Jim Willie: We Are Well Past the 11th Hour, The Global Currency Reset Looms!

The Global Paradigm Shift is in full swing. The Global Currency Reset is near, better described as the Return of the Gold Standard. The Iran Nuclear Talks will proceed to conclusion, better described as the Petro-Dollar Surrender Talks with nuclear proliferation rider agreements.
The last chance is Gold & Silver, since what comes will be like a mighty storm. In its wake, the only wealth standing will be gold, silver, resource deposits (energy, minerals, water), and farmland. Time is running low for the many citizens of the United States and the other nations of the world to wake up and benefit from their own epiphanies.
It is very late, far past the eleventh hour.
The Global Currency Reset looms.
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20 comments on “Jim Willie: We Are Well Past the 11th Hour, The Global Currency Reset Looms!
  1. Youri Carma says:

    The Split Birth of New Scheiss Dollar
    10 February 2014, by Jim Willie (Golden Jackass)

    Jim Willie Article Oversight: http://news.goldseek.com/GoldenJackass/

  2. Snooze says:

    There may be 100 different scenarios, it really depends on how nasty things become. You should have long term storage food, just in case you loose your job.

  3. Bruce says:

    The last wealth standing will be what’s between your ears and what’s in your heart. Ignore it at your detriment, yo.

    Shonuff x2.

  4. gerry d welder says:

    Obama’s TPP negotiators received huge bonuses from big banks. Shocker ? Not Really…..

    February 20, 2014
    Stefan Selig.( Reuters / Mike Segar )

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    Obama’s TPP trade officials took bonus money from big banks


    Obama Trade Officials Received Hefty Bonuses From Big Banks

    Obama Trade Officials Received Hefty Bonuses From Big Banks


  5. I wonder how many years this “11th Hour” can last 10, 20, 30?

  6. palika says:

    doesnt anyone have any other childrens story but the little boy that cried wolf? seems like groundhog years … yawn is right!

  7. A. Paco Liptz says:

    Does anybody out there know what language Jim Willie writes in? He cannot seem to put together a single coherent paragraph. It would appear that he has spent too much time inside flying saucers.

  8. Mike Hunt III says:

    It might be time to cut Will Jimmie loose Max. By association he’s tainting your rep as an unbiased financial news commentator.

  9. silvertri says:

    Willie is only going psycho because he is so far ahead of the curve and probably getting sick of explaining the glaringly obvious to idiots!

  10. A. Paco Liptz says:

    Willie’s problem is that he is an egotist who cannot coherently articulate a thought. His rambling, disjointed, fragmented prose is characteristic of a disturbed mind that cannot organize thoughts or articulate them in any intelligible way. His articles are just a bunch of self-aggrandizing, narcissistic rants. Willie’s horrific writing is symptomatic of a deranged, delusional mind. You can get better financial advice from the average taxi driver.

  11. eemail says:

    Yes it must happen. The dollar dominance must go away because USA is printing this paper fiat in bulk and using it for political destabilization all over the world.

  12. Andrew Wolf (jarrollin) says:

    I’m burnt to a crisp and this Willie crap ain’t helping much.

  13. oneguy says:

    I’d like to believe this but doc says shit like this nonstop for a few years now. Ever heard of the boy who cries wolf?

  14. oneguy says:

    Oops, someone beat me to the punch.

  15. BK says:

    Uh huh.
    It’s the 11th hour, which lasts for a lifetime.
    Jim Willie is the little boy screaming wolf, hoping to get attention.
    In the end he’ll probably be right but that’s no excuse to keep screaming it’s going to end on a weekly basis.
    But then again, he needs to produce income.

  16. Snorky says:

    I like Jim Willie’s writings and thoughts. That is all I have to say. 🙂

  17. aman says:

    Yawn is correct! These fear peddling tactics is another economy for guys like Keiser. Yes, things are going to change and the only things that are uncertain is how receptive people will become to the reset button. The new economy will benefit those who have the stakes and thus the age of competition is over! Jobs will be lost and the TPP will be devestating for America. The middle class will be wiped out and the new economy will make slaves out of the once thriving middle class. The idea then will be to foreclose on homes level the communities and rebuild bigger and better homes with four car garages etc. Detroit is going to be a good example of this. The poor will be living in ghettos, clean and low class, and earning a living as servants and other low paying jobs to benefit the rich! Now the rich will be amongst their own, getting fat, and no longer bothered by the low class occupying their space.The entertainment sector although wealthy will be reduced but nevertheless much better off then the poor. Gone will be the multi million dollar contracts. Their job will be simply as fools to keep the elite entertained be it sports, movies, music etc. The poor who get along with the system will live in affordable housing apartments, shop at walmart for their items, and take mass transportation to where it is they may need to go. It will be completely regimented. China will be setting up sweat shops here in America as well. So you will once again enjoy the ” made with pride in America” once again. For those who rebel, prison will be another valuble sector for the manufacturing of goods and services industry. Everyone knows what a cusip number is right? Churches will be important as well. You will be brain washed every sunday and this will be mandatory! It will be a one world religion! No more war. Oh and if you plan on striking it big with the powerball lottery hooray for you. It won’t be money though you’ll receive credits to shop at walmart, cost co, etc.

  18. Mike rochdale says:

    Listen, I have been hearing this shit since 2008. No nothing will happen. It never does!!!!! Those in control will always make sure they stay at the top and idiots like this will always be saying they know the truth. Yeh right, well you carry on with your fantasy world where your king. I will just carry on like everything and everyone else will. All the nuts can put there tin foil hats back on now

  19. Hugh Beaumont says:

    Willie is a prime example of markets staying irrational longer than we can stay sane.

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