Banker Source on Wall Street Suicides: Big Things Are Going Down!

Steve Quayle’s banker source “V” is warning that “big things are going down” as a result of the fact that the NY Fed & bullion banks are OUT OF PHYSICAL GOLD, and states that the 4 banker suicides in the past week were on a HIT LIST tied to FOREX frauda list which the source claims includes dozens of Wall Street banksters.

Click here for more on the recent rash of banker “suicides”

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16 comments on “Banker Source on Wall Street Suicides: Big Things Are Going Down!
  1. Snorky says:

    OK. Enuff is enuff! Jim Willie is as far as I go. Steve Quayle? S & M, you’ve reached a new nadir.

  2. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    What “suicides” !?!!

    The central bankster’s cabal’s last gambit is to activate it’s remaining military assets to stage a war in the orient as cover for the forced theft of most of the world’s physical gold and legitimate financial instruments, now in the orient, by overwhelming military force.
    The Dragon families are prepared to stop wwIII and the theft at all costs…

    …personally, I recon they’ll accomplish their mission.

  3. Macray says:

    Snorky, don’t be so hard on Steve. Good sources are hard to come by these days. Jim Willie has the Voice and Steve has the V.
    I bet 2 MAXCOIN MAX’s that the V and the Voice are the same!

  4. A. Paco Liptz says:

    Peruvian billionaire Enredo Escoria Manojo de Porqueria has already gone on the record as intending to clean house of numerous bankster scum worldwide through his operatives. Maybe the good work has started!

  5. Mark Lytle says:

    I saw this alert early this morning, and it still has me puzzled. It seems like the bankers usually get away with everything, they don’t fear investigations all that much, they just pay the fines and keep going.

    So this string of deaths is very unusual. Justice is being served in a different fashion than is customary, with real teeth, even vengeance.

    If I had to guess, I would think these are crime hits, like what used to happen in the movies when you borrowed money from the mafia, and didn’t have it, with interest, when they came a callin’.

    It seems more reasonable to me that some crime family that launders drug money through the major banks can’t suddenly get their money back, as the banks are now ‘insolvent’, and this is the payback. Could be Chinese, as well, wanting loaned gold back, or latin drug lords wanting cash back. Who knows? But I have more trouble with the idea these people were taken down to keep them from talking to the Feds. There’s no history of that ever having mattered.

  6. jischinger says:

    I was just thinkin’ you have to really love money to top yourself over it or be really really stupid to put yourself in a position to be topped.

    @Mark Lytle I got a little theory, nothing to back it up, but pure imagination and folly (case anyone is listening) that Madoff turned himself in to law enforcement for protection; and on the US taxpayer dime cause he’ll always be a small slimy crook, from the Russian mob, and that his son’s death wasn’t suicide over shame, but in reality payback for cheating them.

    Course I have absolutely no proof such a thing could ever occur, but it would make a good Tarantino movie subplot.

  7. yawp says:

    Bankers on a hit list? Please, tell me more of this wonderous tale.

  8. eemail says:

    Well said, thats why orient needs mushrooms to keep these warmongers away. Otherwise loss of gold will be covered by loot on false pretexts as happened in Iraq.

  9. BankingThiefs says:

    I’m with Snorky on this, just tried to listen to the man, but when he went on about HAARP being used as a weather weapon against Texas, I knew he was a Loony Tune!

    When all the gold is gone interest rates will rise to double digits, and the gold price will dump, to get it flowing back. That’s all that happened after the oil nations ended up with it in the 70/80s.

  10. Macray says:

    Unlike the 70/80’s we have this little problem of interest rate derivatives in the hundreds of trillions of dollars floating out there. While history does a lot of repeating, not sure it will look like the 70/80’s.

  11. Mark Lytle says:


    Yep, that Madoff take is the kind of scenario that makes sense here, too.

  12. Bev says:

    Are these current or potential whistleblowers?

    Are these bankers in trouble for losing money of dangerous people like the mob or cartels?

    Are these people a threat to governments as in having the potential to blackmail in return for not immediately collapsing the system?

  13. Snooze says:

    I alway had my suspicions about these suicides, JPM with the forex, and DB use to be apart of the London Gold Fix. Seriously a sociopath is more likely to destroy the bank, and less likely to kill himself. And how the ex DB banker decided to hang himself, after he retired: besides if he was in big trouble at the bank, he would have killed himself a while ago. Again a suicide or murder, who knows?

  14. Max Cohen says:

    …And someone evidently had a quiet word with Blythe and talked her right outta her shiny new gig at the CFTC right quick, too (twitter, my ass!)… – related?

  15. Max Cohen says:

    …I mean, seriously now: – 7 Times?!… – with a fucking *Nailgun*?!?!!:…