DOW 36,000! And average small central London flat to cost £36m by 2050!

Average small central London flat to cost £36m by 2050, investor predicts

According to projections by one of the biggest investors in “prime” property in the capital, that average flat could fetch £36m by the middle of the century – if its predictions of 9%-a-year growth in prices become reality.

Casting aside concerns that Russian oligarchs will no longer be sheltering their billions in luxury mansions, London Central Portfolio has launched a £100m fund to buy one- and two-bed apartments in the capital’s most exclusive districts.

It claims the property price inflation seen over the past four decades in London’s prime property areas – which it defines as the areas surrounding Hyde Park, from Notting Hill to Pimlico – will continue for decades to come.

9 comments on “DOW 36,000! And average small central London flat to cost £36m by 2050!
  1. max scam says:

    Hay Max! Did you come up with this £36 million flat bollocks?

    London will be under water in 2050
    and we who are left will be starving thanks to irresponsible and greedy monsters like you, who totally screwed the environment to make a buck.

  2. Enviro mental says:

    >>>London will be under water in 2050
    sea level rise has been constant since tide gauges began = ~1.7 millimeters per year = 2.5 inches by 2050.
    please don’t be mental.

    >>>we who are left will be starving
    hunger strike for mother earth?
    please don’t be mental.

    >>> thanks to irresponsible and greedy monsters like you, who totally screwed the environment to make a buck.
    global warming stopped 17 and a half years ago.
    max who is 54 years old was 15 years old when global warming began and max was 36 years old when global warming stopped.
    please don’t be mental.

  3. yawp says:

    I agree, that is why i’m investing all 5 of my dollars in the stock market. Prosperity is right around the corner!

  4. YoLithos says:

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  5. Silver 1000$ says:

    Die Russen müssen nur ihre $-Reserven in Silber umtauschen. 😎

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    Der Silber preis müsste demnach über 30$ liegen. Dann kommen noch Raffinierungskosten, Prägekosten und Steuern dazu. Die Schätzungen liegen dann zwischen 36$ und 38$ die Unze.
    Was kann ein Bänker daran nicht verstehen ???
    Angeblich können sie die Preise für Gold und Silber nicht ermitteln.
    Was die staatlichen $-Reserven angeht, würde sich wahrscheinlich jedes Land der Erde viel wohler fühlen mit ein Haufen Silber als die $-Noten. Dann würde der Preis wieder ganz anders aussehen. Ich weiss immer noch nicht, worauf die Affen warten ?
    An der Realität kommt keiner vorbei. Am Marktpreis auch nicht. Die aktuellen Preise gleichen fast einem Diebstahl. 😉

  6. JB says:

    Isn’t Increased GDP without Increased Productivity just Speculation piled on top of Speculation.

    I think it’s just Wishful thinking by a Wishing Well that one day the Well’s going to be full on Money.

  7. bit chin says:

    Time to buy that London property!

    Prices can only go up from here!!

  8. Hondo Stalwart says:

    The top end always back the truck up on the controlled dives. One is on the way, when? is always the number one question.