Abby Martin’s Personal Tribute to Investigative Journalist Michael C. Ruppert

21 comments on “Abby Martin’s Personal Tribute to Investigative Journalist Michael C. Ruppert
  1. Spaniard says:

    Our tears are showing the world we are here

  2. Flopot says:

    Devastating and very moving.

  3. alan says:

    So many good people are destroyed by the machine.

  4. mark colit says:

    Physical death isn’t the end. it’s a cliche, I know, but it’s very true — as everyone will find out, when they shed their mortal coils. This life is a game, a show, an adventure. And for many, there will be a lot more physical incarnations to follow, if you’re an addict, that is. But it’s not the end.

  5. Flopot says:

    PS I must confess that I originally thought it was James Howard Kunslter who had died. The whole moustache thing confuses me. I hope Michael C. Ruppert would have seen the funny side of my faux pas.

  6. Sirial says:

    Yep that made me cry.

  7. Wesley Griffon says:

    Crossing the Rubicon really got me thinking about the world around me and look at the situation we’re in. I’d recommend it to anyone.

  8. Wesley Griffon says:

    I bet it was just awesome after he died – tunnel, bright light, infinite cosmic bliss – the full works.

  9. blindman says:

    i have just discovered what it takes to be
    banned from zerohedge.
    one of these three links did it for me. fyi
    and not a nary of a warning.
    .OpEdNews Op Eds 4/14/2014 at 13:25:46
    The Global Banking Game Is Rigged, and the FDIC Is Suing
    By Ellen Brown
    Gene Burnett – Jump You F*#kers (A Song For Wall Street)
    Finnegan’s Wake-Clancy Brothers & Robbie O’Connell
    or perhaps it is the combined impact of the three?
    true colors come shinning through or hacked colors
    muddy the waters?
    the links were scrubbed and out you go! on this thread.
    Bank Of America Reports Q1 Loss On Massive Legal Charge, Ongoing Operations Disappoint As NIM Tumbles

  10. blindman says:

    took his own life?

  11. GeekBoy says:

    I’m on a lone cycling trip around Europe, partially inspired by Mike Ruppert, and I must say this news has knocked me back. @sirial – yeah, I definitely started crying through Abby Martin’s tribute too…

    If you haven’t read ‘Rubicon’, I hope Mike’s death will at least inspire you to do so.

  12. Dippy says:

    @Geekboy, Hes already taught me things I didn’t know since his demise. With the greatest respect, my take on all this is, when somebody or anybody for that matter, takes on the entrenched war mongering oligarchy, they best make sure they can handle it in the head because the level of evil that they are tackling is horrendous for its ill effects and will stop at nothing and knows no bounds in what it can do to take that person down-whether intentional or accidental-some may get ill just being around bad people like that. (One could call it a lack of differentiation of self, I suppose).
    Btw on a lighter note, good luck with your bike ride, make sure you go over some mountains-the downhill part is a well deserved thrill after a long upwards peddle 🙂

  13. Agnes says:

    Thank you, Abby. Excellent summary. We have 2 families: one that was given to us and one that we chose. Mike was family that many of us chose.

  14. Agnes says:


    Thank you for offering the note. Strange as it may sound, I worried for his dog.

  15. Useless Eater says:

    A touching tribute.

    And why am I not surprised that it is only found on my computer? MY computer! Another example showing the negligent reporting Holly Wood has become known for. Not even a scroll mention on MSM? Not that I saw, anyway.

    It is up to us to show Television-educated robots how big the world really is, and that it is NOT what the little screen says it is. At all. Get them to go outside and drive a thousand miles, or simply hop up on their rooftops, and then come back and explain what it is that they witnessed. It isn’t the overcrowded, violent world that the TV tells them THEY are guilty of producing, is it?

    “Harrison Bergeron,” folks. Read it. Experience it. It is happening – IN REAL LIFE!

    TV is for fairy tales only. It has been getting away with telling its worshippers that the fable, which their lives, is not real – and that they, consequently, don’t matter. Only a fool would believe that.

  16. jischinger says:

    Now that I’ve come to the conclusion that the powers running and ruling the world are all sadist I got to figure out what to do next.

  17. Alf says:

    A good man who stood up and spoke out…RIP.

  18. Debbie Metke says:

    Abby, thank you. I have been writing two books on how we can rise up and change this world. And now I too grieve that I hadn’t told Michael Ruppert how much I love him and how I’m doing what I can to change this terrible situation. Your tears, Abby, meld with mine. Thanks for showing your humanity.

  19. Bruce says:

    Abby Martin for the win.
    Michael Ruppert for the win.

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