Max Coin being listed on TXT Coins Now

Recent events have lead to exciting developments on the UK/European crypto-currency scene: after the formation of a joint venture between StartCoin/StartJoin and the mobile payments provider TXTCoinsNow, we are proud to announce that MaxCoin will also be integrated into the TXTCoinsNow payment and transfer system, in addition to NXT, the premier second generation crypto-currency.

CoinCorner (an Isle of Man based exchange, currently in final development) has agreed to Possibly list not only NXT and StartCoin, but also MaxCoin. This is a result of a strategic partnership formed between TXTCoinsNow and CoinCorner during recent talks on the Isle of Man.

CoinCorner will be one of the first exchanges to be listed with a financial regualatory body, namely the IoM FSC.
Trading on CoinCorner will allow people to buy and sell the above crypto-currencies (and BTC, of course) using pounds sterling (GBP) with no deposit fees, quickly and securely.
The team behind CoinCorner are a group of experienced venture capitalists, seasoned coders, and crypto-currency miners. The regulated financial and legal oversight that CoinCorner will bring to the exchange world will mean that the high-profile thefts that have plagued crypto exchnages recently will be a thing of the past, at least for Coincorner customers.

CoinCorner, TXTCoinsNow, NXT, MaxCoin and StartCoin are all committed to building a bright future for Crypto, and financial regulation is an important step, allowing real trust in the security and integrity of the various platforms.

This will, of course, lead to a significant boost in acceptance and value for the currencies listed on CoinCorner.

TXTCoinsNow will now be recommending to it’s merchant clients that they make use of CoinCorner for their crypto<>fiat trading.

Start Join Project for Max Coin integration to TXT Coins Now



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  1. William says:

    NOt the first. Coinbase will exchange BTC for USD. Cryptsy will exchange any listed coin for USD or euros

  2. It’s for sure under British Regulation