If fracking’s so great, why is it a state secret?

4 comments on “If fracking’s so great, why is it a state secret?
  1. Dippy says:

    @Stacy, thought you’d like this with Andreas Antonopoulos and Jeffrey Tucker, they discuss the collapse of Russia and the similarities, along with NY bitcoin regulations/stomping on bitcoin and consequential evolutions onto new levels..

  2. Frans says:

    Fracking, Chem trails: does it ring a bell?
    It should! You have to go deep down the rabbit hole, then it all makes sense, however one has to accept some things that seems very tin foil hat.
    I for myself needed over 5 years of intensive studying stuff before even be ready to incorporate NWO, satanic rituals, satanic forces, the possible rising of the spiritual level of people, the awaking, and the need for the power to be to suppres by all possible means the possibility of people getting aware of the fraud.
    The fact is that for me it is the only way to understand what is happening, it starts to make perfect sense this way.
    It will need time for consolidation, much information have to been checked against this way of thinking, and there is also chance that it will be rejected.
    Difficult to connect all the dots.
    For Dutch people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jrnrUhFwQA

  3. mijj says:

    ditto GMO labelling

  4. BankingThiefs says:

    Please quote back to them…

    “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” – William Hague MP

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