Don’t let them eat cupcakes

Stacy Summary: OMG, cupcakes as a ‘luxury item’ only the 1% can afford. It’s strange how rapidly the American population is turning comfortably third world in terms of living standards. Germany has, for example, introduced a minimum wage for the first time this past week which is nearly double America’s. And yet I never saw German shrieks that it would destroy Germany; whereas in America, even those earning $7+ per hour shriek that they don’t want any more income, they’d rather collect food stamps with which they can’t even afford cupcakes . . . of course, thus exposing the lie pushed by Republicans that those who use food stamps are living it up large. If that were the case then this wouldn’t have happened —->

Crumbs’ Downfall Shows Limits of American Cupcake Addiction


Typical Americans lack the cash to turn gourmet cupcakes into an everyday purchase, even with celebrities like Oprah Winfrey touting them. That means the market at best was small, said Bonnie Riggs, an analyst at NPD in Rosemont, Illinois.

“You’re not going to be buying these discretionary purchases unless you’re part of the 1 percent,” Riggs said. “It’s not going to be middle America.”

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14 comments on “Don’t let them eat cupcakes
  1. Clever Hans says:

    “And yet I never saw German shrieks that it would destroy Germany; whereas in America”

    Cuz the G-people will spend their wages internally on G-made goods, cuz G-people still make stuff.

  2. YoLithos says:

    Is the recognition of the need for a law, itself the result of falling conditions within a still working structure under stress, and falling but still relatively livable, even relatively comfortable conditions or less widespread lower extremes? No cynicism intended.

    The USA, as noted, is stuck with a deeply set cultural block which moves it to strictly deny and ignore any public protection of the ‘weak’ or disadvantaged against abuse, often claiming that it not only allows, but inevitably leads to the abuse of the strong by the weak. Which is little more than an apology of the tooth-and-nail, and of might-makes-right (or, privilege and advantage makes right), and rejects any notion of public moderation or social organization higher than the personality-led pack and its rigid pecking order. Which also promotes the grass-roots dog-pit dynamics – specially in education.

    This view also surfaces in the usual claims that socially organized protection of the ‘weak’ or disadvantaged will induce others into joining them in passive apathy and submission. Yet this is the same society that views military life, and its total submission to external control of a person’s life, as a superior form of social organization. Echoes of this admiration can also be found in other domains of the social contract where a similar mindset tries to prevail. As in individual contracts, specifically those for service or production.

    Considering the day’s upside-down stock market and indexes at odds with all fundamentals, does this mean that cupcake stocks are about to surge? Hm. On stock bybacks, probably. Or perhaps prison and ICE sales.

  3. YoLithos says:

    Oops. Sorry about the length of that comment. Got carried away.

  4. YoLithos says:

    Short form : Germany is still ‘comfortable’ and not too heavily blinkered to see the need for a minimum wage as a protection against using wages and ‘benefits’ as a liability sponge, or cost-cutting profit reserve. In harsher economies, people are so afraid of missing what little they might be able to get, that the workers themselves resist the enforcement of decent minimum wages. Under protracted duress, and imposed ignorance, it becomes habit. Then tradition.

  5. @Yo – fantastic comments! Not too long. Was interesting to read.

  6. Remember when… “The participation economy” from 2013

  7. Mattdog says:

    Anybody can make a great cupcake.

  8. yawp says:

    The American’s are heavily propagandized politically economically

  9. YoLithos says:

    @Stacy Herbert
    Due credit for the eventual value in any comment made must be given to watching and reading Max and Stacy for a few years now. I’m not the man I used to be. Thanks. I’ve tried my best to pass it on and link to youse guys. As a famous Professor (with a capital P) around here likes to quote : “Knowlege is special in that the more you share, the more of it there is”. That’s one I found worth remembering. Or, maybe one of the few I actually managed to remember. “The weapon of time is sharp” – Tibetan proverb.

    Speaking of quotes, O.T. from a video on… can’t remember, oh, something tech, probably … :
    – ” The Internet, where men are men and women are men, and bots are men, and children are really FBI agents”. Very quaint. 🙂

  10. arty says:

    “And yet I never saw German shrieks that it would destroy Germany”

    There have been plenty of fairly predictable comments from the German business sector about how it will increase unemployment. Probably less vociferous than when it was introduced in the UK, but I guess it gets harder to make that claim as more countries introduce/raise the minimum wage without unemployment skyrocketing as a result.

  11. @Yo – true that; but, speaking of children online, this story is disgusting The red state freaks of America are into ruining the lives of teen boys for shits and giggles. Here this young guy (17) was sexting back and forth with his 15 year old girlfriend; apparently, he sent a photo of his erect penis to her and her mother found it and called the police. Now he is being prosecuted for child porn . . . he being the child in question!!!! WTF? Because of the law in America, if convicted (and they always win these days), he will have to register as a child sex offender for the rest of his life. In the meantime, the real pedos in the halls of power walk freely amongst us. Alas, as long as the simple population feels satisfied that SOMEONE has paid the price!

  12. charlie says:

    In the linked article, they quote a 62 year old retired grandma, who lived in CT, and would go into NYC in order to visit grandkid and eat cupcake junk. If that isn’t the prototype of an indulgent, deranged and idiotic USAAmerican, then nothing is. The fact that a company can actually exist doing nothing more than sell sugary bullshit is an indication of an economy that is populated by imbeciles…..

  13. Nat says:


    “Due credit for the eventual value in any comment made must be given to watching and reading Max and Stacy for a few years now.”

    So you’ve listened to Max and Stacy’s opinions so much that now they are also your opinions…

    That really doesn’t sound like something to celebrate or admit to to me! Next you’ll be wearing the same clothes and hoping to “bump into them”.

  14. Nat says:

    My experience of the cup-cake fad is that they are completely over-priced sponge cakes with butter icing, like you’d make with your mother to use up excess cake mixture – i.e. cost nothing to make.

    People who throw their money at such over-priced things with a fake, twee, Cath Kidston homely lifestyle image attached are the bored 1%..

    It’s all the same home design advice you get in Horse and Hound etc and reflected in the “the rich get automatic membership” private member club lounges like Soho House.

    And hence the success of a shop based on a poncy life-style craze should be expected to fail soon enough.

    Yuk! That lifestyle image is all so fake and contrived .

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