Paul Watson: The Mass Marketing Campaign For World War III

17 comments on “Paul Watson: The Mass Marketing Campaign For World War III
  1. Jimbo says:

    Great to hear about WW3 in a Yorkshire accent too! hashtag represent. great vid.

  2. Nat says:

    Funny how he has the same vocal delivery as Chris Watson, the wildlife soundrecordest also from the same parts – I’d thought it was a unique style, the pausing.

  3. Nat says:

    Whilst Paul Watson here is presenting a more balanced picture than the MSM, he still is adding his own slant that isn’t necessarily representative of the situation on the ground.

    I trust more the soundbyte of a Ukrainain onlooker in the East of ukraine today, to paraphrase:

    We didn’t like the old regime but neither do we like this new government in Kiev

    The people of Ukraine genuinely wanted to get rid of Yanokovich as he was corrupt, self enriching and too much of a lapdog of Russia.

    The idea that this was ALL US instigated I think it is as much propganda as it is to say that the Eastern Ukrainians are all Russian controlled. Life is more nuanced than that – US or EU or both may express what they’d like and those ALREADY overthrowing a government of their own accord will take strength from that and sell themselves partly to that cause in order to strengthen their own cause. Doesn’t mean it was all US or EU instigated like the anti-MSM contrarians want to believe.

    In any masses led action like in Ukraine, there will always the be the loudest, most agressive and most motivated who try to take control. In many cases the groups which have those characteristics are right wing, almost facist and the most angry..

    Nice people don’t fight and don’t fight for control – they want to discuss.

    Those groups always have their biggest oppotunity of power in a time of disarray – seen it in Greece too. Actions are almost always favoured initially over words by crowds, getting something done.. then later regret that they ever let those people take over.

    And so here we are.

    Yet we are now seing the same kind of loud, agressive and most motivated groups acting in the East, this time being Pro-Russian, and most likely fairly right wing and almost facist in their own way – later the good people may again wish they hadn’t let them dictate and take cotrol, leading them towards unneccesary violent contflict.

  4. Nat says:

    So, US is a hypocrite for condemning Syria for sending troops to regain an airbase from rebels but backs Kiev when it sends troops to regain an airbase?

    Russia backed Syria for sending troops to reclaim an airbase but now condemns Keiv for sending troops to regain an air base?

    It the US is hypocritical for that the Russia is ALSO hypocritical for doing the exact same thing!

    The running theme is that BOTH US and Russia act in self interest only. That is a theme which is true all the way through..

    Those who criticise one side for being hypocritical but not the other, are hypocrites too! THEY are only interested in pushing their own agenda, even if it is as pathetic as to just proove their previous stance correct, feel they have followers, people who agree with them and massage their own egos.

    It’s ALL one big ego game.

    The true picture is that which is going on in the minds of the people of Ukraine of all sides. But that true picture is distributed, hidden and diluted and not of any consquence to the egos who like to blog and comment and write articles.

  5. Youri Carma says:

    Hitlary Clinton will win the elections, the elections will be rigged and Hitlary Clinton will unleash WOIII.

  6. alan says:

    From space 4,000 large atomic air blasts will look like art.

  7. Friedell says:

    The thing is Russia wont endulge the US fucking around in their
    backyard. And so far Russia is very polite in what its doing
    against it. It couldve invaded Ukraine and shut up the whole
    monkey buisness there for good a long time ago. But it didnt be-
    cause its known that the other side would make a fool out of themselves. Which they do with great success.
    Meanwhile even the dumbest can see who is in who`s caecum and
    what game is played.
    Just lets only hope that the Ukrainians not get slaughtered for
    wanting a decent gouvernement that not empoverishes them further.
    Certainly this whish is comprehensable after over two decades
    ruled by thugs and cleptocrats.

  8. Capt. Ray says:

    @ Youri

    … So you think they’ll wait another two or three years?


  9. Useless Eater says:

    You may be correct, Nat, it may not be all US or all EU instigated, which is why I always seem to take the safe route and always state (emphatically) that it is always the governments against the citizens, regardless of the issue. It may be cheating, but I am always right and I can always prove it. Always. I have found the common denominator.

  10. Jenny Mintson says:

    Some true points. Saying there are no troops in East Ukraine, though – really ? No marching columns, maybe, but Russian military are all over the place.
    Overall, though, it’s an interesting bit of contrast making by the dour Yorkshireman.

  11. mijj says:

    i notice a propoganda theme of “they’re both as bad as each other” developing. With an undercurrent of, “so what’s the point of identifying who’s at fault”.

    Kinda like saying we shouldn’t interfere with a rape. They’re both as bad as each other because they’re both involved in the situation.

  12. Mini US says:

    Again, Leave the people living their lives alone and get Vlad and Osama in a cage to sort it out.

    If they really feel so strongly about it, fight amongst yourselves fellas and don’t include us in your crap.

  13. Snooze says:

    The Russians have to worry about those commie pigs based in Brussels. What the E.U. isn’t a communist block, destroying economies in Southern Europe, having a directive for everything. The Western Europeans are just jealous of Russia’s prosperity.

  14. Spaniard says:

    @ Nat.

    Excuse me if I am blunt, but I do not buy your argument.

    The relevance of Ukraine cannot be understood without considering the U.S.-E.U. vs. Russia. Consider the case of Hungary: it has gone through a lot of trouble too, and extreme positions plague their political scenario as well, but the result is not secession of provinces, a civil war with ethnic twists and the risk of nuclear war.

    Paul Craig Roberts has written very enlightening articles on the subject.

  15. Flopot says:

    Methinks the MSM viewers are reeling from the ringing in their heads. That’s cognitive dissonance for you. Saying they are “all the same” is just an excuse not to have to confront uncomfortable truths. I take hope from the response of certain commentators – tis evidence that sunlight is penetrating the MSM miasma of mendactiy.

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