[KR736] Keiser Report: Debtism vs Capitalism

We warn against trusting bureaucrats bearing false economy as ‘shocking austerity’ and ‘bed blocking costs more than is allegedly saved. In the second half, Max interviews Daniel Hassan of the Robin Hood Minor Asset Management Cooperative hedge fund which rides the wave of trading whales with the best performance record. Having outperformed the S&P index regularly since its inception, profits are shared between the cooperative members and groups expanding the commons and the public domain.

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  1. jogador says:

    just because i’m not Frans 😉

    Keiser Report: Deadly Sales (E737)


    great show, glad Max allowed the guest to talk without interrupting 🙂

  2. jogador says:

    @ Frans

    i could win you being the first one one comment the next episode, but i would not be adding something new to the debate doing it. because i’ve already seen the episode

  3. @Frans, Useless Eater, Youri Carma et al.

    Thanks for those very sweet comments and feedback. I really must try to improve my communication skills.

    The term “Boss”, I a Medieval thing. Today it is just ceremonial. Technically Merlin Hay is Scotland’s most senior Military Officer. and ‘technically’ Merlin is, in Scotland, Her Majesty The Queen’s Boss. or if you like His Majesty The King of Scotland? if the next Jacobite Heir Presumptive decides not to throw the towel in and have nothing to do with Royal pomp and ceremony!

    So as a serving officer in the British Army, Scotland, Merlin will remain ‘my’ Boss. If you live in Bedfordshire, Countess Isabell Hay has just been appointed High Sherriff, so she will be ‘The Boss’ of quite a few Bedfordshire functionaries as well. Congratulations to Isabelle!

    The unwritten contract between ‘Sovereign and Subject’ is a bargain, if the Sovereign ‘protects the subject? the subject volunteers to support ‘The Sovereign’, but if that ‘protection’ is not apparent, the unwritten contract is null and void! and worse if ‘subjection’ is enforced through ‘violence’.

    @Youri Carma, most big scrap merchants have a big jam jar of Field’s metal, and will part with it at 10% of the retail price willingly. It melts at hot tea temperature, 62 C or 144 F. but do not pour it into the palm of your hand, it will burn you because of the high thermal conductivity. OUCH!

    It is so simple to make an improvised Electro-Magneto Hydrodynamic pump, I thought you might enjoy having a bash at it?

    Useless Eater… I thought HG Wells invented “The Internet? and DARPA developed it as Darpanet? did Al Gore give the idea to H.G. Wells? Our version was developed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee with help from Manchester University Computer Labs and Lord Sugar’s Chief Hardware Engineer, The Great Ivor Catt of Beermat fame!… British Telecom helped with Logistics. My Father in Law secured half a trillion Dollars for the Fibre-Optic Network. My input was just to stand on the side-lines as Cheer-Leader! Nothing more than that!

  4. Frans says:

    @ jogador: nice one! Congrats! you just beat me being first on the third page! 🙂 (with a comment that isn’t really adding something new, but I don’t care, it’s for the greater good! 🙂 )

    Democrat Claims Global Warming Will Turn Women into Prostitutes.
    But wait a minut: she is already a whore! A Global Warming lobby whore! 🙂

  5. jogador says:

    @ Frans

    just playing with you 🙂

    i actually respect you!

  6. jogador says:

    @ Frans

    This geoengineering scheme could halt climate change — but it’s probably a terrible idea

    Back in the late 1990s, Ken Caldeira set out to disprove the “ludicrous” idea that we could reverse global warming by filling the sky with chemicals that would partially block the sun.


  7. Trivial History:-

    My job as Royal Military Police Surveillance Officer, was to ensure Serving Members of the British Armed Forces and Reservist Volunteers were not allocated ‘Killing Machines’ if they had a history of Psycho-active substance self-medication.

    Cannabis was frowned upon, but treated less seriously. If you passed the Golden Flow? you could handle a ‘Killing Maschine’. If you failed the Golden Flow, you might be allowed a knife to peel potatoes?

    When L0rd Sugar came a cropper in the late 1980’s was it Black Monday? after Nigel Lawson removed Stirling from the Exchange Rate Mechanism, and Georg Sorros made hay, Most of Alan Sugar’s employees suddenly became Dole Monsters!

    That was where Cannabis came in…. Official Secrets forbid me to mention too much about it, but let us just say that Cannabis Sales officially sanctioned by The Police Drug Squad, may? have helped a lot of Dole Monster Ex-Employees of Sinclar and Amstrad Computers get back on their feet. Strictly for ‘Medical Research’ under Home Office Licence.

    No prizes for guessing who was in charge!… My current Faceebook Wall, has a little of this history. with folk like Stephen Hawking and Charles Fox undertaking ‘Medical Research’ from their Wheelchairs.

    The specially developed Medicinal Cannabis plants were grown in the walled garden of a very senior lady, Enid, who used to work for the Bank of England, She resided in Taunton Somerset….. Blah! blah! blah!

  8. Frans says:

    @ jogador: 🙂 tampering with cycles be it economic or climate has always negative effects.
    I recently watched a YT vid of 1,5 hour, where the case was made we are going into a kind of ice age. It was pointed out that clearly evidence or good arguments from scientist were deliberatly ignored.

  9. I am Royal Military Police Territorial Reservist assigned to The Catering Corps, and ‘peeling potatoes, is one of my specialist training functions. As well as Artist’s Rifles, Food just seems to taste better if well resented, ‘Artistically’.

    NO NEED TO TAKE MY WORD, JUST ASK in the right quarters!

  10. Froidian Slip Typo… “If well presented!!!” ^^^ If well resented? it tastes worse!

  11. jogador says:

    @ Alastair Carnegie

    because i don’t like drug dealers i grow my own cannabis, i sleep better, eat better and and rarely become sick

    and something else growing my own cannabis gave me is… that i lost the fear of what mainstream media was feeding me, it explains a lot why i started to read alternative media, and many of the site links i share here

  12. richard says:

    “They concern what is alleged to have been the secret and blanket tracking and collation of information, often of an extremely private nature… about and associated with the claimants’ internet use, and the subsequent use of that information for about nine months. The case relates to the anxiety and distress this intrusion upon autonomy has caused.”

    Meanwhile Google et al, protest about their systems being backdoored …

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKf1eeclWJE&feature=share

    “A BIG THANK YOU” to this gentleman, a Director of Communications, who contacted me via the Lady of the same name, during the Beligerant Build Up this last week,

    “Did I need help with cooking and distributing tens of millions of meals per day> was the hidden message… They practice regularly feeding over 10 million at the Great Kumba Mela Festivals in India.

    It is a supreme comfort to know they will contact me in anticipation! to save me the trouble of going on bended knee to them!

  14. I was contacted by Anuttama Dasi, and “Anuttama Dasa” is well worth listening to for the first ten minutes of his discourse. The next quarter hour is on spiritual topics wich may be less interesting to same.

    Annutama Dasa is a close friend and Advisor to The President of America, Barak Obama… listen and you will find out why!

  15. Evolutis says:

    All this in the absence of sunlight?

    WOW! from the ‘How to Brag Department’ 200 ++ comments later and situational awareness, is null and void .. Dis-information does not transfer. shh! in monetary, theology speak, it’s called communication skills.

    Debtism vs Capitalism??? – Is the relationship as stated factually wrong?

    Debtism = Capitalism Debtism = socialism, Debtism =, communism, Debtism = facism, Debtism = monarchism, Debtism = dictatorism , Debtism = theft Debtism = monetary theology, … all failed – just non science dis-information theory…resulting in an antiquated, shit load, of hurtful dissidence, between what you say and what happens.

    Debtism = like the airline pilots – extremly dangerous ‘fear of lose’ it’s part of the global identity and we obviously cannot have a fruitful conversation about anything that has become part of identity e.g THEFT!!!

    Is this psychopathic disconnect from the high function electro magnetic radiation? … requires no sunlight or physics at all.

  16. Useless Eater says:

    Thanks, AC, for the attention. With regards to your sidelines comment: I, too, have been there – and for far too long. I am now BIG on contracts and, especially, the nullification of them. The state is losing its grip on me on an almost-daily frequency. I accept no benefits or privileges from them and the only reason I subject myself to them through the few contracts I do have with them (driver’s license), is for my 85-year-old mother’s sake. She simply cannot comprehend.

    Yes, I am THAT close to cutting ALL ties. We all have our crosses to bear.

    I have chosen your friend, L.B. Bork’s path. When you next speak to him, tell him Chris says “Hey!”


  17. Was at the #OccupyMurdoch event outside London Bridge when a big Dark Justice operation went down across the street. They had set up a paedo to meet what they thought was a 14 year old girl; instead, it was the police. Here is the video I caught on my iPad. Sorry but it was very windy outside https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgkMggV6wjw&app=desktop

  18. Frans says:

    @ Stacy: right! They are comming down on the little man to give the impression they are doing something about paedo’s, while the big fish can swin free.
    (of course it is good to catch the small fish too)

  19. @Frans – any paedo, big or small, Catholic or not-Catholic deserves to be caught and outed.

  20. Flopot says:

    Someone just handed me a note…let me see…ah yes, thread’s dead, baby. Thread’s dead.

  21. Flopot says:

    PS Regarding “Rotten UK”, the problem is not only have the oligarchs completely captured the democracy but also powerful paedophiles aswell — explain that one!?!


    I still say that the pseudonymous “Nick” is a baiting conspiracy by TPTB to net any future potential whistle blowers.

  22. Frans says:

    @ Stacy: I agree, but I feel “some cognitive dissonance” between setting a guy up, inviting him to act, and burying of evidence of already commited crimes of P by high ranking people.

  23. poopysnot says:

    JIM WILLIE: King Dollar dethroned by Emperor Yuan; US abandoned by Allies
    Paul Sandhu – Mar 28, 2015

    RT @PDChina: China welcomes decisions of #Netherlands, #Brazil and #Georgia to apply to join #AIIB, Ministry of Finance said Sat— BullionStar (@KoosJansen) March 28, 2015

  24. poopysnot says:

    JIM WILLIE: King Dollar dethroned by Emperor Yuan; US abandoned by Allies
    Paul Sandhu – Mar 28, 2015
    Read more at http://www.maxkeiser.com/2015/03/kr736-keiser-report-debtism-vs-capitalism/comment-page-3/#8Bh7eqehSR6ZFCLR.99

  25. Mary Genoud says:

    Jeremy Rifkin in the Hydrogen Economy, which dates back to around 2002 mentioned the Army Corps of Engineers study of US infrastructure, which estimated repairs at well over a $trillion back around 2000. Maybe the only thing left to do is privatize it, since States and municipalities are so broke. So sad, whoever makes toll booths is going to make a forture.

  26. poopysnot says:

    Brazil says will join China-backed Asia investment bank
    28 Mar, 2015

    Financial cooperation to be deepened in Belt and Road Initiative

    Countries along the Belt and Road should deepen financial cooperation, as financial integration is an important underpinning for implementing the Belt and Road Initiative, according to an action plan unveiled Saturday…

    …Countries along the Belt and Road should expand the scope and scale of bilateral currency swap and settlement and promote the opening and development of the bond market in Asia, the document said.

    They should make joint efforts to establish the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and BRICS New Development Bank and conduct negotiations on establishing Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) financing institution.

    Washington must address changing balance of power in Asia
    Mar 28, 2015

  27. poopysnot says:

    A World in Change – Shanghai Cooperation Organization
    The Daily Coin – Mar 27, 2015

    It’s time for the world to adjust to China’s global ambition – It may have become fashionable to talk down China’s prospects, but the pace of its expansion remains astonishing
    28 Mar 2015

  28. @evolutis, sorry I missed your comment about drilling holes in Naff-books and having to cook them in the oven.


    OK I am often slightly “Off Topic” Tut! Tut! But thanks for that link. I noted the Thermal paste bit! Flaked CVD diamond thermal paste is the best I have seen. I believe military grade self packs, as the laser cut CVD flakes ‘tessellate’

    I had a good chuckle, clearly he has invalidated any guarantee that ever existed in the first place. A repair can cost more that the item is worth. If portable hardware floats? and the propensity for ‘like to accumulate with likr’ for example separate piles of cat hair and dog hair under the sofa, or floating islands at sea of polystyrene, and elsewhere empty disposeable lighters, another of rubber johnies. I read that Pilots are told where the nearest Floating Island is, if they run into trouble too far to reach land.

    These islands have plenty of marine faunal and fauna, and they keep track of their position.

    If I was a pilot in an emergency, I would ask…. Where is the nearest island of floating mobile phones?! …. If I had a tool kit? a magnifying glass to improvise soldering etc. I might amuse myelf attempting to repair a few, or find one that worked?

  29. poopysnot says:

    Reserve Bank of India – Blowin in the wind! Hot or Cold on Gold?
    4 days ago

    Reserve Bank of India shows us once again – just how prone they all are, to blowin in the wind of BIG GOLD’S bluster n bombast!

    Greece Prepares To Leave

    Pub Dog

  30. @Useless Eater, (AKA Chris) Bret Bork thanks you for your good wishes! Cheers!

    Here is Stephan Hawking and Author Charles Fox debating the merits of Cannabis Medication.


    BTW. I can’t find the air pump to inflate one of the tyres on my trolley. Monday I receive 1,500 wee little magnets 4.0 cm. x 2.5 cm. x 1.0 magnets, 10 ccs each, or a total of 15 Litres, as the density is 7.8 kilos per Litre, that is 117 Kilos. The Spec Sheet says 10 Kilos Pull per magnet.

    I posted this adaption of an old invention from 1927. by two genius engineers. I use magnetic gears which make it totally silent. and much bigger! Ready for the next Olympics perhaps? See Link.


  31. poopysnot says:

    Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Australia to sign Memorandum of Understanding to join China development fund
    Updated 19 minutes ago

    The Federal Government will sign a memorandum of understanding that will allow Australia to participate in negotiations to set up the $100 billion China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) bank.

    China unveils action plan on “Belt and Road” initiatives
    CCTV News – Mar 28, 2015

    Chinese President calls for development bank support AIIB
    ARIRANG NEWS – Mar 28, 2015

    China’s next gold announcement may be tied to SDR move this year: When Will China Disclose Its True Official Gold Reserves And How Much Is It?

  32. poopysnot says:

    New Eruptions at Colima Volcano in Mexico
    Associated Press – Mar 28, 2015

    Chile: Volcano Villarrica forecast to erupt
    euronews – Mar 28, 2015

  33. @Evolutis Writes:- “All this in the absence of sunlight?

    WOW! from the ‘How to Brag Department’ 200 ++ comments later and situational awareness, is null and void .. Dis-information does not transfer. shh! in monetary, theology speak, it’s called communication skills…..”

    The correct day for “Disinformation” is April Fools day!

    There is an old tradition to publish an adaption of an old Patent, as a new one. I do it every year, to amuse The Crown Patent Agents, now split between Martin and Brookes, Brookes and Martin fell out over the ‘Viagra’ Patent. It turned out to be a duff patent….blah!

    Hugh Wright MA used to be The Central Electricity Generating Board’s Patent Attorney….. He is My Patent Agent and works for Brookes and Martin now as a consultant. Shhhh! TOP SECRET!

    Sometimes my posts are withy a ‘Nom de Plume’ but I generally use, ‘with permission’, a genuine BIG Company name, like I.C.I. We raised loads of money on April 1st 1986 for the BBC Comic Relief, with a wheeze, that slightly upset Toby Eckersley, Director of Finance, who said he would never talk to me again!… but he did at a wedding reception later that year!…Blah!

    Tricel are not going to be implicated this time round, but we will be using their products. They are one of Europe’s finest Grass Fibre Specialists. The construction illustrated is to be manufactured in ‘Weatherproof one inch MDF Sheet, allowing us to make a 12 ft. diameter wheel. (work it out, there is a four feet empty square hole, if four sheets are laid out in rotational symmetry. The glass fibre is laid over the Three/Five Ply Core of MDF Arc Sections that overlap. The MDF core is for extra strength. The contraption is in ‘Kit Form’ and just bolts together. so that it can fit a small delivery van. Stainless steel twin hoops with those 40.0mm x 25.omm x 1.0mm. ten kilo magnets sandwiched between two circular 45 degree bevelled edges in mirror symmetry, The other side of the magnetic bearing is the reverse, with the two bevels the other way forming a <> snug fit.

    This twin magnetic bearing is quadruple, both sides. with tiny cylindrical magnets sunk in a N-S-N-S-N-s…etc. configuration, This provides silent ‘traction’ as the inner wheel hovers and never touches the outer wheel… See Illustration on Facebook.

    Part of the April Fool is not to disclose if this works or not?…. That is half the fun. This time a Keiser Report Special. If it does work?…. No Clues given other than the YouTube video (posted over three years ago) “Sustainable Energy” is not an Off-Topic subject for this thread or any other Keiser Report Thread. BTW those magnets cost 23 pence each as a special offer from First-4-Magnets. + VAT… but we are VAT registered so that does not bother us.

  34. @Frans – the anons don’t entrap the guy, they merely pose in the darknet forum board as a 14 year old and the point is to get the paedo to suggest meeting and arrange location as then it’s not entrapment. This is what Anons do, it’s their domain, the internet; perhaps MPs don’t hang out in the dark net, but, if they do, they’ll be stung as well. But as these freaks associate with each other, no doubt some pols will be ensnared somehow through Dark Justice.

  35. Capt. Ray says:

    @ AC

    Your boss is yours.

    About constructing;
    Using Mdf?!

    I don’t know what you’re building


    Get some foam (layers) that goes with the grass fiber and resin you’re using… 😉

    Good luck! 😀

  36. poopysnot says:

    Both SEC And FINRA Admit That The Market Is Rigged (And They Are Powerless To Fix It) http://t.co/XEOjAA5RuD— zerohedge (@zerohedge) March 28, 2015

  37. Mary Genoud says:

    Concerning comment; Infrastructure costs, Army Corps of Engineers study back around 2000, which estimated repairs of US infrastructure at well over a $trillion that Jeremy Rifkin mentioned in The Hydrogen Economy, I would like to point out that in my comment the word choice ‘toll booths’ was a kind of metaphor and meant to say, ‘toll’ smart-apps implanted in every car hooked up to the car’s owner’s credit or debit card that would calculate the time & distance travelled in a privatized ‘toll’ fiefdom and automatically bill accordingly. It’s very sad, obviously, ‘toll’ app manufacturers will make a fortune.

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