[KR641] Keiser Report: End of No-Alternative-To-Dollar Era

We note that as the Empire collapses, they’ve killed all the boogeymen and yet blood for oil has not helped create escape velocity. We also discuss what the return of humpback whales and great white sharks to the waters off Manhattan can tell us about the end of a monoculture in fiat currencies where the dollar has reigned supreme. In the second half, Max interviews Dr. Michael Hudson about the war machine, Judge Griesa’s ruling, super imperialism and the end of a 60 year cycle in which there was no alternative to the dollar.

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  1. YoLithos says:


    There is a high-profile figure out there who specialized in advising on forwarding peace in Colombia, … the usual tinderboxes. I forgot his name.

  2. Vonda Bra says:


    MUST WATCH !!!



    Ukraine Crisis | Do Ukrainians Want War? – Local Deputy | English Subtitles

    A deputy from Dnepropetrovsk local parliament Viktoriya Shilova takes on the question with seemingly obvious answer.

    http://youtu.be/5veOECY0tKQ (10 mins.)



  3. jogador says:

    USDA: Cost of raising a child reaches $250,000

    Parents who had a child in 2013 can expect to spend $245,340 for the first 18 years of the child’s life, according to the U.S. Department of agriculture’s annual Expenditures on Children by Families report, released Monday. The amount climbs to $304,480 if inflation is factored in. The costs do not include pregnancy-related expenses and other items, like college.


  4. jogador says:

    The World’s Most Repressive Regimes Delight In U.S. Crack Down In Ferguson


  5. jogador says:

    Marine economy sinks as ocean acidity rises

    Scientists say the oceans are now 30% more acidic than they were at the beginning of the industrial revolution about 250 years ago.


  6. Vonda Bra says:




    Russian TV Report: Kiev has pre-planned the launch of MH17 well in advance!

    only german subtitles, sorry!

    Hacker group “Cyber Berkuts” have hacked the official correspondence of two ukranian state officials regarding the MH17 crash on July 18th.
    2 consultants of Oligarch Kolomoiski, of Dneprpetrowsk region as well as the ukrainian minister of defense, Waleri Geletej, and the leader of a ukranian political Party, Anatoli Grizenko, were involved.
    They had worked out the details in 10 different scenarios and discussed how the media was to handle the situation …

    That the crash was pre-planned by the ukrainian department of defense, was
    confirmed today by the “Internet-Cyber-community”.

    well, xou´ll get the gist!

    http://youtu.be/lYXRhZSt7Yc (3:31)



  7. Flopot says:


    Thanks for that intellectual ammo against those who spout BS on behalf of the Kiev nazis. Now, back to the RT forum wars, suitably armed. Muahahahahahahhahahaha!

  8. Flopot says:

    Job done. I was outnumbered by Cass Sunstein keyboard monkeys but they kept repeating the same old mantra “fighters cannot fly that high”. In spite of the evidence to the contrary.

    But I’ve learned not to linger too long in the “forum” mudpits – bad for the heart and methinks they like to get you riled up, you start resorting to adhomi…adhomani..adhmmmm…name-calling and then they get you banned.

  9. microhousehold says:


    RT forums suck.
    RT is mainstream media within their own context.

    Just bumped into a 404 on RT:

    Reference 14 from wiki article



    Well good to have RT around to counterbalance the info monopolies.

  10. jogador says:

    Fed Researchers Argue Against SEC Money Market Reforms

    They argue that the first-mover advantage has only been pushed forward and will now be based on less information


  11. jogador says:

    Today an outspoken hedge fund manager out of Hong Kong told King World News that the U.S. government has its agents in the gold community and elsewhere around the world lying to people by claiming the United States still possesses its entire (roughly) 8,100 ton gold hoard, and that the U.S. has only issued pieces of paper (IOUs) with serial numbers on them in the form of hypothecated or re-hypothecated gold as part of its gold price suppression scheme. William Kaye, who 25 years ago worked for Goldman Sachs in mergers and acquisitions, called these agent lies “absolutely farcical,” and “a fairly tale.” Below are the powerful accusations by Kaye as he takes KWN readers around the world on a trip down the rabbit hole of U.S. lies and disinformation agents.


  12. jogador says:

    Researchers Try To Quantify The Value Of Lobbying

    But their study gives us a better look at the markets’ opinion on corporate culture than the impact of corruption itself

    In their recent paper The corporate value of (corrupt) lobbying, three researchers have tried to get around this problem by asking a related question: which companies take the biggest hit when corrupt lobbying practices become more difficult?


  13. Youri Carma says:


    There are so many arguments against these half baken debunking theories that it makes your head spin. The pancake theory is absolute poppycock only thinking about weight of the floors like pancakes as if there was no construction at all. Absolute rubbish.

    – First of all, steel construction buildings don’t collapse from fires. A steel construction building in Madrid burned totality off after 48 hours yet the steel construction remained in tact.

    – Kerosene doesn’t even burn hot enough to substantially weaken the steel construction. Your stove is made out of iron not even high grade construction steel yet it doesn’t melt while it burns much hotter.

    – Most of the airplane Kerosene was burned outside the building anyways at impact which you can clearly see on all the videos.

    – Twin Towers were hardly burning only some small smothering fire which the fire workers easily could manage according to their own words if you have listened to their radio tapes, I have. But for these fire-workers even could begin putting the fire out the buildings were blown up.

    – All the steel beams were sprayed with asbestos pulp as extra fire protection. Since asbestos is forbidden now Silverstein had to spend a lot of money to remove that. Of course he knew that he never had to do that.

    – The buildings where constructed for enduring with ease the impact of a fully loaded boeing 707 which was the largest airplane at the time. Architects of the Twin Towers said that it could even sustain two Boeing 707’s flying into the same tower without any of the construction being severely compromised https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fQlC2AIWrY

    – Like said, there where only small fires at the top of the Twin Tower buildings which little heat was transferred trough the total of the massive triple steel construction. Two boxes inside with a fully steel netting outside the building. Each floor connects the outer box with the two inner boxes of the building.

    These floors simply fall off like is suggested in the pancake theory. Total poppycock. If you cut all these connections with thermate, found all over the place, you obviously get an other story. But no airplane could have done that. Completely ridiculous somebody would suggest that in the first place.

    But people are plainly stupid and you can tell them anything on the news and they believe it.

    Teacher argues that a kilometer is longer than a mile

  14. Youri Carma says:

    2014 WTC Drone Strike Plane PROOF (Many Witnesses)

    2014 NEW Loose Change 3rd Edition! MUST SEE! 9/11 Truth

  15. YoLithos says:

    Technology that isn’t cheap and ubiquitous enough to be of practical use, essentially doesn’t really exist yet.
    Chinatown tales of an $85 iPhone screen replacement

    Kissing the sky.

  16. ronron says:

    @Vonda. thank you. this is why i love you.

  17. YoLithos says:

    @Youri Carma – Re : Falling skyscrapers collapsing like telescopes.

    Totally as you say. And I’m a serious convert to Dr. Judy Wood’s study and general conclusions. I just enjoyed bringing up the fire piston and underground fire ideas as well. I just thought it would be productive to have those settled by proper analysis and computation (calculations) before they get used by the pampered ignoratty. The numbers for the quantity of concrete and steel did seem to be overly modest, from what little I have done of construction and supply spreadsheets.

    Just the huge list of totally improbable official coincidences are enough to mark the whole thing as a murderous setup. But, as you said, the amount of people competing to outdo each other in believing six impossible things before breakfast, not just half an hour a day, is truly amazing. Something about wanting to die in their sleep, perhaps.

  18. poopysnot says:

    Manipulation Monday with Andrew Hoffman:

    Can You Believe Anything Anymore? (Audio)
    August 18th, 2014

    A Day of Manipulative Infamy – And Failure
    by Andrew Hoffman – August 18th, 2014

  19. Capt. Ray says:

    Thanks for vid, @vonda. She is hot. Just like Stacy’s hair in the out door!

    Sad the away from vid… Propaganda will drive people in war.

  20. poopysnot says:

    Shanghai Gold Exchange Said to Plan FTZ Contract for Sept
    Aug 18, 2014

    The Shanghai Gold Exchange plans to start bullion trading in the city’s free-trade zone on Sept. 26, according to three people with knowledge of the matter. The people asked not to be identified because they aren’t authorized to speak to the media. Gu Wenshuo, a spokesman for the exchange, confirmed that the trading system is being tested, without giving further details. Shanghai wants to become a regional bullion-trading hub, giving foreigners access to the world’s largest physical-gold market, Xu Luode, the exchange’s chairman, told a conference in Singapore in June. The gold contract will be priced and settled in yuan and the infrastructure is in place for trading to start in the third quarter, Xu said in June. The zone will have a vault capable of holding 1,500 metric tons of gold, which can either be imported into China or be in transit to other markets, Xu said.

  21. Nat says:

    Whilst dozens of civilian refugees are deliberately killed in mortar attacks (with both sides accusing each other), Pro-Russian Seperatists are now introducing death sentances for “desertion”..

    So now even if you don’t want war, you don’t want to fight, you are forced to by the rebels – or face being put to death.

    Surrender is also covered by the death sentance; “handing weapons to the enemy”.

    If you’ve been caught up in the madness and now want out, you’ve only a few options – Suicide, RUN to the Ukrainian side (and hope they don’t beat you to death) or kill your fellow rebel soldiers before they kill you. I think personally I’d take the latter and say fuck you all in a blaze of inglory (although probably in reality just try to walk off quietly in the night, go feral).


  22. SAO says:

    thanks for the link @ St. Louis County Police Chief Timothy Fitch visits Israel for counter-terrorism

    The guy that left the top comment had a hell of a lot of good sites to look into.

  23. Nat says:

    BTC briefly touches $309 on BTC-e exchange! $3.4million of BTC (7300 BTC) dumped in a few minutes


    At least flash crashes have real consequences in the digital currency world as opposed to being free in the paper world, with the trades not followed through.

  24. Nat says:

    As an aside, it looks like Maxcoin and STARTcoin might soon arrive at a 1:1 exchange rate.. why not peg them together when they do, just as a random thing to do?

    Maxcoin: $0.013
    STARTCoin: $0.011

  25. SAO says:

    SOROS Increases Bearish S&P Bet by 600%


  26. jogador says:

    The US Gold in Fort Knox is Secure, Gone, or Irrelevant


  27. jogador says:

    The Fed and the “Salvador Dali Effect”

    There is a story about the great Catalan surrealist painter Salvador Dali. It is said that in the last years of his life, when he was already famous, he signed checks knowing that they would not be submitted to the bank for payment. Rather, after partying with his friends and consuming the most expensive items the restaurants had to offer, he would ask for the bill, pull out one of his checks, write the amount, and sign it. Before handing over the check, he quickly turned it around, made a drawing on the back and autographed it. Dali knew the owner of the restaurant would not cash the check but keep it,put it in a frame, and display it in the most prominent place in the restaurant: “An original Dali.”


  28. jogador says:

    Hundreds of police investigated over Facebook and Twitter breaches

    Inappropriate behaviour by police on social media has led to hundreds of police being investigated – with nearly one in ten (nine per cent) leading to dismissal, resignation or retirement.

    Freedom of Information requests from the Press Association revealed racist comments and criticism of senior officers were amongst 828 cases in England and Wales.


  29. jogador says:

    UK Inflation Rate Falls More Than Expected

    Britain’s inflation rate fell more than expected in July, to 1.6 percent from 1.9 percent in June, easing pressure on the Bank of England as it weighs when to raise interest rates.


  30. jogador says:

    Risk? What Risk?

    A low interest rate world leads to risk-taking behaviour by investors. That’s exactly what you’re seeing right now in the S&P 500’s performance and the demand for emerging market bonds.


  31. Capt. Ray says:

    @911 conspiracy theorists
    I saw in one episode a guy, JR (bought book while back), who is an eye whiteness (sort of, complicated story), of rubble of “fallen” buildings. Me too! Plane crashed 15min. away from my house into a flat. I even drove over a piece of wing! This too was a concrete building. We meet eye – to –eye on that one…
    In hind sight I should have stayed home and just watch the news. Anyway; what I saw on the news were those buildings JR kinda eye-witnessed. What I saw were deflating buildings. Not as people refer to all these buildings as “falling” buildings. If you or I (and even the rack the reading-algo is screwed into), fall a lot can happen. But what never ever never ever never happens is that you crumble like some sort of bad witch in a Disney movie. Poof.

    But it did.

    I didn’t see what you saw. But buildings are torn down around where I live.
    What I learned is that it takes about 3 weeks using conventional machinery to pile up a small building.
    If a plane can do to a building in a couple of hours what normally would take weeks, why not use this new discovery physics. Fly a Cessna or two into a strip mall that needs to be demolished and be done with it. Very cost effective. All the rubble will be needly piled up and ready for the dumpster too. (Cessna sounds Russian… wink wink, pulling permit for this new technology? no-problem! ).

    Let’s see what happens when the(so called) black president, send the (so called) black Attorney General to a (so called) black community. Too bad two out of three take money, while the rest thinks they make it.

  32. jogador says:

    China’s air pollution worsens in July, highest in north

    Air pollution across 74 major Chinese cities worsened in July compared to last year, according to government data released on Tuesday, showing that the government is having trouble shaking its smog problem.

    The 74 cities struggled with pollution on 26.9 percent of the days in July, up from 19.5 percent a year ago, data on the Ministry of Environmental Protection website said.


  33. jogador says:

    Russian import ban fuels food price rises

    Food prices are rising in parts of Russia and experts say the state embargo on imports of Western food appears to be making things worse.

    Since the ban was imposed on 7 August imported pork used in processed meat in Moscow has gone up by 6%, Russian business daily Kommersant reports.


  34. jogador says:

    Ex-Rabobank trader pleads guilty to rate rigging

    ‘Bigger crooks’

    He used his position to submit rates requested by Yagami and other traders, according to prosecutors.

    In 2007 Yagami asked Robson by email for a high submission for one of the rates, Robson answered: “no prob mate let me know your level.”

    After Yagami made his request, according to the Justice Department, Robson confirmed: “sure no prob… I’ll probably get a few phone calls but no worries mate… there’s bigger crooks in the market than us guys!”


  35. jogador says:

    Americans Are Too Afraid And Stressed To Take Days Off From Work

    About 40 percent of us don’t plan on using all of our paid time off this year, according to a new survey released Tuesday by the U.S.

    The two most common reasons survey respondents cited for not taking a break: They dread the pile of work awaiting them when they return, and no one else can do what they do at the office. These people suffer from what the researchers called a “martyr” complex, believing that they’re the only ones who can do their jobs.

    Most telling: More than 20 percent of workers said one of the main reasons they aren’t taking all of their vacation days is because they don’t want to appear replaceable.

    “Fundamentally what’s going on there is fear,”


  36. jogador says:

    The Disease of American Democracy

    Americans are sick of politics. Only 13 percent approve of the job Congress is doing, a near record low. The President’s approval ratings are also in the basement.

    A large portion of the public doesn’t even bother voting.


  37. jogador says:

    Study examines wage disparity among obese workers in China

    New research that analyzes economic disparity among obese Chinese adults shows that there is no wage disparity for obese women in China, but there is pay inequality among obese men.


  38. Youri Carma says:

    U.S. game plan is perfectly clear now. Alienate Europe from Russia with propaganda thriving on old cold war sentiments and fresh false flags and cut off it’s supplies so that Europe will be drawn into the third great war.

    Just as Japan was brought into war by the U.S. cutting off it’s supplies so will Europe.

    Bulgaria Halts South Stream Pipeline Again As NATO F-15s, Troops Arrive http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-18/bulgaria-halts-south-stream-pipeline-again-nato-f-15s-troops-arrive

  39. jogador says:

    3D-Printing Growth: Unstoppable Even if Moore’s Law Doesn’t Apply

    The time it takes to 3D print something grows at the third power since it is a function of its volume. Let’s put it into real terms. Think about a cube with one-inch sides that takes one hour to print. If you want a cube with sides twice as long, it takes eight times as long to print. Then another cube twice as big as that takes 64 hours to print. These rates will not get inherently faster as we’ve traditionally seen in the software and hardware industry.


  40. jogador says:

    Is open source about to lose an important battle to Microsoft?

    Will Munich give up? Ten years ago, the German city was acclaimed as a pioneer for moving from Microsoft’s closed solutions to Linux and open source. But times have changed and now, the office of the mayor is considering moving back to Windows and Office.


  41. jogador says:

    What the leaked EU-Canada trade paper means for TTIP


  42. jogador says:

    Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Pandora’s Box of Corporate Power

    TPP negotiating texts are being treated as classified documents, closed off from the public, the media, non-profit advocacy groups, and even elected officials. Members of Congress have highly restricted negotiating access to the texts and are sworn to secrecy about what they read. Meanwhile, 600 “cleared advisers” to the U.S. negotiating team — mostly representing corporations and industry organizations — have unfettered access to negotiating documents relevant to their interests and are able to use this access to influence U.S. negotiators to craft an agreement that advances their agendas.


  43. jogador says:

    Israel: Crowd Shouts ‘Death to Arabs’ at Jewish-Muslim Wedding


  44. jogador says:

    Citibank could lose Argentina banking license

    If the banking giant obeys a US judge’s order, it risks losing its banking license in Argentina — and the $2 billion it has in local deposits.


  45. Youri Carma says:

    WHO Urges “Exit Screening” Of All Travellers In Ebola-Infected Countries As Reported Cases Go Parabolic http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-18/who-urges-exit-screening-all-travelers-ebola-infected-countries-reported-cases-go-pa#comment-5113496

    Screening won’t help with this virus having an incubation period of 3 weeks. They should indeed quarantine all travellers with or without ‘weakness’ for 21 days.

    And this must be done in such a careful fahsion so they can’t be infected during this 21 day quarantine period. Good luck indeed.

  46. YoLithos says:

    @jogador – Re : 3D printing speed and evolution

    The volumetric relation you expressed is true of nozzle printers which are still the cheaper, most “popular”, consumer-oriented option. Other options technologies exist where the relation between time and volume (or mass) is far from linear.

    As usual, there are several “amateur” (or not) attempts that manage do implement these other – faster – technologies at affordable and practical-garage-level.

    Les Garages Imprimatiques“, to bum a misquoted paraphrase.

  47. YoLithos says:

    @Youri Carma – Re : Ebola screening
    Non sequitur : Ebola screening … -> ebola “streaming”? Reminded me of that comment on solar farm “streamers”. Well, at least some parts of the neural network are still sparking merrily along. Let the Sunshine In.

  48. Youri Carma says:

    Keiser Report: Saudi America (E642) with Lars Maehrholz

  49. Evolutis says:

    Surf’s up!… hang ten on the information transfer roller …then consider catching another.

    Thanks so much Max/ Stacy

  50. Dippy says:

    @Nat, Maxcoin is sha3(single keccack algo) and startcoin is X11(11 different chained algos), both are ASIC resistant. All scrypt coins (note: large price decline with litecoin) are now being bashed to oblivion with fast scrypt mining dedicated machines. X11 uses 40% the power of GPU scrypt mining so it is machine and bill friendly and does not stress graphics cards or power supplies so badly, am not sure what % sha3 uses in comparision on a typical GPU but maxcoin does come up as 1 of the most profitable coins to mine on coinwarz when the numbers are plugged in.
    Generally most coins are having rising difficulty as more people start mining or use cloud mining but when they become unprofitable the auto switching pools will dive onto the next most profitable coin (they do not care any fundamentals, only short term profits), of course when 1000’s of machines dive onto some small alt coin there is only 1 outcome (i.e. price decline when the mined coins are dumped onto the top 3 or 4 exchanges). So basically created a trading pair as you suggest would possibly be more balanced than a scrypt/sha3 pair for example because there is no ASIC machine making it’s price ‘top heavy’ and potentially unstable.

  51. microhousehold says:


    Sometimes I wonder if High Frequency Algorithmic trading is
    creating volatility in the crypto markets.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if it does.

  52. microhousehold says:

    Being able to start a new crypto and/ or start mining in the cloud,
    has some parallels with naked shorts I guess.

    Some companies get unlimited funding from the Fed and invest it
    in cloud infrastructure.

    With more & more big players moving into crypto this is creating new problems for having a truly decentralized network.

  53. Dippy says:

    @Micro, bots are used and even listed as such on some exchanges. Orders can get pulled before they are made but once the trade is made on the exchange that is it, as I understand it,share prices are altered by front running orders by placing pre-orders and then playing on the minute price changes. The crypto ticker price is based on previous sales so I cant see how that is possible but there are other methods of manipulation for sure. What I have just realized is the volume of some coins such as litecoin may have as much as 80% of ‘wash’ trading, meaning it aint real trade coming in or out, but makes the coin look very active. I have not yet worked out how to separate the real trading with the fictional stuff. Of course ‘wash’ trading costs the traders a commission -thats if they are Not in Cahoots with the particular coin community themselves and have further agendas (again I heard some exchanges are a little too litecoin bias for example lets say). So beware the charts, as not everything is as it seems.

  54. microhousehold says:


    Crypto’s are more difficult to manipulate than fiat, the blockchain is quite effective for that.
    It is not possible to pull an order as in typical forms of
    I agree on that.

    But is good to stay alert, there are a lot of ‘new’ ways things can get screwed up.

  55. Youri Carma says:

    Iceland Tells Airlines Volcano Under Glacier May Erupt

    Iceland warned airlines that there may be an eruption at one of the island’s largest volcanoes located underneath Vatnajokull, Europe’s biggest glacier.

  56. microhousehold says:


    Maybe only trusting traders who are willing to be transparent about
    their commission-volume ratio is a way to check, for example
    Lite coin volume manipulation.

  57. microhousehold says:

    But yeah checking the commision-volume ratio is quite hard when
    fiat currencies are involved.

  58. Youri Carma says:

    The Five Fastest Military Jets Ever Made

    Funny to know that Lockheed’s SR-71 was designed and build in the sixties and started off in 1964.

  59. Evolutis says:

    @Youri …’Ukraine’s Next Crisis? Economic Disaster’ – thanks for the post…

    The Ukraine seems like the 40 year old guy has to pay good money to remove monetary tattoos, he paid good money to get, back in 1991. Of course monetary reconstruction is sited as the only method of removal … just to add insult to misery as per monetary theology irrational; I suppose.

    Strange Zerohedge, does not site Ukraine’s 1991 basket case, economic outlook as noteworthy?