Start a Revolution. JOIN a Revolution. @StartJOIN ‘Let’s get this party started.’

7 comments on “Start a Revolution. JOIN a Revolution. @StartJOIN ‘Let’s get this party started.’
  1. Capt. Ray says:

    … i don’t have twitter.

    … well I do, I think, opened an account on request of Stacy Herbert, i believe. (forgot for what it was).

    Anyway; the one time I tried to tweet I did not get a response.

    So, twitter is not for me, I guess.

    I like Start Join however!

    Does anybody have a suggestion wich book to buy to learn Python?

  2. Loser says:

    “Mt. Gox is officially filing for bankruptcy protection with an outstanding debt of ¥6.5bn ($63.6m), finally admitting openly that 750,000 of its bitcoins and 100,000 of the company’s own have been lost.”

    Ha I don’t feel so bad about wiping 5 bitcoin off my HDD now 🙂

    The GOX coins are not lost though, are they, they’re just ‘alternatively located’

  3. EIT says:

    I love books authored by David Gemmell, can’t help myself. One of his best story-types is the last stand battle again all odds against a massed and powerful enemy. Hopelessness in the air, the protagonists hold on to whatever they can within themselves to stay the course, to do what must be done, confront the enemy. Everyone of them has their own reasons, some honour, justice, others money, revenge. Some simply are chosing their deathplace, on the battlefield. Because all know that when the butchery begins, and the battle rages, many if not all will be slain. But the protagonists stand their ground nonetheless…

    This is Iceland and the Auroracoin right now, the lone fortress, with no avenue of retreat, existing in a world consumed by the deep state (evil). Those who understand the ways of combat know they are hopelessly outmatched against the overwhelmingly powerful enemy. But nonetheless, in the face of utter butchery (for being the first crypto nation) they rise and stand their ground. They want their lives back, and they’re gonna raise hell if that’s what it takes.

    Last Stands are my kinda thing. I wish I could be there with them. Of course, unlike the old battlefield where a man is cut down for all to see, our heroes will be hanged when no one is watching…

  4. Calpers Chris says:

    If I don’t join StartJoin will I experience FOMO?

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