The lies gov’t and MSM tell you about inflation



Is London property in a ‘superbubble’? House prices soar by 18% in capital as homes across the UK rise at fastest pace in four years

House prices rose at their fastest pace in four years in February, the latest official figures showed today, exacerbating concerns in some quarters that property values are now stretching potential homeowners to breaking point.

The Office of National Statistics figures showed property values rose 9.1 per cent in February compared to a year earlier – the highest annual increase in property values since June 2010.

That compared to an annual increase in house prices of 6.8 per cent in January.

The average property is now worth £253,000, after prices jumped 1.9 per cent in one month alone – the biggest monthly increase in house prices since January 2010.

7 comments on “The lies gov’t and MSM tell you about inflation
  1. Max Power says:

    NZ may not quite have the inflation mis-representation problems of the UK or US … but to ignore the NZ economy would be beyond courageous :

    So cheese, butter and milk will not hyperinflate yet …

    Auckland is overpopulated, 30 year old news …

    I did not expect to see this …

  2. Max Power says:

    Addendum to 3rd URL :


    The man, who was born in New Zealand, had next of kin and family here and they were advised some time ago that he had been killed, he said.

    The man had been buried in Yemen.

    His name would not be released though Key confirmed it was not Mark Taylor, a New Zealand man alleged to have links with al-Qaeda.

    Key said he supported the use of drones and said this was a legitimate strike.

    “I think they are legitimate at certain times where countries are trying to contend with very dangerous situations and they’re trying to deal with those terrorists without putting their own people in harm’s way.”

    The incident is the first known killing of an Australian or New Zealand citizen in a US drone strike.

    The controversial US drone programme has reportedly led to the deaths of about 2400 people since it began five years ago.

    Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand president Anwar Ghani said he was not aware of the incident or who the man was.

    Individuals were responsible for their own choices and had to take personal responsibility for the consequences, he said.

    Australian citizen Christopher Harvard was also killed in the strike along with three other men, according to Australian media reports.

    The Australian newspaper reported the men had been al Qaeda soldiers on the Arabian Peninsula. Both were reportedly aged in their 20s.

    A Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson refused to elaborate on the operation.

    “We do not propose to discuss the details of the operation. We never discuss the details of such activity. There was no New Zealand involvement in, or prior awareness of, the operation.”

    Labour’s foreign affairs spokesman, David Shearer, said anybody who went to fight in hot spots such as Yemen would know the risks that were involved and the possibility that they would be killed or injured.

    “I think if you are going to be in that theatre and fighting on behalf of al Qaeda, even if you are not intentionally the target, there is going to be the risk of either a drone strike or some other strike that you are going to be caught up in,” Shearer said.

    He acknowledged drone strikes were a controversial method of warfare.

    “I can see that it’s been effective in some cases [but] the collateral damage of drones has also been problematic in exacerbating some of the tensions that already exist in those areas.

    “It’s very, very difficult to target one or two individuals without spreading that collateral risk.”

    Shearer had not heard about the incident before today and said he would have expected word to get out through unofficial channels such as family or friends of the person involved.

    Green Party co-leader Dr Russel Norman said “extra-judicial assassinations” were never warranted.

    “The Government of the United States going around and assassinating people, I think, fundamentally undermines our freedom.”

    The fact the US did not inform New Zealand or Australian authorities showed it felt it had “free reign to assassinate people that it doesn’t like”.

    Norman also questioned whether New Zealand intelligence agencies were in any way complicit, such as by providing information which might have helped lead to the strike.

    “If we’re going to deal with terrorism we can’t act like terrorists, we need to actually obey the rule of law, that’s what makes us different to the approach of a terrorist.”

    The Australian Government said it had not received any advanced warning of the strike.

    The government had since positively identified the men through DNA testing, which they had matched with samples from families, The Australian said.

    The paper quoted an anonymous intelligence official who said the men were not the targets of the attack. The US Government had later informed Australian officials the men “may have been collateral damage”.

    The paper quoted Harvard’s stepfather as saying that Harvard had been buried in Yemen last week.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson said New Zealand’s travel advisory for Yemen warned New Zealanders against all travel there “as there is extreme risk to your security due to the volatile security situation, the very high threat from terrorism and the risk of kidnapping”.

  3. The Future says:

    hey max, i don’t think you read the article did you? what a fucking joke you are

  4. Snorky says:

    Official inflation statistics = Oceania Newspeak

  5. BankingThiefs says:

    Governments cannot tax the wealth created by deflation that’s why they hate it!

    If anyone needs a lesson on how inflation is being calculated watch Chris Martenson’s video called “Fuzzy Numbers”…

  6. The Future says:

    did anyone actually bother reading the article? he wants to tighten interest rates. what a fucking joke knee jerk website this is, people don’t even read the articles they comment about.

    “With nominal GDP growing at a healthy rate, and every other indicator suggesting continuing strong growth and declining spare capacity, monetary policy should be tightened, regardless of what is happening to the consumer price index. The Bank of England’s targets didn’t work during the bubble and they aren’t working now.”

  7. Useless Eater says:

    A few pounds of vegetables can be traded for a dozen eggs, or thereabouts. No inflation in that system.

    If everyone stopped using the dollar (before they crash it) then you will be hearing less and less complaining about it.

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