A global clash of nations is underway in full gear.   The time is finally right. The urgency is acute.
The banking system insolvency is widespread. The illiquidity has reached the surface. The geopolitical chessboard has busy movements of many pieces, even with a delayed check in Ukraine after a devious capture of the Cyprus castle but not the Syrian knight. The Saudi support via OPEC for the Petro-Dollar has fallen out of view, dragging its pummeled chin on the desert sands. The Eastern superpowers are marching arm in arm, ready to challenge the West. It seems the Western leaders, in particular the robot sock puppets of the Untied States, see the end of the USDollar.  They appear to wish to lay blame on Russia for the death of the dollar.
The global rejection began with the Iran sanction workarounds, where India bought Iran’s oil & gas, but paid with Turkish gold, delivered to Tehran banks. The global rejection will achieve escape velocity with the acceptance of Russian Rubles for its energy products. The global rejection will achieve additional escape velocity with the acceptance of Chinese Yuan payments for Saudi crude oil (then all OPEC oil).
Coming is the launch of both the gold-backed Russian Ruble and the gold-backed Chinese Yuan. The global rejection will be final, and the funeral will be announced.

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  1. yawp says:

    chicken little always says this shit

  2. StukaPilot says:

    Never mind chicken little. Here’s what Putin just said:

    “in accordance with Articles 5.15 (etc.) of the contract, Gazprom is compelled to switch over to advance payment for gas delivery & in the event of further violation…will completely cease gas deliveries. We fully realize this increases the risk of siphoning off of gas passing through Ukraine and heading to Europe…”.

    I really hope the debtbuck lasts another 6 months. I really do. ‘Cause I want to buy more silver at current price. Doubt it though. With the Kiev Putsch, U.S./EU banksters and neo-conz tried to draw to an inside Strait (see: Dardanelles, 1915, 2014)…and failed. Putin and the Chinese now hold all the cards.

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