Jim Willie on Bankster Suicides: Bankers Were Taken Out to Prevent FOREX Fraud Whistle-blowing!

Yesterday we reported that Steve Quayle’s banker source “V” has informed him that the recent rash of banker “suicides” are part of a hit list that includes dozens of bankers including a supposed high level Citi executive.
Today, none other than Jim Willie himself has provided SD readers with an exclusive report on the banker deaths.
The Golden Jackass states that the suicided bankers had flipped during prosecution investigation, and were assassinated to prevent insider testimony of bank fraud from reaching the prosecution.
Willie, who recently sat down with The Doc for an exclusive interview revealing the “Smoking Gun” proving gold rehypothecation by US officials emphasizes that we are NOT seeing bad bankers removed, we are witnessing bankers taken out who are on the verge of revealing BIG DATA details.

Click here for Willie’s full alert on Wall Street banker suicides:

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10 comments on “Jim Willie on Bankster Suicides: Bankers Were Taken Out to Prevent FOREX Fraud Whistle-blowing!
  1. Macray says:

    OMG…. The V and the Voice are the same people!

  2. tip says:

    “Why The Next Global Crisis Will Be Unlike Any In The Last 200 Years”


  3. Snorky says:

    Does this mean that Jim Willie and Steve Quayle are the same person? LOL!

  4. Goldman Sucks says:

    Steve Quayle has been saying the same shit for years and none of it seems to have materialised from what I can tell. The guy wears tin foil underpants. Of course, I’d love this to be true, but, coming from a guy called ‘V’? Really? All seems a bit too ‘Tales Of The Unexpected’ to me 😉

  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Alibek

    Colonel Ken Alibek, always travels with two ‘visible’ bodyguards, and as many ‘invisible’ bodyguards as the situation demands.

    Last year I was admitted to the new Blackburn Royal Hospital, suffering with a deadly strain of pneumonia, that was totally resistant to all known vaccines, and very resistant to anti-biotics. My consultant Doctor Christian, could not see the back of me fast enough! We both knew this was a ‘weaponised’ strain. They did their best, and pumped me full of every anti-biotic both in a drip and orally. They made me feel as sick as a parrot! and then in less than three days of treatment. I was booted out of the Hospital. Dr Christian did NOT want an outbreak of deadly weaponised pneumonia spreading through her Hospital.

    The nursing staff were very sweet, but could not understand why I was being discharged? It made no sense to them. I was in a terrible condition. Some of my colleagues did in fact die from this mysterious outbreak, and some others, like myself were touch and go, on critical life support in Hospital. Thankfully they survived. This was last August. I suffered heart failure as a result.

    So folks, beware of too much ‘Whistle-blowing’. it could be bad for your health? Who would bat an eyelid at death by natural causes?

  6. A. Paco Liptz says:

    Jimbo Willie is part of the mass psychosis that is weeping the planet. Name the preposterous nut case theory and some crackpot like Willie will promote it on the internet just to get attention. These kooks are losers who dreamed of being actors but were too ugly and devoid of talent to achieve that goal. They lack attention and crave it. They also probably lack poontang, which may help explain their psychosis.

  7. Useless Eater says:

    Death from Lakanookie? Now THAT is unnatural.

  8. StukaPilot says:

    Another bankster down just hours ago. This time, “suicide by nail-gun”. I’m checking the actuarial tables now. Yesss! It’s a whole new category.

  9. eemail says:

    One can always sacrifice a lamb and make him appear as clean himself. Lamb always takes away the sins.

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