Some significant events are extremely likely to occur soon, which will change the American and Western landscape permanentlyThe confidence in the system will vanish quickly. The gold investors will be given a bolstered hope and much encouragement. The changes will hit like a storm, slow at first, the process already having begun. The storm will accelerate, the time between highly disruptive events to quicken.
The protection is with Gold & Silver bars & coins. The solution is not to be found at the doorstep of central banks, since they are the perpetrators of the systemic ruin. They escape prosecution since they appoint the prosecutors. The solution is a return to the Gold Standard, the introduction of new gold-backed currencies, the installation of new banking systems instead of SWIFT, and the construction of free trade zones. They will all be put in place, led by the Eastern superpowers.  The Gold Trade Standard will return.
The following are some likely actual change agent factors, agents, and events, which could happen before year 2014 ends. 
2014 will not end as it began.

Click here for the latest Hat Trick Letter on the Climax Finale of the Petro-Dollar:

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  1. Snooze says:

    Women in Saudi Arabia aren’t allowed to use air conditioning during the day, as this will invite unwanted attention. By 2030, Saudi Arabia won’t be an oil exporter. Will Saudi Oil exports impact upon the Dollar? I am going to call Alex Jones out on this one, he claims to be a man of God, yet he is leading his sheep to the slaughter house, because he is not telling the truth about Saudi Oil. When Saudi Arabia runs out of oil, the world as we know it will seize up. But for the far out there conspiracy folks, it is the evil NWO, no mention of peak oil.

  2. Youri Carma says:

    Guide: Pathogenesis & Change Factors
    25 April 2014, by Jim Willie (Golden Jackass)

    Jim Willie Article Oversight: http://news.goldseek.com/GoldenJackass/

  3. drummerboy says:

    i just finished reading this @sd from mr.willie,then came here to see what up,and WHOA,here it be':) anyway.this is a good read though,and i think what he says,sadly to say,seems like it’s happening in real time, and there are much too many unwashed out there.collectively speaking,in a way,most of us that keep tabs on the sites we like to go to everyday,and interact with,get what is coming down the pike for us folk. but the rest of the unwashed,who have no clue about these finance sites,and all that contribute to them,will be the ones hurt.when tshtf they may still have no clue……. all i can do is keep stacking,like most all here and try an educate the ones we hope to help because the other side won’t be as nice i’m afraid for lots of folks.been trying to do my part religiously crashing jp morgan buying/stacking silver,really seems like this might be for real this year,just wished more people could be prepared.

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