Pakistan’s central bank cuts its key discount rate to 8.5 percent from 9.5 percent, citing lower inflationary pressure because of falling global oil prices. Central Bank Governor Ashraf Wathra says the new rate will be in place for two months, until the next central bank meeting to discuss further policy.

    Jan. 28 SINGAPORE

    The Monetary Authority of Singapore unexpectedly eases policy, saying in an unscheduled policy statement that it will reduce the slope of its policy band for the Singapore dollar because the inflation outlook has “shifted significantly” since its last review in October 2014.

    Jan. 28 ALBANIA

    Albania’s central bank cuts its benchmark interest rate to a record low 2 percent. This follows three rate cuts last year, the most recent in November.

    Jan. 30/March 13 RUSSIA

    Russia’s central bank cuts its one-week minimum auction repo rate by 100 basis points to 14 percent, less than two months after cutting it by two points to 15 percent, as fears of recession mount following the fall in global oil prices and Western sanctions over the Ukraine crisis.

    Feb. 3 AUSTRALIA

    The Reserve Bank of Australia cuts its cash rate to an all-time low of 2.25 percent, seeking to spur a sluggish economy while keeping downward pressure on the local dollar.

    Feb. 4/28 CHINA

    China’s central bank cuts interest rates for the second time in a month to fight off economic slowdown and rising deflation risks. Following a system-wide cut to bank reserve requirements in early February, policymakers follow up with a cut in benchmark interest and saving rates at the end of the month.

    Jan. 19/22/29/Feb. 5 DENMARK

    The Danish central bank cuts interest rates four times in less than three weeks and intervenes regularly in the currency market to keep the crown within the narrow range of its peg to the euro.

    Feb. 2/March 19 COSTA RICA

    Costa Rica’s central bank cuts its main interest rate by 0.25 percentage point to 4.5 percent, the second rate reduction in less than two months.

    Feb. 13/March 18 SWEDEN

    Sweden’s central bank cuts the key repo rate by 0.15 percentage points to -0.25 percent and says it will buy 30 billion Swedish crowns ($3.40 billion) of government bonds after already completing 10 billion crowns of purchases. Feb. 17 INDONESIA

    Indonesia’s central bank cuts its benchmark interest rate by a quarter of a percentage point to 7.5 percent, the first rate cut in three years.

    Feb. 18 BOTSWANA

    Botswana’s central bank cuts its benchmark lending rate by 100 basis points to 6.5 percent, saying the state of the economy and inflation outlook provided scope for easing monetary policy.

    Feb. 23 ISRAEL

    The Bank of Israel lowers its benchmark interest rate to 0.1 percent from 0.25 percent, its first reduction in six months, amid persistent deflation and a strengthening shekel.

    March 4 POLAND

    Poland’s central bank cuts interest rates by 50 basis points to an all-time low of 1.50 percent, to curb deflation and prevent excessive gains of its currency.

    March 11 THAILAND

    Thailand’s central bank cuts its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points to 1.75 percent in a bid to spark the stubbornly sluggish economy. The cut is the first rate change in a year and expected by only five of 21 analysts in a Reuters poll.

    March 12 SOUTH KOREA

    South Korea’s central bank cuts interest rates for the first time in five months in a surprise move, lowering its base rate by 25 basis points to a record low of 1.75 percent.

    March 12 SERBIA

    Serbia’s central bank cuts its benchmark interest rate for the first time since November to 7.5 percent from 8 percent, to ward off deflation and support economic growth after a new IMF loan deal. March 24 HUNGARY

    Hungary’s central bank cuts its main interest rate for the first time in eight months, by 15 basis points to 1.95 percent, and flags further cautious easing as inflation evaporates. (Compiled by Jamie McGeever; Editing by Larry King)

  73. Flopot says:

    “an unprecedented wave of measures aimed at boosting growth and bolstering inflation”

    Code for “desperately trying to keep the rich happy”. If it is not one thing it is another: quantitative easing, zero percent interest rates, child sacrifice…

  74. http://energythic.com/view.php?node=283

    Re:- A ball bearing inside a tubeless bicycle wheel tyre. It’s better if the wheel is alloy, or Non magnetic.

    Tom Bohan, Senior Sales Engineer, Tricel. Writes:-

    Hi Alastair

    Our new website is http://www.tricel.eu


    So Happy April Fools tomorrow. Do check out the page above and mathematical derivations by Gardener D. Hiscox, Mechanical Engineer and Norman W. Henley. as well as the video.
    And this again https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/534943261964854031

    The more we see of this sort of thing, the further oil prices will drop, but never below $10 as it is worth more than that as chemical feedstock for making plastics etc.

  75. susan says:


    That’s funny!! But you know what?

    Thread’s dead, baby. Thread’s dead!


  76. Frans says:

    Silver should go up now: I just sold several 100 ounces silver to pay taxes, and to pay bills for the boat…

  77. YoLithos says:

    Fear and gold have a very close relation of itself. Especially the good ol’ the on-the-ground gold trade. As does the portable wealth trade in general.

    If only it weren’t for those pesky central banks and Comexes… and fearful captured governments sparing a few miserable dregs of public spending to forestall even more imminent uncontrollable chaos!”. Why, then Enormous profit would already be here!”

    Would gold and PMs be kings in a more sensible world? Why not? Things might get very interesting pretty fast, on that front. Just in case anyone missed this :
    In 2021, the UAE plans on sending their spacecraft to Mars.
    And, if players in the region do manage to become a “New Swiss Banking” Center, and neo-Silk Road commercial nexus, despite the “usual opposition”…
    I get the impression things are looking up, too! Yes, seriously. 🙂 The thing is to survive the wreck first, and then count limbs and features.

  78. @YpLithos….THANKS! a great link!…Spacecraft to Mars and other destinations 😉

  79. Flopot says:


    Lol! Apt, apt. You stole my line, biach 😉

  80. Youri Carma says:

    We should release the Kraken on these banksters.

    The Kraken released! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coToPtgKcXs

  81. @chris thorpe – the cash limit has been passed as legislation but does not come into effect until September; at the moment, the limit is still 3000 euros http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/cash-dinosaur-france-limits-cash.html

  82. jogador says:

    @ Stacy Herbert

    i thought you didn’t give a fuck about the people that visit this site because its becoming something rare reading a comment from you in episode threads

    thx 🙂

    lol whatever i don’t give a fuck what you do, if keep dong a good job with those video episodes on RT

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