Bitcoin’s Role in Combatting Inflation

Individuals residing in high-inflation countries with relatively sufficient Internet access as a percentage of population do seek refuge in bitcoin.

The worst offenders depriving their subjects of monetary stability or a reasonable – albeit ‘coerced’ – store of value are the dictatorial regimes in politically tumultuous countries like Belarus, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Ethiopia, Malawi, Venezuela, Burundi, Yemen, and Tanzania.

3 comments on “Bitcoin’s Role in Combatting Inflation
  1. Nat says:

    That is true of any internationally priced asset or money.. it’s the cross-boarder valuation which gives that price immunity.

    Sadly BTC is not immune from seperate price falls, price moves which are equivalent to local deflation or inflation in the short term. Same with any volatile commodity.

    So you’re country’s currency stays stable for a while but your BTC looses 10%? What then?

  2. Nat says:

    I bet all those buying BTC at $800 and above to protect their wealth from local currency inflation or confiscation (as touted by some pundits) wish that they had instead kept to their own local currency instead now!

    Their wealth in BTC is now untouchable else they loose instantly.

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