Koos Jansen On Why China is the Gold Manipulation Culprit!

Asian gold demand expert Koos Jansen joins the show this week to discuss why:

  • In the End, Everyone Will Rush to Gold!
  • Gold Will Rise to At Least $1600 in 2014 on Chinese demand
  • Gold to replace US dollar as global reserve currency
  • Cartel smashes metals on FOMC taper, but gold completes “Golden Cross” Friday
  • Koos makes the case why he believes that China Is The Real Gold Manipulation Culprit! (While Eric counters with evidence that The Fed must be involved)

Click here for the SD Weekly Metals & Markets with guest host Koos Jansen on why China is the gold manipulation culprit:

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12 comments on “Koos Jansen On Why China is the Gold Manipulation Culprit!
  1. It is utter nonsense to suggest that the Chinese have a working arrangement with the USA to allow China to buy cheap gold and the USA to protect the USD and the Reserve Currency status. In an era where China rebukes the USA daily for its geo-political ambitions and calls for the De-Americanisation of the planet, it is not in China’s interests to support anything American.
    All China has to do, in order to achieve its ambition of backing the Yuan with the strength of its growing gold reserves, is to watch the USA, and its entourage of malign bullion banks, short the gold futures market, and then have its purchasing agents stand for delivery of the under-priced yellow metal. There is no need to ‘cut off your nose to spite your face’ when your political and financial enemy is busily engaged in shooting himself in both feet.

  2. Snooze says:

    China purchases T-Bills from America, and New York lowers the gold price. Soon as China has more gold than NATO (countries), the SDR won’t rise to reserve status. When Saudi oil runs out, the Dollar is dead.

    On a side note, America helping China to purchase cheap gold sounds nuts. But there are rumours that Israel is selling American military technology to China.

    Officially the world powers at each others throats, but behind the scenes corporations are colluding, even if nation states suffer in the long run.

  3. mike says:

    ..manipulation…always behind the scene, moving the planchette across the global board, forever in the shadows…guiding, coaxing under the watchful eyes that don’t see….into ears that hear but don’t listen…under hands that seemingly move, but strain not one tendon…

  4. yawp says:

    The”doc” knows it’s easy for Americans to fear the Chinese because they are uneducated and nationalist. This is pretty cheesy but you have to exploit people under glorious system.

  5. Andrew Wolf (jarrollin) says:

    I just returned from China, a 10 day sight seeing trip of Shanghai and Suzhou. I even saw the world famous Bund. Not at one point in the duration of my stay did I see any evidence that the Chinese were participating in gold manipulation. Take that Doc.

  6. Andrew Wolf (jarrollin) says:

    Seriously, though, DoTW comment makes the most sense. China seems to be working to do the opposite, that is, to create trading entities where real physical gold is traded for a real fair value price, like the one Jim Sinclair talks about in his recent Greg Hunter interview. China is an amazing place. I don’t think its people spend much time obsessing over power or geopolitics. But I don’t know any Mandarin, so I can’t really say.

  7. WeLoveIt! says:

    Price could be going down for other reasons. Like a large supply flow.

  8. WeLoveIt! says:

    ” Understanding how gold forms helps companies prospect for new mines. “This new knowledge on gold-deposit formation mechanisms may assist future gold exploration efforts,” Weatherley said.”

  9. Snorky says:

    The central banks of both the U.S. and China are members of the BIS.

  10. Bruce says:

    “In the end, everyone will understand how gold was forced upon them by bankers and then focus on investing in themselves and finally start to cheat the system en masse rather than have the system cheat them, en masse.”

    “In the end, the system will eat itself.”

    “In the end, people will grow their own food locally again and it will be considered preposterous to get food from the other side of the globe, and economically and environentally unfeasible too.”

    “In the end, all lies and hidden truths will come home to roost.”

    “In the end, Bruce will shut up.”

  11. A. Paco Liptz says:

    Idiots!!! Don’t you know that Goldfinger is gobbling up all the gold? He’s been giving the Americans and the Chinese the golden middle finger.

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