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This is the first t-shirt design I did for Max Keiser (in January 2013). Basically, I took a still from the telly and turned it into a stencil, adding the text afterwards – Max’s end of show catchphrase, “Bye y’all!” In fact, I wrote, “Bye ya’all!” initially, but Stacy Herbert soon put me right on that, not before I’d sold a few t-shirts and hoodies with “Bye ya’all!” written on them first… I see art as ever evolving and those initial prototypes are part of the artistic process/story, making them unique (I’m aware of the oxymoron in saying, ‘them unique’).

The original Max Keiser T by @mother_shipton

The original Max Keiser T by @mother_shipton

When I first published this design and tweeted it to Max and Stacy, I wasn’t expecting any kind of positive response, mainly because I hadn’t sought any permissions from Max to use his image (I wouldn’t be much of a “guerrilla artist” if I worried about things like that), so I was buzzing when Stacy tweeted me back saying, “I think @maxkeiser is going to order one tomorrow; great work!”

It was @Boxer_AF who first requested the “Your Thoughts…” version of the t-shirt, which has proved to be more popular than the original.

Your Thoughts... by @mother_shipton

Your Thoughts… by @mother_shipton

The “Your Thoughts…” design has even found its way on to BBC Newsnight, to my surprise at the time!

Your Thoughts... on BBC Newsnight

Your Thoughts… on BBC Newsnight

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7 comments on “My Thoughts
  1. ronron says:

    amazing. the thought going into this. how many are you allowed to sell a month and still keep your benefits?

  2. Mother Shipton says:

    Thanks, ronron! I do ronronron I do ronron…

  3. Nat says:

    Very apt !

    “Bye Y’all” as Max Keiser content slowly creeps behind a paywall…

  4. Bruce says:

    Art is fine. I only just now “clicked” that Max says “Your Thoughts”. It took a while to sink in.

  5. Nat says:


    Surely artists don’t have time and headspace to claim benefits – how can you be inspired with that kind of beurocratic pressure breathing down your neck?

    Plus studio space is well expensive and t-shirt print runs needing some capital to get started.

    Art has kind of gone back to the old days of needing money to back it up – used to be artists came from rich families who could afford not to work. Not sure where it’s at now, think they have to have jobs and stuff, or selling shoes on ebay.

  6. YoLithos says:

    Anything less than “Rise up!” is probably too dubious. And “Buy silver bitcoin”, “GIABO” … etc.

  7. Mother Shipton says:

    I appreciate all of your comments, positive and negative; they are your thoughts…

    Nat is right, artists do have to have jobs and stuff these days. I work with kids at a secondary school, by day, and work on my art in the evenings and late at night (when my kids have gone to bed).

    My home is my studio (and often outdoors) and I produce my t-shirts via a third-party as I cannot afford to buy the printing equipment and/or house it.

    I just do what I can do with whatever I’ve got and if I sell a few items that’s a bonus (I accept Bitcoin, Maxcoin and Litecoin, by the way).

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