“The market thinks silver should be higher.”

Going for a song!

Going for a song!

Traders Bet Silver Streak to End With Gold on Inflation

“The market thinks silver should be higher,” said Michael Purves, chief global strategist at Weeden & Co. in Greenwich, Connecticut. “The options market is telling you there’s a decent floor at $19 here. And if you are short silver right now, you are heavily exposed to a short squeeze as well.”

Huge bets in the options markets on silver at $30 by January 2015. Next biggest options action at $40. What are you betting on?

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13 comments on ““The market thinks silver should be higher.”
  1. Frans says:

    I am betting on holding on to my physical stack of silver rounds, patience, and this time averaging out of silver when it goes up substantially.
    I wouldn’t be suprised at all if we get another low or if it takes to last half of 2015 to get some real good upside action on the metals. in 2020 I will have sold all of my silver I guess. It always takes longer than you think…

  2. Frans says:

    Well, averaging out: I will set price goals for each next tranche I will sell in advance, but adapting selling price levels and quantities as the proces goes along.

  3. Bruce says:

    Holy crap silver has gone down. Making me feel silly, yo.
    Back to selling trinkets on ebay.

  4. Mini US says:

    Insiders betting on Tapering reversal 🙂

  5. @Mini US – well, even without the reversal, food prices have been rocketing; the only way out is for house prices to go up 20% annually and then give Americans home equity lines so they can tap it cuz just on the principle alone we wouldn’t want to increase wages as that would seem I don’t know ‘French’ . . .

  6. Mini US says:

    @Stacy & Y’all

    same as Australia.
    We are due for the new govts first budget in May and they are warning us of austerity. You know the scenario, reduce pensions and increase retirement age, education and health care cuts. But somehow we just bought 58 fighter planes from the USA for our impending war on the Pacific as their ally.

    Ex Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, says we should shake off the US alliance or risk war with China.


  7. ILoveSyacey says:

    Thanks for the heads up Stacey – you are one cool chic chick

    Why does the price of food go up 20% per year ? yet the cost of silver drops ? how bazaar ? gold silver and S T ay s E E’s

    That’ll be 1 Stacey (stotinky bulgaria) or E money = stay C = E

    Hint – Dont start your own coin – waste of time effort money energy and other stuff = dont fork join = Namecoin

    We would even call it Stacy or whatever you wanted to call it

    Anyhow we could really use a house hold name

    Check out – Namecoin.org forum to see what we are up to !

    Stacy stay sweet !

    Best Wishes


  8. ronron says:

    what market?

  9. BK says:

    “What are you betting on?”

    I’m betting that this could go on for at least 5-7 more years.
    For those of us that are aging, we’ll probably be dead by the time silver actually breaks over $50.
    Lured by the siren song of Ted Butler and other metal heads, I already took a position.
    But there was no need to have done so with any sense of urgency.
    All the endless talk about gold and silver going to the moon and the “cartel” being crushed has been empty rhetoric.
    Sadly, the silver and gold “gurus” just keep blabbering away, when they should simply shut up and find a hobby that doesn’t involve predicting anything.

  10. Frans says:

    @ BK: you suffer defenitly from a severe lack of King World News input, else you wouldn’t be so negative about PM.
    Please consult a docter, or just start religiously reading and listening at the KWN site!

  11. Mike Hunt III says:

    Max and Stacy…please get James Turk back on the show in 2015 so he can do a victory lap on his prediction of $8000/oz gold and $400/oz silver.

  12. Snooze says:

    Silver is on sale. I like sales.

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