MaxCoin: The Next Altcoin To Hit $20 Million?

The Next Altcoin To Hit $20 Million? (follow author on Twitter @IHaveBitcoins)

MaxCoin, the new crypto currency founded by Max Keiser will launch on February 5 and it has a good chance of crossing $20 million in market cap its first month of mining.

With over 88 altcoins listed on Coin Market Cap, it’s getting tougher to find the winners, but MaxCoin really stands out and here is why.

Get ready! Today at 19.30 GMT. Click on me for more info.

Get ready! Today at 19.30 GMT. Click on me for more info.

MaxKeiserTV has 39K subscribers. His “personal” twitter handle has close to 91K followers and the Maxcoin “official” twitter handle has 4.2K followers. Pretty impressive for a coin that hasn’t launched yet!

The MaxCoin reddit has 30 subscribers, that may not sound impressive, but consider that NXT coin only has 52 subscribers but commands a market cap over $60 million and you start to see why I am excited.

Also re: mining and keeping it fair for all:

MaxCoin’s mining difficulty will be retargeted using the kimoto gravity well algorithm. Recently, the Dogecoin developers have been thinking of retargeting this way as well.

The advantage of Kimoto is that it changes how the difficulty readjustment works so that the difficulty is adjusted after every single block that is mined on the network.

Basically, it supposedly won’t let miners take advantage by throwing tons of computer equipments towards mining MaxCoin, thus creating a fair mining atmosphere.

In addition to all of the above, this may be the first time a coin will be traded on an actual exchange the first day it is mined. Coins-E has already announced it will start trading MaxCoin February 5. This in and of itself is pretty big news, considering many coins are still traded on public google spreadsheets.

MaxCoin at $20 million doesn’t sound so crazy, does it?

Good luck everyone!

21 comments on “MaxCoin: The Next Altcoin To Hit $20 Million?
  1. Curious says:

    It’ll be GPU minable at launch. Sweet.

    Screw you, botnets. You too, Quark.

  2. But what should Maxcoin be FOR?

    But altcoins are sooo 2013. With 2nd Generation coins like NEXT, and Etherium coming along, and colored coins and layers being built on top of bitcoin. Blockchains with only one coin already seem rather superfluous.

    Dogecoin has thrived, briefly, on brand alone, occupying a niche in which it is used for online tipping. Your fans have no obvious economic relationships.

    I realise you want to support this project, Max, but hot air is what you use to blow bubbles. You could support in other ways like pledging to accept it in payment, holding some, and driving it into the hands of people who normally wouldn’t think about altcoins. What about a maxcoin story competition about people trying to spend them?

  3. Jayme says:

    Digital currency is a Janus coin into the company store.

  4. Johny says:

    Crypto currency GoldCoin is the future.

  5. Useless Eater says:

    The Multi-purpose-Pay-Me-To-Promote-Bitcoin-Anti-Carbon Tax Fund (approximately $.80 USD donated to date – Thank you!):


    All donations are non-refundable.

  6. Danny Cunnington says:

    Is this a Max Keiser coin? I thought it was just called the Maxcoin and the two students launched it on the Keiser report.

    With the first Max Keiser coin (don’t get Ronron started), it wasn’t anything to do with Max apart from his name and head appearing on it. It was from a Canadian coin minting company. Ethical Keiser rounds were endorsed by Max so I wonder….. Which is it? Max Keiser’s crypto currency or a crypto simply called the Maxcoin?

  7. Danny Cunnington says:

    @Useless eater, 80 cents for all that BTC pumping? The trolling industry definitely can’t afford me and there was I, dreaming of giving up the day job!

  8. Curious says:

    Dogecoin is sending athletes to the freakin’ Olympics in Sochi, how does that happen with just a tipping currency? And NXT is built on Java, for the love of God. Who in their right mind wants a currency open to the kind of vulnerabilities that that brings with it?

    What’s wrong with bringing as many altcoins to market as there is interest in sustaining them? Who cares the level of innovation in a coin, who cares the reason one person may want one while others may not. What’s wrong with offering up a bit of choice to people?

  9. leon says:

    defo worth getting in early and seeing what happens

  10. Nat says:

    “Good luck everyone!” ? – Will MaxCoin be distributed via a lottery system?

    Oh, I was hoping it was a level playing field from the start.

    Turns out people with whole-room server rig access have a massive advantage compared to my Core2 laptop. Turns out those heavily invested in GPU farms will also be massively advantaged too .

    Turns out people who have $100,000+ of spare cash to throw about can profit nicely from even small percentage gains on an exchange..

    I wonder if a more level playing field would actually have been one with NO publicity..

  11. Dippy says:

    @Nat, get an old GPU like a radeon 5850 for only £70, will hash at 300k on a 2 core nicely. This is not insta mine ,easy to hard difficulty rise in 2 days kind of thing so u got time to get it together. And you can do whatever coin you want of course.
    Do not buy Nvidia, it is slow!

  12. Assa says:

    19.43 gmt
    When Max start?

  13. Dippy says:

    @Nat, I see this is currently not do able on GPU’s anyway and maybe never on ASIC’s..

  14. Dippy says:

    Damn thats 1 strange countdown clock..

  15. P Ignorant says:

    Ah yes, the kimono gravity well algorithm, the good old kyoto gravity well algorithm. With the komodo gravity weld algorithm success is assured !

  16. P Ignorant says:

    No Dippy, this is what we want

  17. William Rose says: cryptocoin exchange will have some Maxcoin for sale tomorrow if anyone mining is selling it as there is no pre-mining of this coin. I am ready to buy! Thanks everyone and especially the guys who came up with this idea. To the moon!

  18. b says:

    I think the U.S. postcoin is the next one to go “TO THE MOON”
    Collect them all. lol

    The OIG also discussed the possibility of creating a “postcoin” as a USPS-specific digital currency.

    “There were suggestions like if someone made ‘postcoin,’ ‘What would that be?’ ‘How could that help?’ If we were to employ the technology to support post office operations around the world, internationally, how could crypto currency help post offices do their business?”

  19. Max Power says:

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