LSD Trip in Thar Desert

32 comments on “LSD Trip in Thar Desert
  1. Bruce says:

    The real trip is finding out who profits from his LSD purchase, in my opinion.

    Papa Bush and Papa Clinton are probably smiling now. CIA loves everyone, yo.

  2. Timpopy O' Bleary says:

    Haha I didn’t know Asian people did LSD until now.
    This is a big world, and I only know a tiny little bit of it.

  3. Sir David Rottentrousers says:

    That’s actually hard to watch. Maybe because I’ve done one too many when I was younger.

    Anyway, shrooms are much better trip. LSD always made me feel dirty afterwards.

    Go to Koh Phangan, Thailand, rent a car or motorcycle, drive up to Chaloklum Bay, get a cheap bungalow then walk down the beach and get some shrooms. A very beautiful place to lose yourself and then find yourself again….

  4. drummerboy says:

    @Bruce,most definitely the cia.back in the 70’s when i was growing up,(i”m sorry but i just can’t stop laughing at this kid),it was purple micro dot,one way,two-way,or four way hits of window pane and shrooms, and blotter. what surprises me most,and sadly,is after forty fucking years,that very same shit,producing the very same results is still around.the most disturbing of all,is how it seem as though what “used” to be part of the fabric in american 60′ and 70’s drug culture is doing a fine job of subverting the EM’s yute’s,and becoming a part of their very own fabric now. wild how the cycle revolves…….title should read,taking a “trip” in the “city”,any city!…thanks for the laugh max.


    “Where are we goin? we are goin for a, Yeah! we are goin for a ‘Be-In’ Man!”

    This is the London Shaftsbury Cast of ‘Hair’…goin for a ‘Be-In’ at the Albert Memorial, next to The Royal Albert Hall, circa 1968.

    Chrissy (Sonja Kristina) who played the shy girl pineing for her boyfriend, and other members of the cast, heard that I was ‘celibate’ and wanted to become a “Holy Man”…??? !!!

    They came round to my Brother’s Flat in Sloane Terrace, and molested me! but were extremely polite as well. Sonja ended up with the co-founder of the Central Intelligence Agency, as her Father In Law…. I got my revenge!

    John Lennon decided that one way to celebrate Guido Fawkes Night (November 5th)was to spike the House of Parliament Coffee Machine with LSD.

    As Royal Military Police, my job was to make sure only Back Benchers drank the Coffee! Dr David Hooper Ph.D. made sure that the dose of LSD was a mild one. He received the LSD personally from John Lennon, and supervised the spike.

    Whitehall were convinced this was a dastardly Soviet plot, and decided that it would be best to allow the stunt to go ahead. It ended up with the Police Operation Julie…blah!

    I served as a Home Office, Police Surveillance Instructor. (R.M.P.T.A.) as I received my training froom The Acoustic Weapons Division of Fort Halstead, at Pratts Bottom, near Sevenoaks Kent, while working for BBC Contractors, Sound Studios Ltd.. My Brother organised Free Pop Festivals, organising a Lobby Group to pester our UK Landed Gentry to lend us their Estate for a muddy weekend, if it rained.

  6. Iain Lombard says:

    Naw don’t be daft, lot sof people can make psychedelics

  7. yawp says:

    I second this guys experience and recommend it to everyone, money changers should take a 4x dose.

    “To fathom hell or soar angelic, take a pinch of psychedelic.” – Humphry Osmond

    Thanks Max and Stacy, this find speaks to my heart personally and evoked great emotion.


    For full effect, view on Big Screen with Stereo volume up!

    “OM” by The Moody Blues!… Well Trippy Man! (suggested by a Facebook buddy)

  9. Nat says:


    Your mind has gone…

    … if that’s the first thing that you think of when watching that. Too many negative thoughts going around your head.


    More Moody Blues, 1970 Live at the Isle of White Free Pop Festival.

    Prince Rani of Nepal, (His Dad was Chief of Police) provided Free LSD & Free Methylene Dioxy-Amphetamine MDA Man! Ecstasy was Legal back then. Jimmy Hendrix was a Buddy of Prince Rani, and he lived with his Uncle in a lovely big house in Eton Square, next to the Green-Shield Stamp millionaire.

    Follow the YouTube Links to watch more Hippy-Trippy stuff from yester-year. Oh yes. The LSD was supplied by James Immel, a disciple of Tim Leary. He was a lovely man, but slightly deranged. He never stopped blowing the blows. Eventually James’s Chauffeur cut his head off in a book shop. Shudder! (look James up on Google)

  11. ronron says:

    ah yes. 3 eyed toads.

  12. ronron says:

    purple micro dot. window panes. green berkly.

  13. TimmyMK60 says:

    Been there, done that. Next!

  14. @ronron, ~ Wild times indeed! doom dots, purple pyramids. they were so strong the BBC and ITV broadcast a News Bulletin to beware of them. That was later circa 1974.

    Jayatirtha Dasa (James Edward Immel, also known as Jayatirtha Swami, Vijaya Acharya, Tirthapada, November 13, 1948 in Saipan – November 13, 1987 in …
    ‎Early years – ‎ISKCON GBC member and … – ‎Withdrawal from ISKCON (Wikipedia)

    James had sent one of his disciples to see my Brother Ian, at his flat in Chepstow Mansions, Notting Hill. We hosted American Pop Groups who were performing on Top of The Pops. That Christmas it was The Ohio Players.

    Judge Argyle’s lovely Daughter, a Dancer with Pan’s People, shared Bro’s Flat, and Pan’s people often rehearsed up there…blah.

    Security was ultra-tight, but James Immel’s disciples climbed up a gutter pipe to the penthouse, and climbed into the bathroom, (Chepstow Mansions was hollow in the centre)carrying a bin liner almost bursting at the seams with ‘purple pyramids’. (2000 Micrograms each)

    “Hello Everybody! I come from Mars”

    He then proceeded to dump this bulging white bin bag on my brother Ian Carnegie’s glass coffee table. The bag burst asunder! spilling a great big mountain of a pile of LSD, most of it spilling over the edge onto the deep white shag-pile carpet.

    Rock & Roll “HELL’S ANGEL”security, and my Brother Ian thought this dude from Mars might not live very much longer if he did not depart in a hurry. Newspaper was placed on the floor, and we had to beat out the purple pyramids, re-package them in safe bags, and send this fair haired mountaineer out of the flat. Then call the Metropolitan Police.

    The trouble was contact ingestion of LSD. I was tripping off my head about five minutes after sweeping this stuff into bags with my bare hands.

    When the Police arrived, they picked out the purple pyramids, hundreds of them one by one… Before long the Police were tripping off their heads as well. I still have the photographs we took with that new Polaroid Camera they brought out. A lot of ‘red-eye’ with the flash and LSD saucer eyes!

    Then came the News on the BBC and ITV.

    Police Forensic determined that these pyramid tabs were pure LSD crystalline with a little purple dye.

    2000 microgram = 500 per gram,
    1 kilo = 500 x 1000, = half a million tabs.

    I guess there were from ten to twenty kilos at least! probably more than twenty!

    10 kilos = 5 million tabs
    20 kilos – 10 million tabs

    James Edward Immel… What a character! R.I.P.

    I never found out who the man from Mars was?

    Would Sir Dave Rottentrousers have a clue?

  15. Dippy says:

    @Alastair, our lives are positively banal in comparision, thanks for the share 🙂
    Couldnt find the sky footage but it does exist, he aint making it up!

  16. gussy says:

    I somehow suspect that Max’s knowledge of LSD is comparable to that of his knowledge of Freud, second hand.

  17. ronron says:

    @Alastair. i had no need for TV to tell me about acid. you can’t read about it.

  18. Dippy says:

    @Alastair, if I come to stay at your castle, can I take a ganders?
    Btw, perhaps you can answer a question, you might be one of the only people who actually knows what they are talking about.
    Did Owsley work as an American agent/informant at any time, can you clarify? Thanks

  19. gussy says:

    The banana is big, but the skin is bigger.

  20. mijj says:

    a short visual diversion for the tripper

  21. Jayme says:

    Rare footage of 1950’s housewife on LSD (Full Version)

    I liked John Lilly’s tank logs in “The Deep Self.”

    A shame publications in science journals dried up and there was very little information available when I was more curious. Rick Straussman’s book “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” was pretty good and of course the reprint of “The Road to Eleusus”. Quite a few decent works, including Terrence McKenna’s and the Shulgin’s. There’s quite a bit on line now.

    DMT The Spirit Molecule FULL DOCUMENTARY

    @mijj – cool “*do* watch” video.

  22. Jayme says:

    Excellent new Shulgin video. Thanks.

  23. remute says:

    the first remix is ready and done by remute!

  24. Bruce says:

    The things that happen behind the scenes often interest me more than the final product. I’ve always been that way. I’m not a hit at parties, yo.

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