AP reporter Matthew Lee grilled Jen Psaki about the contradiction of its press freedom campaign

24 comments on “AP reporter Matthew Lee grilled Jen Psaki about the contradiction of its press freedom campaign
  1. Stuart Harlan Doblin says:

    Arrogance : ‘DeFINed’ : = The end of Empire

  2. Nat says:


    @Stuart – I don’t see how hypocracy or double standards indicate the end of empire, whether the empire is or is not in it’s end game.

    Hypocracy and double standards are rife in so many states around the world, just that the bigger they THINK they are (or the leader’s ego thinks they are) the more there seems to be.

    I guess the worst though are those who’s leaders set out to criticise other powers most vocally. At the moment we probably have the US and Russia together the most hypocrytical and noisy with the EU (as an whole entity) close behind.

    Governments act in government self-interest, not for the good of the people.

  3. Bruce says:

    I would love to pour some disfiguring acid on that State Robot. Well done to the guy asking the question.


  4. MrJones says:

    That was a soft grilling. Who pays attention to those press conferences anyway. They are irrelevant.

  5. Jayme says:


  6. Jayme says:

    slavery is freedom … got it.

    “Employees can now lose their jobs, security clearances and, essentially, their careers for “unauthorized” contact – even routine calls or Mayflower Hotel drinks about unclassified topics that couldn’t possibly pose a threat to national security. That will inevitably leave journalists in the cold when trying to explain complex government policies, top-secret or not, especially since the official explanations so often leave a lot to be desired.”

    DC Thinks It Can Silence a New Snowden, But the Anti-Leak Hypocrisy is Backfiring

  7. Fred Hayek says:

    She’ll just add an extra layer of lies to herself to assuage any remaining vestiges of conscience over the nuclear powered hypocrisy that Mr. Lee highlighted. You’re part of an authoritarian machine, toots.

  8. blindman says:

    hilarity from start to finish,
    “do we have a new topic?”
    yes, we always have a new topic.

  9. Loren Gruffalo says:

    I like the by-the-numbers empathic body language.
    1) Smile 2) tilt head 3) fain ignorance 4) who me? eyes

  10. bbrebozo says:

    Jesus! God! Bevus and Butt head! is there anything more obvious than that the US Government is a lie and is sick, pathologically sick!

  11. LoungeLizard says:

    Sickening hypocrisy. I’d bang her though.

  12. alan says:

    The Philippines has been notorious for the murder and intimidation of journalists, since at least the start of the Marcos era.
    The USA, to my observations been supportive of this intimidation.
    Have any USA based companies been prosecuted for corrupt practices over the building of the nuclear power station in Manila in the eighties?

  13. Old European says:

    >> Psaki worked under RAHM EMANUEL in the 2006 election cycle as
    >> the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s press
    >> secretary for the Midwest and Northeast regions, developing a
    >> professional relationship with the future White House chief of
    >> staff.

    One incestous a-hole following the other ! I’m quite sure that that, hm, who.., no, bit.., no, ‘lady’ six month ago was not able to find the Ukraine on a map if it was marked with a cross – now she’s responsible for the Doublespeak about it !!!

    BTW: following just Wikipedia, I found that her predecessor Victoria Nuland (yeah, that F-Lady) was ambassador to the NATO under ‘W’ – OMG, how much more will Western Europe bear f.cking incompetent US officials until they throw the USA out of the NATO (or leave it themselves and thus dissolve it) …


  14. Old European says:


    >> Sickening hypocrisy. I’d bang her though.

    Man, you’re sick – she’d be blabbering your head off if you come nearer to her than 5 yards.

  15. alan says:

    Julian Assange was not mentioned, Big Red got off easy.


    This head line has been flogged to death on MSM

    Surely any independent observer would say it is the USA that wants WWIII. I mean with the 5 Billion and the handing out biscuits, the violent overthrow of an elected government, the legitimizing and support for armed fascists. etc etc
    Surely their is no one left in the world that actually believes MSM and government lies anymore.

  16. Old European says:

    >> STOP THE STUPID !!!

    Forgot something: STOP USING US DOLLARS !!!

  17. LoungeLizard says:

    @ Old European

    Ha Ha, you’re probably right. But I’ve heard those red heads can be quite lively in the sack (also, I was a quite a big fan of the X-Files and she carries off that slutty-but-demure ‘Scully’ look very well).

  18. alan says:

    “The United Nations has given no such [peacekeeping] mandate to the Russians,” the agency quoted Mr Koval as saying.

    “Everybody is already fed up with Russia’s games with peacekeeping.


    I am going from memory here but I think I am correct to say that the Vietnam war was not really a war because the UN had not sanctioned it. It was deemed a police operation or something of the sort by the US government.
    I don’t think there were any American english speaking enclaves there at the time.Plenty of corrupt government officials to collude with.
    I think the Iraq catastrophe has been declared illegal by the UN.

  19. Useless Eater says:

    Her soul is as black as coal. Black as… black as night. Black as… black as the Ace of Spades. Black as… black as silt. Black as…

  20. Peter Jennings says:

    Hey, she’s a great reader but not a great thinker. She’s perfect for US admin.

  21. cos67 says:

    beautifully spoken, in an accent that she could not ignore.
    Is it me, or was he scared?
    The US is 46 on the press freedom list. Why didn’t anybody mention that?

  22. EP says:

    According to the Reporter’s without Borders 2013 Press Freedom Index, the U.S. is at number 32 on the index. This is below such developing countries as Cape Verde, Ghana, and Suriname. They all enjoy more freedom of the press than the good ol’ U.S.A.