Alternative finance allows indy journalists to bypass corporate media

Investigative journalism isn’t an easy job. Powerful institutions and individuals hide behind walls of secrecy that extend over vast geographical space. Investigating a corporation, or a government spy programme, requires a lot of time, a lot of travel, and a lot of prying into hard-to-access information sources. It also entails a lot of risk. Investigative journalists by necessity must make corporations, governments, and powerful individuals very angry, but those are also the parties that have the most ability to hire expensive intimidating legal teams. They also frequently own the media outlets. In an era when media is driven by corporate agendas, not by what’s in the interests of the public, we need new tools to finance independent journalists. This article explores how journalism crowdfunding can help

3 comments on “Alternative finance allows indy journalists to bypass corporate media
  1. Useless Eater says:

    Who’s this now? Another Bleeding Heart liberal who’d rather see me dead if there was a chance it could save a rare species of bloodsucking skeeter or something? Where do you find these guys? Is there a Secret EnviroPutz Society I don’t know about? If there is, I think somebody needs to update the Illuminati Secret Society Pyramid.

    OOOH, NO! Let me guess … he’s another Bitcoin Billionaire. Special clubs not withstanding, I’ll bet my last BitCoin that this guy is pondering being a major donor to funding the building of a statue of responsibility – or a statue of himself – or a statue of MaxXcoin.

    Entire works officially filed under “S”…

    …for taken with a grain of salt.

  2. Bruce says:

    I finance my investigative shenanigans with robberies, yo.

  3. Weerly Beedz says:

    Crowdfunded german journalist (formerly working for ARD & ZDF) Ken Jebsen (youtube channel KENFM) is the voice of Germany`s silent majority. New german peace movement emerging. Help the movement get its interview with Vladimir Putin!

    Great speech at Brandenburger Tor (with english subs).

    #decentralization #crowdfunding #dinosaur_media #peace #clear_coherent_thought #flat_hierarchies #german_peace_movement #beyond_left_right_paradigm #cooperation #walking_away_from_empire #fuck_the_4th_reich #GIABO

    Get the word out please!

    For further information please watch the video!

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