Snowden asks Putin LIVE: Does Russia intercept or store comms?

10 comments on “Snowden asks Putin LIVE: Does Russia intercept or store comms?
  1. Carlos says:

    He would never ask the same question to Isreali or Saudi heads of states…

  2. Mishopshno says:

    This is a guy with monumental chutzpah. Bravo, Edward Snowden, you are a real mensch!

    The implication of the response is that if Russia had more money it would be doing the same as the US.

  3. jischinger says:

    the reason the US has an NSA problems is cause the corporatist got really really greedy and the average American got more and more stupid and lazy.

    the only way to change this is for 1/3 of the population to wise up – don’t hold your breath.

    a revolution – don’t hold your breath.

    find a way to buy what little freedom is left – that will take some money and getting off the grid or out of the US.

    I’m looking for a PR team and investors.

  4. Sirial says:

    I believe Putin as much as I would Clapper. I refuse to take part in the west=good putin=bad or vice versa bullshit. There are criminals in all governments.

  5. Jayme says:

    hmmm … fwiw

    Ukraine crisis: Transcript of leaked Nuland-Pyatt call

    Putin is pragmatic.

  6. Jayme says:

    … and if NBC can be trusted (??) …

    NBC: All Visitors to Sochi Olympics Immediately Hacked

  7. Jayme says:

    And of course, if you accept their terms and conditions, who needs a constitution or court?

    And I’m guessing they change their policy at a whim without further acceptance.

    New Google Terms Clarify That ‘All Emails Are Being Scanned’

  8. Bruce says:

    Putin is a liar. Snowden asks unnecessarily long questions. Putin makes unnecessarily long answers that shows he is full of it.

    All governments are liars. It’s a necessary part of control.
    More news at 10.

  9. Snowden’s question was almost word for word what Senator Rob Wyden asked James Clapper, head of the NSA, when he lied to Congress. I believe it when Putin says they don’t gather all the data on every single call, etc due to money as it costs a hell of a lot of money for the US to do that and, as long as the world continues sending them free goods and services, only they can afford to act with such decadence. This is also why GCHQ’s mass surveillance activities are financed by the USA.

  10. Snooze says:

    If a government doesn’t spy on their citizens, I have ocean front property in Arizona, and if you buy that, I will throw in the Golden Gate for free.

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