Bitpay is Newegg‘s Bitcoin Hatchway

I Have Bitcoins Bitpay is Neweggs  Bitcoin Hatchway

BitPay has been hinting at big news for some time now, and here it is. NewEgg, the ‘Amazon of computer related paraphernalia’ – an online retailer of computer hardware and software, has announced that it is accepting Bitcoin as payment. The company now joins the likes of online retail businesses like TigerDirect and Overstock . Online retail giant Amazon is yet to take the big step.

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3 comments on “Bitpay is Newegg‘s Bitcoin Hatchway
  1. Jayme says:

    I simply see no way the banks won’t exact a toll. Low barrier to entry feels like freedom until the high barriers are installed to capture the fish.

    Big Banks Want Power to Declare Cyber War

    Maybe it’s possible but I don’t see how operation in their waters of the internet will ever be free, regardless of how cleaver the encryption.

  2. Useless Eater says:

    The more and the larger the corporations who accept The Bitcoin Way, the more the red flags should pop up in all of your delusioned minds. So far, Bitcoin and its crypto counterparts have provided nothing in the way of change for the better. Your delusions of grandeur are temporarily rewarded with corrupt theft in your own right, but the system still sucks – for everyone. Your labor is still being stolen with your consent. That is what needs to be changed, not the devalued currency system within which you still operate. The biggest and most proud Bitcoin billionaire still describes his wealth in dollar terms. I have given it up (the dollar), for the most part, and I am richer because of it.

  3. mijj says:

    while Bitcoin becomes progressively entangled in the establishment and the 50% mining collective threshold is crossed, it’s worthwhile checking out lifeboat alternatives. Yes .. even KeiserKoin!

    (irrelevant ps .. the next Power Trio to follow Cream = Russia, Germany, China?

    Cream – I’m So Glad:

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