Last year on this date: 1 BTC = $30.90

Stacy Summary: Last year on this date, one bitcoin was $30.90. Today the price = $575.55. You do the math(s).

OMG! I'VE LOST MONEY! Wait . . . haven't I? That's what a shrieker on CNBC said. I'm soooo confused.

OMG! I’VE LOST MONEY! Wait . . . haven’t I? That’s what a shrieker on CNBC said. I’m soooo confused.

15 comments on “Last year on this date: 1 BTC = $30.90
  1. MeCoin says:

    I couldn’t give half that.
    I’ve put all my dough into Silver to break JPMorgan.

  2. MeCoin says:

    How many soap boxes can you fit into a boiler room?

  3. Excellent Point! And this time next year I think MaxCoin (MAX) and GoldCoin (GLD) will both experience similar returns! 🙂

  4. The Ricard says:

    Last month on this date?

  5. The Ricard says:


  6. jischinger says:

    I have but a bitty bit of a bitty bit of bitcoin – what’s weird is the wallet program I have says my $10 USD is worth $2.00 – double you tee eff?!

    I’ll say this, bitcoiners are tenacious – they aren’t going to let this die.

    No way!

    That would be like telling Trekies to stop watching Star Trek or asking a lover of Tolkien to never bring up Hobbits.

    As long as we have access to the net crypto is here to stay.

    Really, get used to it. Stop basking in someone elses temporary misery. If you need to feel good about yourself go watch Oprah.

    Bitcoiners are doing exactly what the middle class in Rome did when it started to crumble, they are walking away. Unless you stop the crumbling crypto is here to stay.

    What makes the big difference here is people who care about an idea, who are willing to support it and see it through.

    If you’re a thinking person you know to the best of our knowledge that Mt. Gox is the problem, not the crypto currency itself.

    That’s a huge difference. I don’t know why this is so difficult a concept for some people to figure out.

    It’s like saying, ‘Well, Target closed it’s door so Walmart must as well.’

    The only way that’s ever going to happen is if a giant meteor hits the earth wiping out all of humanity, or we’re invaded by aliens thus becoming totally enlightened or eaten.

  7. jischinger says:

    MtGox Saga Continues – Update 25 Feb 2014

  8. Hondo Stalwart says:

    The frickin shit is going to the moon Baby!!!


  9. yawp says:

    Shriek!! Woo! USA! USA! #chicagoschool USA! Shriek!!

  10. yawp says:

    i just signed up for mt.gox, dang. I’m long BTC and long FOTS (freaking out the squares)

  11. Palantír says:

    I’m so glad that the crypto-currency is a commodity where high price is the end goal. Where the climb in price equals success and the joiners aim is to get rich fast. Do I dare hint at T5PC in this setting…? O’boy I’m gonna get a mouth full of abuse now.
    Anyway I really hope that I’d seen graphs of transactions or use of the coins, actual payments. To see graphs of growth in businesses accepting the various coins or graphs of knowledge of the coins spreading. Maybe even graphs of people/nations joining inn and using the coins. Something else than that masturbating fixation of the price – always the price.

  12. James says:

    Watch out for a new website coming soon, where you can exchange your crypto currencies easily, like eBay. Krypto kash it’s gonna be called. Sounds like it’s gonna be massive!

  13. Adam says:

    Max pumps and dumps silver, quarkcoin, kittehcoin and maxcoin. The bitcoin price will fall further and maxcoin is a bag of shit with shit devs.

  14. Wolferl says:

    @ The Rickard

    Oh, yeah, that was when i sold most of my Bitcoins. :-))

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