Government uses Doge meme to pump Obamacare to the Moon!

Stacy Summary: Aha, so DOGE is a conspiracy and it was there all along . . . health care costs TO THE MOON!

HHS borrows “Doge” meme to sell Obamacare, and elicits a few groans

Health care costs TO THE MOON!

Health care costs TO THE MOON!

12 comments on “Government uses Doge meme to pump Obamacare to the Moon!
  1. Tom Not Terrific says:

    I want Canada’s health care system. Ignore the irrelevant anecdotes — it’s pretty good up there. Down here? Well, DOWN HERE it’s a train wreck.

  2. @Tom Not Terrific – French system better and it’s basically like Medicare for all so you wouldn’t have to change much; insurance based that covers 80 pc of your costs, you get private insurance (if you want) for the other 20pc; I think co-pay less or none at all for terminal or chronic disease; plus, unlike the system in Canada or UK, you can choose your own doctor and specialist; don’t need to register with whichever local GP in your area and then have him or her always be the only person who can refer you to a specialist

  3. Nathan el Corochio says:

    I would have went with an Icanhavecheeseburger? Cat.

  4. Bill Green says:

    We already have a socialized program in the US that works well and I think medical care could be based upon it. It’s our legal system.

    No one is denied legal care. If you can’t afford legal care you are provided with it. If you can afford legal care you pay what you are able to pay.

  5. Dippy says:

    Cute doge/great marketing, where do I sign up?

  6. Curious says:

    wetmut – tess parks (with anton newcombe)

  7. Tom Not Terrific says:

    @Stacy Herbert You’ve probably heard this before (I hadn’t) but I’ll pass it on, anyway. A poster somewhere else wrote: “If you want to live in a country without a speck of socialism, try Somalia.”

  8. Jonathan says:

    What’s the difference between Crypto and FIAT as far as what they are worth? As a generalization the only difference is FIAT a form of electronic currency is controlled by the government while Crypto a form of electronic currency is not. They are both intrinsically worth nada. I am sticking with real money after all it is the only form of money that has withstood the test of time. Never mind Mt. Gox when the internet goes out and it will one day the only thing left in your hand at that point will be what you chose. I am all for a form of money by the people for the people and one day we will have that. Oh wait we already do. Gold and silver silly.

  9. BK says:

    Ah yes, appealing to the simpleton American mind by using a “cute” doggie.
    Dogs in America are like sacred cows in India.
    Of course, Obuma has two cute doggies as well.
    In a way it’s perfect.
    A retarded, insulting cartoon ploy for a retarded, flouride soaked American population.

  10. Robbie777 says:

    You really need an NHS. And we need to keep ours out of the hands of private corporations and insurance companies, profit has no place in essential services like healthcare. You seem to accept publicly owned and operated police and fire services, why should healthcare be any different?

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