The Doomsday Cult of Bitcoin

Stacy Summary: LOL, obviously, I may be a Hale-Bopp Bitcoiner as this opinion piece is just wrong to me; but I thought many of you would like it.

The Doomsday Cult of Bitcoin

The end of bitcoin is nigh!

The end of bitcoin is nigh!

Your thoughts? ‘Bitcoin cultists’ or ‘shitcoin shriekers?’

Bitcoin cultist? Or shitcoin shrieker?

Bitcoin cultist? Or shitcoin shrieker?

15 comments on “The Doomsday Cult of Bitcoin
  1. gerry d welder says:

    Maybe we should look at the bigger picture?

    “The far-reaching fate for a captive new human society is not being planned in Washington, D.C., but in New York City.
    That fate is no longer somewhere off in the distant future but is being made ready to eclipse all of human society—by the end of 2015.

    The sovereignty of all nations will be swallowed whole in the United Nations ‘Post-2015 Development Agenda’, and that’s only the nightmarish beginning of the coming new life on Planet Earth.”

    UN’s ‘Post-2015 Development Agenda’


    Meanwhile, all nations who care about their people should stop funding the UN. It is impossible to take over the world without money.

    UN Report (PDF)

    High Level Panel of Eminent Persons
    •Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (co-chair), President of Indonesia
    •Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (co-chair), President of Liberia
    •David Cameron (co-chair), Prime Minister of United Kingdom
    •Fulbert Gero Amoussouga, Economic advisor of the President of Benin
    •Izabella Teixeira, Minister for the Environment of Brazil
    •Yingfan Wang, Member of the Secretary-General’s MDG Advocacy Group, China
    •Maria Angela Holguin, Foreign Minister of Colombia
    •Gisela Alonso, President of the Agency of Environment of Cuba
    •Jean-Michel Severino, Former Director General of the French Development Agency
    •Horst Köhler, Former IMF Managing Director and former President of Germany
    •Naoto Kan, Former Prime Minister of Japan
    •Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Queen of Jordan
    •Betty Maina, Chief Executive of the Association of Manufacturers of Kenya
    •Abhijit Banerjee, Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics, from India
    •Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Development from Latvia
    •Patricia Espinosa, Foreign Minister of Mexico
    •Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, from the Netherlands
    •Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Finance Minister of Nigeria
    •Elvira Nabiullina, Economic advisor to the Russian President
    •Graça Machel, Member of The Elders, South Africa
    •Sung Hwan Kim, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Republic of Korea
    •Gunilla Carlsson, Minister for International Development Cooperation, Sweden
    •Emilia Pires, Minister of Finance of Timor-Leste
    •Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul, Turkey
    •John Podesta, Chair of the Center for American Progress, United States of America
    •Tawakel Karman, Journalist, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Yemen
    •Amina J. Mohammed, Nigeria (ex officio, Special Adviser of Ban Ki-moon)

  2. Andy Perry says:

    Ho, Ho, the big joke is:

    That the other form of democratised money -DERIVATIVES has ALREADY changed the world.
    DERIVATIVES have transformed economic governance world wide
    DERIVATIVES have destroyed the old relationship between central bank and state
    DERIVATIVES have fundamentally changed the way economies are run
    DERIVATIVES have caused widespread poverty and chaos
    DERIVATIVES have allowed a new political management buyback of Capitalism Inc
    DERIVATIVES are still here-now unchallenged- forgotten by the mob- but growing more deeply entrenched in the global economy than ever!


  3. Curious says:

    I think that anyone who dares question that anything can ever be any different than how things are now is obviously a crazed, wrong-thinking zealot whose legitimate place in polite, well-behaved society should seriously be considered by those who are expert in such things.

  4. EIT says:

    The real conversation is already past bitcoin. As usual, the MSM is behind on the issue. The question is no longuer how bitcoin will change the world, but how cryptos will change the world. Bitcoin is just the first mover and can easily be overtaken by another coin. MSM strategy now is to bash bitcoin and ignore the new developments in the cryptocoin space. The question is how orderly will the divestment from bitcoin to altcoins be over the course of the next 5 years.

  5. Enviro mental says:

    from Gerry Welder’s UN document:

    “goal 12 : Hold the increase in global average temperature below 2⁰ C above preindustrial levels, in line with international agreements”

    I told you all that these Cnuts were mental. you talk about bitcoin going to the moon, these Cnuts want the f’kin moon. that one statement there allows the mentals total control of everything you do and what you can do, including what you eat or whether you eat. enjoy your millions in bitcoin, because you or your children won’t be able to spend it above your monthly carbon ration quota.
    ho hum, mugs and Cnuts, the weather was choppy this year, 5 less grams of chocolate this week Winston.

  6. weltysparrow says:

    Pathetic hit job again. The article the moron links to on RT even says in the title “next 25 years”!

    Fortunately the Bitcoin protocol carries on not caring whether a few shriekers believe in it or not.

  7. Useless Eater says:

    Many know about Orwell’s 1984, but how many remember HARRISON BERGERON by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.?

  8. Useless Eater says:

    “Fortunately the Bitcoin protocol carries on not caring whether a few shriekers believe in it or not.”

    Spoken like a true Bitcoin Cultist. Thanks for the new term, Stacy. And the next spewing will undoubtedly be something about me being too stupid to understand how Bitcoin works (or is supposed to work) and how Bitcoin is unaffected by my stupidity, because all of the smart people invest in it, regardless.

    Research Flim Flam Man and then tell me again how stupid I am.

  9. @Hegelian Dialectic – the timing of her possible suicide suggests she may have lost bitcoin on mtgox; but I would think there would be a suicide note stating this cause. Waiting for any updates, there is meant to be a news conference on this.

  10. YoLithos says:

    Centralizing Bitcoin is lunacy. A tribute to lunatic lemmings. Still lemmings, nevertheless. Like generals, always fighting the last war.

    The article can’t recognize that treating email exactly like snail-mail doesn’t mean email is a failure.

  11. Curious says:

    The Impossible Trinity: Security, Environment Protection and Decentralization – Chang Jia

  12. BitCoinIsGreat says:

    Bitcoin is a delusion.

    My anger is at the Pushers. Not the users.
    If you believe something go on enjoy, do something!
    But don’t force your beliefs on others.

    Many little people have been hurt at MTgox.
    And as Bitcoin has never delivered on anything, many more will be hurt.
    History shows it’s best not to trust Bitcoin or the people pushing it.

  13. Veritas says:

    Bitcoin is having after birthing pains… it’s well… going to grow up and survive this… and more.

    Yes people got hurt and lost a lot of money, but if people are naive enough to gamble with money they can’t afford to lose and get burned… well maybe they learned something in the process.

    Anybody remember PayPal back in it’s early days… they actually froze many accounts and kept millions of peoples funds illegally until they got hit with a class action suit.

  14. sw guides says:

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