Waiter attempts citizen’s arrest of Blair at Tramshed in Shoreditch

Waiter attempts citizen’s arrest of Blair at Tramshed in Shoreditch

I'm the one who knocks.

I’m the one who knocks.

What was he doing when you arrested him?
He was sitting at the head of a table upstairs in the restaurant with about eight other people eating dinner. I think he was out with his family and a few friends. I went over to him, put my hand on his shoulder and said: “Mr Blair, this is a citizen’s arrest for a crime against peace, namely your decision to launch an unprovoked war against Iraq. I am inviting you to accompany me to a police station to answer the charge.”

20 comments on “Waiter attempts citizen’s arrest of Blair at Tramshed in Shoreditch
  1. gussy says:

    His attempt failed perhaps because he didn’t follow proper police protocol, i.e. giving him a good kicking, and planting evidence.

  2. bit chin says:

    Well well – a Briton with a brain (and balls)

    Good for him. I hope more follow suit. If Blair has many encounters with the general public who believe that he is a war criminal (let’s face it, he is a war criminal) We, at the very least, have a chance that he will never appear in public again. Which is a good thing.

    What we mostly want is that Blair, Bush, Hilary Clinton, Obama, Kissinger and a whole host of other scumbags punished for their crimes. It does not begin to make up for the millons of people they have killed. The widows, orphans and widowers around the globe would surely testify the same fact. But it may just make the world a little bit safer for us all. And god forbid Blair would figure this out – it may even save his own genetic offspring from being hung one day in the streets as an act of retribution.

    Think about it Tony.. Think about it… Do the right thing – Turn yourself in.

  3. Peter Jennings says:

    He could go to a fancy dress as the Joker. No makeup needed.

  4. mark still says:

    The man is a real Hero needs an accommodation!

  5. Marco J. says:

    His mother Linda Blair from the exorcist gave birth to this Hell boy and he’s so proud!

  6. Nat says:

    I was scared to get my phone out in case it was confiscated by his bodyguards. The police have held my phone for five months before when I had done nothing illegal. They are shits.

    That’s a good quote, “They are shits.”

    Times must be hard for Blair going to a big chicken and steak joint at Old Street. He has obviously run out of things to speak about.

  7. alan says:

    Well done!
    Blair types need to be challenged in every way.
    Public pressure needs to force them from public view.
    Lets face it, its the only justice available.

  8. K Solomon says:

    Tony Blair is a spot of shit, a poisonous spot of shit, a criminal spot of poisonous shit. TB really is a nasty killer and he ought to be safely locked away in a nasty prison. I can’t decide if Bibi or Tony has the ugliest wife?

  9. Blah Blah says:

    He should have just offered him a gummy bear.

  10. Robin Muirhead says:

    Hilarious Blair, what a fool he was, starting a war without a real reason

  11. alan says:

    Mission accomplished
    Blair, Bush, Howard: Privileged white trash who have no concept of responsibility


  12. Daleks at the Davros Economic Forum says:

    George Monbiot has a reward waiting for this brave soul.

    What would happen if a bitcoin reward fund was opened to help Monbiot out ?

    Monbiot let his http://www.arrestblair.org/war-crimes-reports
    site go dormant for the last couple of years – someone should tweet him about this.

    Says on the site —
    Amount in the pot at 14.03.13: £8,590.18

    Does this guy get eight grand then ?

  13. Tom Not Terrific says:

    The phrase that we with brains heard over and over and knew to be BS was, “we have to kill them over there so that they won’t kill us over here.” The 2 digit IQ types, however would go, “yup, yup, that makes sense to me.”

  14. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    Nice move.
    Next time, wherever it may occur, he should be presented with an envelope, when he takes it in his hand and Receives or Takes Possession of the document, he must be told he’s be Lawfully served with the notice of his indictment by a Common Law Grand Jury.

  15. Daleks at the Davros Economic Forum says:


    I pledge a small bitcoin donation if Monbiot wants to put an address up.

  16. @Daleks – no, the deal is the person attempting the arrest gets 25% of the pot – so £2147.55

    that’s about two months salary if he were working part time at Tramshed; not bad

  17. Daleks at the Davros Economic Forum says:

    My pledge still stands – are you reading this Monbiot ?

  18. Ptah says:

    No word about if Wendy Deng was there?

  19. Sword Mayor says:

    Unreal “You should be concerned with Syria” says Tony. Errr possibly we all ARE!!! Your HSBC financed Al CIAda mates wouldn’t be crawling all over Iraq and Syria if you hadn’t smashed Saddam to begin WITH!!! Not only should Tony go to jail for crimes of war for invading without a mandate he should be getting done by the British public by this point for HIGH TREASON. HELLO the Al CIAda flag now proudly flies above Fallujah!!! C*n&s!!!!! Tar and feather Tony boy and mail him to Riyadh to live out his days with his best bud Bandar!!!

  20. sam says:

    If Tony wants to bring Syria to the debate, the reason why we’re not in Syria is because he lied about Iraq and now we cannot trust anyone enough to know for sure if it’s better to kill people with our weapons or let them be killed by dictators we’ve supported in the past.

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