South Carolina Woman Arrested for Cursing in Front of Her Kids

You gotta love America. In the same week that the entire world witnessed how U.S. polices forces have been transformed into paramilitary organizations, a woman is arrested in a South Carolina supermarket for cursing in front of her children. Yep, this is not a joke…

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7 comments on “South Carolina Woman Arrested for Cursing in Front of Her Kids
  1. YoLithos says:

    Fundamentalism á là USA. Not a joke, then. It just sounds exactly like one. As in : involving a breach of common sense or accepted behavior, exaggerated, playing on stereotype, and involving ridiculous or surprising premisses and development, and an unexpected or contradictory ending. And yet, it was so. La vita è bella?

    It must be hard for comics in the USA trying to make a living, having to compete with the insanity all around them. All authoritarian …-isms decay into deluded ridicule, as this case exemplifies once again, adding to a very, very long historical list of deluded insanities. Quod Deus vult peredere, and so on.

  2. YoLithos says:

    Yech. Perdere, not peredere. Lost myself there a bit 😉 Apologies, commiserations, et. al.

  3. YoLithos says:

    How long till they do some neo-fundamentalismy equivalent to putting ‘unpleasant’ people in stocks or burning the particularly unseeming ones at the stake?

  4. Useless Eater says:

    If you knew what they have done, what they can and will do would be no surprise.

    (Quote from article):

    “Parens Patriae means literally “the parent of the country” or to state it more bluntly – the State is the undisclosed true parent. Along this line, a 1930s Arizona Supreme Court case states that parents have no property right in their children, and have custody of their children during good behavior at the sufferance of the State. This means that parents may raise their children and maintain custody of their children as long as they don’t offend the State, but if they in some manner displease the State, the State can step in at any time and exercise its superior status and take custody and control of its children – the parents are only conditional caretakers. [Thus the Doctrine of In Loco Parentis.]”

  5. Sam says:

    When will be arrested for not believing in the global warming agenda. I’m sure Stacy would have us all arrested.

  6. Pete says:

    ’bout time they started arresting these foul mouthed pigs. Even nice neighborhoods are starting to sound like the ‘hood. If she had decided to take a dump on the street, should we have allowed that too?

  7. Flopot says:


    I recall being berated on another forum when I described the Empire as a police state. A patriot retorted, “At least you can say that in the US”. A sad lol 🙁

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