Bitcoin to be accepted by Colorado Pot Vending machine

I Have Bitcoins Bitcoin to be accepted by Colorado Pot Vending Machine

Colorado’s first marijuana vending machine has been installed in a medical dispensary called Herbal Elements, generating much attention and curiosity among the locals. American Green, maker of ZaZZZ vending machines that dispense marijuana calls it ‘an automated, age-verifying….Read More >>>

3 comments on “Bitcoin to be accepted by Colorado Pot Vending machine
  1. Bruce says:

    Top 50 Celebs Who Go Green! | Hollywire

    I don’t smoke, yo. I iz no chimneyz.

  2. James Brown says:

    I must say, this all sounds like some 60’s hippy’s trip:
    “Just imagine, man, like one day we’ll be able to buy some MaryJane from these groovy vending machines with these, like, electronic coins and we won’t even need no cash…”
    “Ed, stop talking shit and pass the joint, maaan….”

  3. Nat says:

    Would have been better to link straight to the CoinDesk article rather than this tiny blog wouldn’t it?

    Is there a promise, as with the John Flemming and FreeMaxcoin blogs to generate traffic or something?

    Seems such an odd descision to take…

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