[KR593] Keiser Report: Hot Tips from Losers

We discuss Americans as the big globalisation losers, though they refuse to admit it because they’ve bought Hot Tips from Losers. Meanwhile, in China, the middle class recognize the equally corrupt oligarchic system there also makes them losers, or, in their own words, male pubic hair. In the second half, Max interviews international businessman and RBS claimant, Neil Mitchell, about the latest in his high-profile battle against GRG and RBS. He suggests the public move their funds from RBS and Max suggests that British law = government hack writes report, then they hold an enquiry, then they write another report.

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  1. Youri Carma says:

    Correction: Palladium also produced in the Stillwater mine in Montana.

    Stillwater Mining Q1 palladium, platinum production rises

  2. Youri Carma says:

    Gold Monkey-Hammered while bond yields exploded …

    US Generic Govt 10 Year Yield 2.70% Now

  3. Nat says:

    John Kerry has been listening to Max and Stacy: “Israel risks becoming an apartheid state”


    As always, they see the light too late and then only cautiously.

  4. Youri Carma says:

    Memo To Dr. Yellen: Don’t Look Now But The Wealth Effect Is Over
    by Michael Pento

  5. Youri Carma says:

    Russian lawmaker seeks to ban US dollar, predicts 2017 collapse


  6. Vonda Bra says:



    Removing The Psychopaths From Power with Terry Pettie

    “…From The Sound of Freedom Radio Show 4/27/14

    Unfortunately the old Sound of Freedom Youtube channel was deleted. Show our new channel some love! If you enjoy the broadcast like this video share it and subscribe!


    Special thanks to Gold Saver and Big Dad in the SSG for making this show possible! …”

    http://dont-tread-on.me/?p=32495 (1:22:40)



  7. Youri Carma says:

    Gold Smuggling in India is Enormous | Dave Kranzler


  8. dslarsen says:

    Saul’s last name in Breaking Bad was “Goodman” but actually he was a Irishman who changed his name to sound Jewish. You may recall he hailed Walter White as “a fellow potato eater” as he explained the name change.

  9. Vonda Bra says:



    Chris Hedges – with Rt´s Sophie:

    ‘Last thing US wants in the world is democracy. It wants control’

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZnKKMFL6no (24 mins.)



  10. Flopot says:

    Humans are dumb, mmmmkay. It is bad enough f**king about with fracking but getting advice from the Yanks?!?!?

    “The explosion occurred at a facility operated by Sinopec – one of China’s biggest oil and gas companies – that is being advised by Breitling Energy, a Dallas-based company.”



    Max & Stacy,

    I love you guys, your purpose, I like to believe is for the common people which is why I tune in. It is refreshing to listen to truth in media when we are surrounded these days by propaganda and lies. You both are Americans that moved to the UK so I can say that I am affected by their stupidity and cluelessness far more than you and it makes me furious to be surrounded by mindless drones that are sabotaging the future generations rights of not only America, but the world. But please take it easy on the American people, we have been socially engineered and there is a new type of war on us, a quiet and slow one that will probably put many of us behind barbed wire in the near and I think from a scientific standpoint that we have not evolved to adapt to that threat yet. And not all of us are blind to the fact that we are “losers” as you state, I went to university and became an engineer because I thought fields like finance/banking were for weasels and I was right, but that has gotten me nowhere financially and definitely has not gifted me with a career that pays me enough to buy a home in this bubble or get out of this country as you have. I would pack my family and move to Russia or even South America because it is heading in the direction of freedom unlike the west but that is not an option. I understand your resentment for the laziness and blindness of the Americans, but I think that your harsh criticism of American people should include some undertone of sympathy to show that it is backed by deep concern for the outcome of their current and even worse, future struggles and perhaps use your expertise to guide people like me who are not idiots out of this shithole mess rather than just complaining about the others that are not awake yet.

    Best Regards,

    @ Youri Carma, you’re annoying as hell stop polluting this site

  12. Flopot says:


    M&S can be just as scathing about us schmucks in the UK and Ireland.

    Btw, Youri cannae help himself – he has an OCD to share news. A hyper information disseminator! Tbh he is actually even better at visual humour..humor blitzing.

  13. nama rama says:

    This is old, but a MUST WATCH.


  14. Vonda Bra says:



    Ukraine and the cookies from the und EU

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA9mHty41_g (2:52)




  15. Youri Carma says:


    I don’t agree. Some people you can wake up by talking sensibly to them but others you have to shock out of their mind controlled coma. If you had followed Max & Stacy long enough you might have discovered that they’ve explored every avenue from very serious documantaires http://youtu.be/JjglR2KYz5o to stand up comedy http://youtu.be/kzYLaxp90g0 . Each approach may have reached some people while it turned off others. That’s just the way it works.

    The same goes with my approach which you obviously don’t like while others appreciate the very up to date info on the economic collapse we’re in right now and beyond.

    If you see that the US government already has your coffin ready for you (Literally http://youtu.be/m3zSDdm-SHI ) you understand you are very late to the game and it is your task to wake up others and stop wining about M&S. Because this rabbit hole goes very, very deep.

  16. Youri Carma says:

    Get Ready! The Fed. Will Push Stock Market Higher This Week. By Gregory Mannarino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjIbRLuPEPE

  17. Vonda Bra says:



    Ry Dawson – 28.4.14

    1 hr 911 interview about War by Deception




  18. jischinger says:

    so rather than 50/60 year olds moving back in with their parents should they kill themselves?

  19. joe9083 says:

    @gussy.I dont know if you seen this http://youtu.be/PaZaMhY8nIM

  20. ronron says:

    hi Vonda. 🙂

  21. YoLithos says:

    @Flopot – Re : Self fracking for Yanks in China.
    Goodbye to all those undiscovered dinosaurs and archaeopterii. And,just wait till they hit – or wake up and release – a dragon or five. Maybe even an urn with a few thousand Heroes souls. Then things get really serious. The nice part is that, initially, it will be just like a normal natural explosion due to greed, haste, and admin cost-cutting. Like all those other mine incidents, over there.

  22. Youri Carma says:

    Killer virus spreads unchecked through U.S. hog belt, pushing pork to record http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/04/27/us-usa-pork-pig-virus-idUSBREA3Q0IC20140427

  23. Youri Carma says:

    I am not exactly sure what’s going on here but definitely something to keep an eye on.

    Whooping Cough Rates Up in California’s Vaccinated Population https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q8v97xo7vg

    So what do we have going on now:

    – Ebola
    – MERS
    – Malaria
    – H5N1
    – Fungus
    – PEDv

  24. Flopot says:


    That was a great reference to the Water Margin.

  25. Vonda Bra says:

    hi ronron 🙂

  26. ronron says:

    @Vonda. who is this Nicole bitch? you seen her around? 😉

  27. Youri Carma says:

    A lot of people seem of have lost contact with reality. Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics blog for example: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-04-28/crash-inevitable-spiral-vortex-debt-and-corruption

    “GDP Growth is collapsing everywhere from Europe, Russia, and into China exept the U.S. and the US is the only economy holding up the entire world right now. LOlz

    If you realy believe that I’ve got an other bridge to sell. Let’s be real here please!

    The only GDP in the US is QE while unemploymnet get misreported (probably around 25% now) and over 44 million people, who are compltely ignored, are on foodstamps while 49 Million Americans Are Dealing With Food Insecurity http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/epidemic-of-hunger-new-report-says-49-million-americans-are-dealing-with-food-insecurity

  28. Youri Carma says:


    Well she’s angry and that’s good sign of somebody who just woke up. Happened to me also and frankly I am still angry. M&S did it 🙂

    Mad as Hell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WINDtlPXmmE

  29. ronron says:

    @Youri. i got real angry in 1969. haven’t been calm since.

  30. ronron says:

    @Youri. in 71 my anger cost me a 12 month sentence in prison. plants. 🙂

  31. Vonda Bra says:

    @ ronron

    no, I don´t remember Nicole … Welcome Nicole! 🙂

  32. ronron says:

    @Vonda. ha. nice.

  33. YoLithos says:



    There it is.
    I’m so old I remember stuff so arcane even the internet doesn’t cough it up when tickled. But not where I placed it. Too much quantum tea in my time. Or vice versa. Polisotropically, of course. Order and balance do require that I also remember ever less of all the rest. Oh, well …
    Thanks @Flopot.

  34. YoLithos says:

    We live on Earth. We scribe by the skies. (Or, somethjing like that! 🙂 )
    ” … Purple Star Astrology use 108 stars to draw birth chart. Westerners to understand it more easily. …” – http://astrology5000.com/

    108: The Significance of the Number

  35. Dan says:

    I’ve watching Max for a while now and thought he should write a book. I believe this would create more interest and allow him to heard on a book tour, say like Cspan where he could get a lot of exposure.

    I like RT news but the problem with it is it really bash’s us while never telling the inside story of what is going on in Russian politics; it isn’t the greatest place in the world.

    Lets have some balance here, and hear some economic inside news on what’s going there, or is it that bad? They continually tell us how bad our news is and never tell us how bad their news is. So they are as bad as most of the US news then and are just playing politics.

  36. Youri Carma says:

    Glad to see Cliff’s Web Bot back. Always found it very fascinating. Hope peeps do some funding because it’s definitely worth it.

    28-Apr-2014 Clif High IDIR, Ukraine War Starts Summer Solstice, Currency Wars vs Gound Wars, Gold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBEOaMQDUiE

  37. Jayme says:

    Ii>…four of the Wall Street mega banks likely hold over $680 billion face amount of life insurance on their workers, payable to the banks, not the families. We ask their Federal regulator for the details of this life insurance under a Freedom of Information Act request and we’re told the information constitutes “trade secrets.”

    Suspicious Deaths of Bankers Are Now Classified as “Trade Secrets” by Federal Regulator

  38. Youri Carma says:

    @ronron – I got real angry in 1969. haven’t been calm since.

    Jeez, ’69, that must have been some bad tripping back then.

    But enough to be angry about anyways JFK for instance. Or you where born angry. Also a possibility of course 😉

  39. Youri Carma says:

    For people who don’t know what Cliff’s Web Bot means a short explanation here:

    Did you know that we all have the possibility of remote viewing? Al tough many may not know this it still leaks trough to kind of the language we use. Cliff picks up on this trough his Web (crawling) Bots. If somebody can explain it better be my quest.

    If you don’t know what ‘remote viewing’ means you have to look it up yourself. I had some experiences myself which make me believe that this could work beside the proven method of remote viewing still in use by the U.S. military today.

  40. Youri Carma says:

    ALERT! The White House Wants To Issue You An Online ID!


  41. Youri Carma says:

    Economic Reset, War, & “Controlled Collapse” | Fabian Calvo

    The Economic Recovery Is Falling Apart, Be Prepared For An Event — Episode 352 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzapQ7qlD0s

  42. poopysnot says:

    Suspicious Deaths of Bankers Are Now Classified as “Trade Secrets” by Federal Regulator
    April 28, 2014

    Huge Cover Up – Suspicious Banker Deaths Are Now Classified As ‘Trade Secrets’ by Feds
    DAHBOO77 – Published on Apr 28, 2014

  43. Flopot says:

    I think that the US is anxious to start another proxy war — that seems to be the only foreign policy card it plays these days. The “great democracy” must be burning the midnight oil to figure out how they can get Russia to invade Ukraine.

    Perhaps they need to shut down Western access to alternative Networks like RT before the Kiev Junta is allowed to kill ethnic Russians enmasse. Then the West can fabricate whatever narrative they like to justify intervention and sanctions.

    On the otherhand, the bulls**t I’ve read on other sites suggests that the MSM is doing a good enough job to see off any challenge from RT et al. So my final guess is that the dickheads in Washington will be encouraging and helping the Kiev Junta to “invade already!” or concoct a murderous false flag to herald such an attack.

    Whatever the outcome, the neonazi madman in Ukraine are perfect recruiting tools for populating a “Free Ukrainian Army” directed by the West.

    “At present, the Obama administration is pushing for another round of sanctions on Russia, but members in the EU are dragging their feet. According to RT:

    “At the moment there is no consensus among the EU members on which economic measures against Russia would be acceptable, or even if they are needed at all,” a European diplomatic source told Itar-Tass.

    The diplomat, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said only an open military invasion of Ukraine or irrefutable proof of Russian clandestine military presence in Ukraine would tip EU’s stance toward economic sanctions. So far every piece of evidence that Kiev and Washington made public of alleged involvement of Russian agents in Ukraine was either inconclusive or simply false.” (“US failing to push economic sanctions against Russia through EU allies”, RT)

    Once again, it appears that Washington needs to draw Russian troops into the conflict to achieve its objectives.”


  44. poopysnot says:

    Andrew Hoffman Interview – Convergence of Doom
    Published: April 28th, 2014

  45. hangthebankers says:

    @Youri, Vonda Bra: I agree, there’s two ways to wake a sleeping giant and to everyones suprise I have watched M&S for longer than this 25 minute video and realize that they have approached waking people up from different angles; however, I am concerned that they are appearing to get out of touch with how hard peoples lives are here, the constraints they face and how little time in a day to ponder they have because they are slaving away and their capability of thinking has essentially been disabled. I have questioned things since I was young, always had good instincts that the world was run by evil, greedy, incestual slobs like Ronron 😉 but until now I thought that the good in the world had a chance. The rabbit hole goes a long way, has many links, but its not rocket science to figure out who the rabbits are and where it will take you if those rabbits don’t get hunted or at least put on trial. I think their end game is to use us as slaves until they find a way to live forever then they will kill us all off and that everyone that is awake knows, but they are still too chicken, too lazy or probably both to speak up or do anything about it.

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