The Most Destructive Presidencies in U.S. History: George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama

Powers once granted are almost impossible to take back.

After 13.5 years, there is more than enough evidence for reasonable people to conclude that the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama are easily the most destructive in U.S. history.

When historians speak of failed presidencies or weak presidencies, they are typically referring to presidencies characterized by uneven leadership, petty corruption by self-serving cronies or in extreme cases such as the Nixon presidency, abuses of executive power.

But weak or failed presidencies are not destructive to the rule of law and the foundations of the nation. The failed president leaves office and the basic structure of the nation continues: the rule of law, the balance of powers and a free-market economy.

A destructive president weakens or corrupts these core structures in favor of executive-branch powers, and passes these unconstitutional powers to the next executive for further expansion.

The Bush and Obama presidencies have effectively dismantled the rule of law and the Constitution by invoking essentially unlimited executive powers in the name of “national security:” we the citizens of the U.S. can now be accused of violating secret laws, be indicted in secret, tried in secret and sentenced to life in prison based on evidence fabricated in secret, i.e. declaring unclassified documents classified after the fact to incriminate and imprison whistleblowers.

How is this any different from totalitarian fascist regimes?

This is absolutely contrary to basic civil liberties defined by the Constitution. Who benefits from this destruction of fundamental civil liberties? (Always start by asking cui bono–to whose benefit?)

The Big Lie is that this destruction of the foundations of the rule of law and civil liberties is for our own good: if the President and the National Security State don’t grab all these powers and deprive you of your constitutional rights, bad guys will destroy the nation.

This is of course the same old tired justification used by dictators and despots everywhere, and it is always a lie. The truth that must be hidden is that this wholesale expansion of executive powers at the expense of civil liberties, democracy, the rule of law and the balance of powers benefits the executive branch.

Every abuse of the law is now declared legal by executive order. Anyone questioning the legality of extra-legal abuses of power is told “this is legal because it was authorized by the President.” In other words, executive power is now unquestioned and cannot be challenged.

For a variety of unsavory reasons, the Supreme Court has enabled this expansion of essentially unlimited executive power. Congress has also rubber-stamped it as part of The Global War on Terror (GWOT), the unlimited war that justifies unlimited executive powers, unlimited secrecy and unlimited expansion of the National Security State, the Deep State that is impervious to changes in electoral government.

Presidents Bush and Obama have directed this expansion of the National Security State because it greatly enhances the power of the Presidency. This is how we get a president who is delighted to discover that he’s good at killing people remotely with drone strikes.

The expansion of secret programs and secret wars has engorged the Pentagon, the C.I.A. and the N.S.A., not just with funding but more importantly, with new powers granted by the executive branch and rubber-stamped by an impotent Congress and supine Supreme Court.

The president’s power is greatly enhanced by this expansion of the National Security State, and the self-serving “patriots” empowered by the essentially unlimited secrecy are free to do whatever they please under the umbrella of executive privilege.

True patriots attempting to defend basic constitutional rights are labeled terrorists by the phony patriots busy destroying the foundations of the nation. The Orwellian doublespeak is as unlimited as executive power: a citizen who releases unclassified material about the secret abuse of power can be accused of treason on the Kafkaesque basis that unclassified material can be considered classified if it exposes the abuse of executive power.

All of this is well-documented and has been in the public realm for years. There is nothing mysterious about the destruction of basic rights or the abrogation of the balance or power or the rule of law. It’s visible and painfully obvious to anyone who cares to read or watch a few interviews of whistleblowers who have been hounded and harassed by the Obama Administration.

For two examples of hundreds of articles and interviews, please read:

Senior NSA Executive: NSA Started Spying On Journalists in 2002… In Order to Make Sure They Didn’t Report On Mass Surveillance (; I recommend the entire series of interviews) 
“To me, there’s a psychology that’s not often written about: What happens when you have this much reach and power, and constraints of law and even policy simply fade into the woodwork.”

PBS Frontline Interview – Thomas Drake.

Of the dozens of books published on the abuses of executive power and the uncontrolled expansion of the National Security State, here are two worthy starting points:

The Family Jewels: The CIA, Secrecy, and Presidential Power

The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth

This destruction of the fundamental building blocks of the nation has been rubber-stamped by gutless Republicans and Democrats alike. Cowed by the threat of appearing “soft on terrorism,” left and right alike have scrambled to appear “tough on terrorism” by approving the wholesale transfer of power to the National Security State and the executive branch.

It is laughable to see so-called liberals and conservatives alike in Congress kow-tow to the National Security State while claiming they have effective oversight, even as the revelations of whistleblowers reveals them as clueless toadies with no real grasp of what is being done in the name of the American people they claim to represent.

Those abusing executive power in the Nixon administration knew they were breaking the law. Those abusing power in the Bush and Obama administrations simply declare their actions legal. In effect, any action taken by the president or the National Security State is legal in name if not in principle.

Powers once granted are almost impossible to take back. What president will give away essentially unlimited executive powers established as “law” by previous presidents? We don’t elect saints as presidents, we elect infinitely ambitious people desiring power. We should not be surprised that such people not only consolidate the power they inherit but actively seek more.

We should also not be surprised that all these power grabs by the executive branch and the National Security State are cloaked in secrecy, and that anyone who dares to reveal the power grabs and abuses of power to the public is declared a traitor and crucified.

A traitor to what? It’s a question every citizen should ask and answer for themselves. 

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8 comments on “The Most Destructive Presidencies in U.S. History: George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama
  1. JB says:

    Wait til Hillary Clinton gets in there
    Hell hath no fury like a Psychopath scorned.

  2. tonyn says:

    You want to change whats wrong with the USA it starts HERE !!!!!!!!!!
    If you want to Terminate the Collapse of Liberty then I suggest you Read this , and “ Think about FORMING a Conservative Caucus that can Bring about the Termination of this POWER that was Started on 911 2001 and is what is giving Obama today the Power to USURP the Executive branch of our Government !!!!!!!

    Its time to form a “Special Committee on the Termination of the National Emergency” before its too late !!!!!!!!!

  3. wauhoo says:

    Spot on.
    Powers once granted are almost impossible to take back.
    “Bye Bye Miss American Pie”

  4. Bev says:

    If the following is true that supports your thesis.

    Worldwide Financial Criminal Network Revealed Part1

    (MDC-NYSE) Denver Headquarters of Organized Crime. Illegal Mortgage Backed Securities $100 Trillion, Bank Bailouts, Derivatives $5,000 Trillion and the theft of 12 million American’s Homes through illegal foreclosures.
    By Stew Webb
    Denver’s Organized Crime Boss Hogs Leonard Millman and Larry Mizel who run MDC a Financial Conglomerate of Organized Crime who are the Bankers behind the Illegal Mortgage Backed Securities Frauds that lead to the 2008 Bank Bailout which was set up by their partner in crime U.S. President George W Bush to loot the U.S. Treasury and hide their crimes. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and his Law partner Lanny Breuer maintained the cover up without any prosecutions of these horrendous crimes. Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer head of the Justice Department’s criminal division were partners for years at a Washington law firm that represented a Who’s Who of big banks and other companies at the center of foreclosure fraud. Breuer resigned last year from the Justice Department after a series on the Bank Frauds done by PBS

    The firm, Covington & Burling, is one of Washington’s biggest law firms and represented Financial Fugitive and Scamster Marc Rich when U.S. President William Clinton gave Rich a Presidential Pardon before leaving office in 2000.

    The Justice Department hasn’t brought any criminal cases against big banks or other companies involved in Mortgage Frauds, Mortgage servicing, even though the evidence of criminal violations in foreclosure cases are overwhelming the only one who seems to being his job is the Kentucky Attorney General. The evidence, including records from federal and state courts and local Clerks’ offices around the country, shows widespread forgery, perjury, Obstruction of Justice and illegal foreclosures on the homes of over 12.5 million American’s.

    While Holder and Breuer were partners at Covington, the firm’s clients Included four of the largest U.S. banks, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase. Servicers perform routine mortgage maintenance tasks, including filing foreclosures, on behalf of mortgage owners, usually groups of investors who bought mortgage-backed securities. Law firm Covington represented Freddie Mac, one of the nation’s biggest issuers of mortgage backed securities, in enforcement investigations by federal financial regulators. A particular concern by those who have been pressing for an investigation is Covington’s involvement with Virginia-based MERS Corp, also known as Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., also known as MERS, which runs a vast computerized registry of mortgages. Little known before the mortgage crisis hit, MERS, which stands for Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, has been at the center of complaints about false or erroneous mortgage documents. MERS was created in 1993 by Larry Mizel to cover his back on Illegal Mortgage Frauds dating back to 1977.

    CIA Whistleblower Gene Chip Tatum told this reporter that in 1977 while working for DIA Defense Intelligence Agency under the direction of former CIA Director William Colby, Tatum’s direct boss that he and others were ordered to transport files from Don Holmes of Valley Savings and Loan in Lamar, Colorado to the Law Office of Norman Brownstein in Denver. This occurred 5 days per week and in these boxes that Gene Tatum and others transported to Brownstein these boxes contained nearly 150 illegally created Mortgages per week. Additional Collaboration from a CIA source stated that it began with the Sharpsville Savings and Loan in Texas in 1977 as a test to see if Leonard Millman and George HW Bush could get away with these Illegal Mortgages to bleed the (FDIC) Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., and Freddie MAC and Fannie May.

    But evidence in numerous state and federal court cases around the country has shown that MERS authorized thousands of bank employees to sign their names as MERS officials. The banks allegedly drew up fake mortgage assignments, making it appear falsely that they had standing to file foreclosures, and then had their own employees sign the documents as MERS “Vice Presidents” or “assistant secretaries. Covington in 2004 also wrote a crucial opinion letter commissioned by MERS, providing legal justification for its electronic registry. It isn’t known to what extent if any Covington has continued to represent the banks and other mortgage firms since Holder and Breuer left. There also is evidence of routine manufacturing of false mortgage assignments, documents that transfer ownership of mortgages between banks or to groups of investors. In foreclosure actions in courts mortgage assignments are required to show that a bank has the legal right to foreclose. John O’Brien Jr., register of deeds in Salem, Mass., announced that he had sent 31,897 allegedly fraudulent foreclosure-related documents to Holder. O’Brien said he asked for a criminal investigation of servicers and their law firms that had filed the documents because they “show a pattern of fraud,” forgery and false notarizations.

  5. Bev says:



    Nader: Impeach Obama … Libertarians and Progressives Must Unite
Posted on April 29, 2014 by WashingtonsBlog 

    In comments: Impeach Bush and Obama both. Impeach all the way back to Gore whose election was stolen by the “supreme” court, media, and the Bushs.

    via comments @


    IMPEACHMENT OF U.S. PRESIDENT ALBERT GORE, Jr._REF: U.S. Supreme Ct_Case No. 00-949,

    Constitutional Grounds for the Impeachment and Fraud Upon the Supreme Court, et al…

    (Editor’s note: Only when America’s legally elected president, Al Gore, is returned to office and subjected to required impeachment proceedings, can constitutional authority in the United States be re-established. Toward that end, all actions of the Bush (43) presidency are to be declared “null and void,” all treaties abrogated, all executive actions declared unlawful and all actions including but not limited to the establishment of the United States as a criminal empire undone. The subsequent election of Barak Obama as president thus has no legal standing. Gordon Duff and Lee Wanta)

    Before the Supreme Court of the United States





    COMMENT of U.S. Supreme Court Reporter Jeffrey Toobin :

”To know Justice O’Connor as I am privileged to do is to know that the word ‘regret’ never passes her lips,” Toobin said. ” Did she regret her vote in Bush v. Gore? Did she regret the Bush presidency? You bet she did, and you bet she does.” 20apr13

    ”Maybe the court should have said, ‘we’re not going to take it, goodbye,”‘ O’Connor told the Chicago Tribune editorial board, in reference to the controversial Bush v. Gore 
decision resolving a dispute over the 2000 election in George W. Bush’s favor. “It turned out the election authorities in Florida hadn’t done a real job there and kind of messed it up. And probably the Supreme Court added to the problem at the end of the day.”

    Maybe it is simple. Could the following work? Justice O’Connor, please reverse your past decision. Let’s see what happens.

    Final Word On U.S. Law Isn’t: Supreme Court Keeps Editing

    New York Times
Posted: 05/24/2014 5:29 pm EDT Updated: 05/24/2014 5:59 pm EDT


WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has been quietly revising its decisions years after they were issued, altering the law of the land without public notice. The revisions include “truly substantive changes in factual statements and legal reasoning,” said Richard J. Lazarus, a law professor at Harvard and the author of a new study examining the phenomenon

    I like this idea because we could correct the illegal 2000 election, return all the public interest laws (Bill of Rights, Privacy rights, Human Rights against Torture, habius corpus, even the 500 year old Magna Carta) that Bush now even fearful Obama have overturned, finally try to turn around dangerous climate change, and get dangerous fukushima entombed as Al Gore is a scientifically based realist and so would act 
as he has done for years as this is his life’s-work. Dennis Kucinich’s life’s-work of HR 2990 The NEED Act would provide the funding for jobs to reduce dangers of Climate Change and Fukushima now and for the many generations it will take to address. Ralph Nader’s life’s-work prepares him to successfully increase corporate and government accountability to the public citizen and so stop Fascism. Those are the best people who should be made able to do their important life’s work for all our safety.

That would be so good for the common good. I love it.



President Carter: Bush Didn’t Win in 2000
Posted on April 9, 2014 by WashingtonsBlog

    In comments: See statistician Richard Charnin’s work: Richard Charnin (Truth Is All)


    Election Fraud (1968-2012) Quantitative Analysis and True Vote Models In 2000, 

    Al Gore won the 540,000 recorded votes (48.4-47.9%). But the unadjusted state exit polls (58,000 respondents) indicated he won by 50.8-44.4%, a 6 million vote margin. There were nearly 6 million uncounted votes.The True Vote Model had him winning by 51.5-44.7%. But the Supreme Court awarded the election to Bush (271-267 EV). In Florida, 185,000 ballots were uncounted. The following states flipped from Gore in the exit poll to Bush in the recorded vote: AL AR AZ CO FL GA MO NC TN TX VA. Gore would have won the election if he captured just one of the states. Democracy died in this election.”


This means Al Gore won Florida and also Al Gore won that long list of additional states including Texas, which then were flipped/stolen by the right wing e-voting, scanning, tabulating owned machines, in addition to the “supreme court”.

    Justice O’Connor reverse your past decision.

  6. Useless Eater says:

    You forgot o mention your loving and precious, democratic secret ballots. Your precious democracy and loving civil liberties are the causes, not the victims. Bias has been saving lives since the beginning of time, but you voted to remove them from your lives. Not just silly, but textbook loony.

    Every law that is enacted is because they tell you that it is what you want, by majority. Your personal rights are gone – replaced with a Gooduvall society of privileges. Listen to your idiot box. It constantly tells you all about your privileges and benefits. They keep telling you that you are a slave, if you are really listening. Eventually, you will submit yourself completely to slavery. You can’t fight it. The moronic idiotness displayed here all day long, quite simply, proves this to me.

    Get some backbone and just say no. It can be done. I have done it. But you gotta get your head out of the washing machine first. It used to be that I could just sit back and watch you idiots destroy yourselves but now, with a secret and illegitimate domestic army in place, you are beginning to infringe upon my world. Find freedom or step off, Jackson, or you’ll all end up getting hurt by those who only ever wanted the best for you on the one hand and, simultaneously, by those who never wanted anything from you but your labor, allegiance and servitude on the other.

    Choose. Choice is one right that they can never take away.

    Here’s the funny thing about today’s democracy. When Obama got elected I can turn to ANY citizen (you) and say it was his (your) fault by voting for him. You can “say” that you did not vote for that turkey, but proving it is something else. I could call you a liar because you have already proven your dishonor, just by voting – secretly. And you “say” you want transparency?

    Hypocrites, the lot of you. Too bad you can’t see that.

    You live in a democracy so what is chosen was chosen by all and for all. Whether or not that is even true is completely irrelevant to those who rule over you. That, my friends, is the key to all of your problems.

    Besides, voting is treason. You are an enemy and a criminal. That is why you are all treated like one. Find some respect. Find your honor. Withdraw your consent to this illegitimate government and then re-contract with honor.

    Those with eyes that can see, will.

  7. Tao Jonesing says:

    This was a good post. CHS actually makes sense when he doesn’t write about the economy and economics.

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