Wait. But wasn’t it cold in Nebraska last week? And that cold proved climate change a hoax?

Stacy Summary: So a prescription painkiller popping obese talk show host shrieked to the shriekers last week that because of a four day cold snap, a new ice age was upon us and global warming a hoax. He’s lucky that his audience hasn’t got two brain cells between them and so won’t have any problems cognitive dissonating away these new record highs absolutely smashing away old record highs – oh how amusing it will be to watch the dummies.

Omaha’s high of 65 shatters the mark for Jan. 19, set in 1895

A roller coaster ride of unpredictable weather continued Sunday as high-temperature records fell across Nebraska and western Iowa.

In Omaha, the 119-year-old record for Jan. 19 — 60 degrees, set in 1895 — was shattered when Eppley Airfield reported a high of 65 at 3 p.m. Norfolk and Lincoln reported record highs of 66.

I love my audience: they're as dumb as door nails so they'll believe anything I say. LOL!

I love my audience: they’re as dumb as door nails so they’ll believe anything I say. LOL!

32 comments on “Wait. But wasn’t it cold in Nebraska last week? And that cold proved climate change a hoax?
  1. Bruce says:

    Shonuff. Gerald Celente Trends In The News.

    Original release: 1/3/14.
    You know you want it.

  2. Bruce says:

    Every TV in the land needs to have this guy on the air. EVERY TV. Mandatory Celente newscast, yo.

  3. Grant Watts says:

    MAX, is this your financial web-site?

    I would ask you, to tell Stacy to pull her head in, and stop the Climate B.S, we don’t come here to listen to Stacy’s crap about the Climate. Stacy piss off!

  4. bleep says:

    It’s so simple. Increase in overall temperature leading to greater extremes and more volatile weather. But we knew this a dozen years ago. Unfortunately, humanity lacks the ability to reason collectively, hence our best solution is a carbon credit scheme that spreads the blame around to those that do not deserve it. People will not change until the waves are lapping at their doorstep.

  5. Gareth says:

    As a scientist, changes in weather patterns either extreme highs or lows, doesn’t equal climate change/ warming. Yes Stacy points out temperature trends over decades which shows temperature change over time. I believe that various forms of pollution may impact global temperatures only slightly, i would be more concerned about there direct impact on the local population and the environment ie wildlife, rivers etc. identifying increased CO2 levels and associating this to global warming is total fallacy. Logically I would point to that burning ball of gas in the sky for any fluctuation in global temperatures. Apparently the sun is near the end of its 11 year solar flare cycle and according to better informed people, is cooling to such an extent that we could possibly be retracing weather patterns similar to the 1700’s due to a significant shift in the gulf stream.

  6. Freddo says:


    .. what Grant Watts said .. (but nicely .. you’re a peach 🙂

  7. Bruce says:

    Crying out for some Banzai artwork, yo.

  8. Chris says:

    Why this sudden obsession with climate change, isn’t this an economics site? This article isn’t even vaguely economics-related.

  9. mirrormirror says:

    Just imagine ..

    # when the sun doesn’t shine ,it is usually much colder
    # nighttime is nearly always colder than daytime
    # during a “winter” day, if the Sun is not shining, it’ll normally be ca. 10°C colder.
    # WW regional summer and winter depend on the earth’s tilt and orbit

    Of course , Global Warming or Cooling has NOTHING to do with the Sun … according to the Keisers but everything to do with man-made CO2 …. and thus the Taxing thereof.

  10. mirrormirror says:

    @This article isn’t even vaguely economics-related.

    LOL ..actually yes .. to get us to accept AGW and pay & pay & pay … CO2 Taxes.

  11. Tom Howcroft says:

    Please stick to your specialist subject. I love you guys but I think your comments would have more weight to them if they were confined to economics. It reminds me of a dismal performance on the other side of the debate when lord monckton (arguing the fallacy of man made global warming)jumped head first into an unrelated and controversial monologue on Iraq or when Thomas Sowell started talking about national defence.

    Keep up (some of) the good work!

  12. meistergedanken says:

    Relax guys – Stacy just is trying to distract you all from the fact that we STILL haven’t gotten the $150/oz silver we were supposed to get by now. Classic misdirection – exactly like what the governments in Argentina, Japan and France are doing. “I know we don’t know what the hell we are doing – BUT LOOK AT THOSE JERKS OVER THERE!”

  13. Tabletop CHop Chop says:

    John Lee Hooker – Tupelo
    Let me tell you about the flood..

  14. JB says:

    Truthers vs Deniers
    All truthers are experts and only listen to or read information that supports their point of view, therefore any information that does not support this view is obviously wrong, and the people that do not support this theory are all crazy pants.

    Deniers are not experts, and because are not an expert can not have any valid input.
    Instead Deniers prefer to cite references to real scientists that look at the bigger picture involving the sun, magnetic fields, the moon, solar winds and of course the atmosphere, and how all these systems all interact with each other to form the Climate.

  15. You people are truly such morons, I don’t reckon I’ve ever seen anyone dumber than you. “I don’t see what freak weather in Nebraska has anything to do with the economy.” Neither did this guy: http://www.maxkeiser.com/2014/01/extreme-weather-wreaking-havoc-on-food-as-farmers-suffer/

    Unfortunately, in a democracy such as ours, the morons get the politicians and policies they deserve.

    For anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together:



  16. sovereigntea says:

    How to lose credibility — subscribe to the rebranded global warming now climate change con.

    If you are stupid or corrupt enough to fall for that what of your financial accumen and morals ?

  17. @JB – LOL!!!!!!! Deniers read real scientists. OMG, you would be so effing funny if you weren’t so dumb. Part of me feels bad for the horribly ignorant who listen to Rush Limbaugh and those sorts all day. I mean, I think it’s awesome that Limbaugh can coin it off you, good on him I say. But, on the other hand, it is that there are so many feeble minded out there really explains the horrible state of Western economies. The response on this page here has inspired me to place some money on a double short S&P 500. For, though, the fact that 85 people have as much wealth as 3.5 billion precisely because of this widespread ignorance, droolers cannot possibly deliver the profits those 85 people need to sustain that wealth.

  18. dlweld says:

    The climate has everything to do with the economy and economics – it’s the base. We’ve adapted to the way things are – and the US has become rich, based on the way things are – if the wheat and corn belts dry up, if the East Coast goes under, if the drought in CA stays, it’s huge impact and big bucks. Change costs money and the climate is changing – faster than the scientists have predicted.

  19. Snooze says:

    Oh I didn’t know that Russia had a low carbon emissions output. Totally shocked we never heard anything about the low carbon oil from Rosneft or 0% carbon gas from Gasprom. Those evil carbon molecules can only be found in the English speaking world.

    I have no problems with having clean air and using solar hot water to low energy costs.

  20. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    Problem: ‘Global Warming’, Reaction: ” OMG! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!”, Solution: Stacy immediately sends all her Bitcoins to 1M7KqSFiARSxLzTNVUAzdCKLRJj5cfEMu2 as the first installment payment of her personal Carbon Tax. There. Just Do Me.

  21. meistergedanken says:

    “The response on this page here has inspired me to place some money on a double short S&P 500.”

    Maybe your response should be to listen to your readers and provide them more useful and actionable content, rather than drive them away with some rabid, Old-Testament style tirade: “You’re morons, because – Science!” People can get that just about anywhere. But go ahead, I’m sure your readership loves being insulted on an almost daily basis…

    So should we go to a climate website to learn more about the state of the economy and the markets? According to your logic, yes.

  22. Jayme says:

    A little more money related – good advertisement for more fracking.

    Ohio governor issues energy emergency

  23. Jayme says:

    I’ll believe this one when I see it but …

    “NASA has predicted that the solar cycle peaking in 2022 could be one of the weakest in centuries and should cause a very significant cooling of Earth’s climate.”

    Sun falling asleep, ice age dream to come true

  24. Kevin Eshbach says:

    The extreme cold (at least here in Pennslyvania and I’m sure other states too) causes more damage to the roads (in the form of potholes) from the freeze/thaw cycle of water in addition to causing business and people to consume more energy to stay warm. These two things alone affect the local economy in that more money has to spent on maintenance.

  25. R. Freiherr v. Wackendonk says:

    So there’s AGW. I admit it. SO WHAT? Shall we blow Algore, or what? Illuminate us. Answer this freakin’ question, Stacy:


    Come on. I genuinely want to know what the socially conscientious capitalist is to do. Because I KNOW what the socially conscientious Marxist-Leninist wants to do — but mass liquidation of all free capital and the resulting genocide just doesn’t seem like the conscientious thing to do.

  26. Chris says:

    “Deniers read real scientists. OMG, you would be so effing funny if you weren’t so dumb. Part of me feels bad for the horribly ignorant who listen to Rush Limbaugh and those sorts all day.”

    I don’t live in the States, so I’ve thankfully never heard Rush Limbaugh. But I do know that Alex Jones completely refutes the idea that carbon dioxide is causing global warming and is, in your parlance, a ‘denier’.

    So I assume when you had dinner with him when attending Bilderberg you told him that he was a moron? I assume we won’t see Max appearing on AJ’s show any more owing to the fact that he’s an idiot?

  27. Snorky says:

    Hmmm … according to the title of this post, we have now switched to ‘climate change’ from ‘global warming’. But the ‘cliff notes’ still say ‘global warming’. Hmmm …

  28. Freddo says:

    Max – just read Stacy’s “morons” and “you people are dumber”, etc.

    I’ve been a fan since you kicked your original web vid series off a few years ago and I love the economic stuff – its your flagship and its what’s made you a rising star.

    This climate change or warming or whatever crap shouldn’t be on this site and while I don’t mind the odd reference, the rabid leftwing abuse that your wife sprays at YOUR FANS who are interested enough to come to the site is past the pale. Starting to sound like the crap you’d get if you walked into a socialist party meeting in the 70’s and yelled “Capitalism forever!!” ie. you might not get out without a black eye. If you can’t rein her in, I for one will probably be spending my hard won bandwidth on Celente, Schiff, PCR, USAWatchdog, ZH, and sgtbull becuse they STICK TO THE POINT. That is, “ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID!” and that was what I thought this site was about.


  29. pinto says:

    it’s amusing to watch this dummy vile woman stacy never debating global warming, never posting any intelligent arguments, the only way she argues global warming is calling poeple idiots, dummies or other nameslilatale

    Back on March 20, 2000, the UK Independent ran the banner headline “Snowfalls Are Now Just A Thing Of The Past”, quoting supposed top climate experts as saying that global warming meant ice and snow free winters, and lamenting that future generations would have to describe what snow and ice was like to children who would never experience those phenomenon first hand. That headline was hardly unique. A former head of Greenpeace predicted that Greenland would lose all of its ice in twenty years. That was more than ten years ago and Greenland still has all of its ice; indeed it has a bit more. Al Gore, the chief promoter of the global warming scam, who has made millions in his carbon trading scheme, stated in 2007, 2008, and then 2009 that the Arctic would be ice free by 2013. That did not happen. In fact the Arctic ice cap has increased 50% over last year. The same is true of the Antarctic, where a team of global warming scientists wanted to “prove” that global warming is melting the Antarctic ice and headed down there at the start of the southern summer season (because obviously if you need photos and videos of melting ice for propaganda purposes, summer is a good time to get them), only to get stuck in the 26% larger than last year Antarctic ice shelf. A Chinese icebreaker that attempted to rescue them also got stuck in the thicker-than-expected ice. The US Coast Guard ice breaker, Polar Star, en route to McMurdo sound on an emergency resupply mission (because it too was cut off by the expanding ice) was diverted to rescue both ships.
    The cold is happening not only in the US. It is happening in the Arctic. It is happening in the Antarctic. It is happening all across Europe, and ski resorts were able to open a month early this year. Snow fell on the pyramids of Egypt for the first time in 100 years. New York just broke a 118 year-old record for cold. Niagara falls froze!
    One would think that if fighting global warming were the real agenda, all these “scientists” and politicians would declare victory, take a bow in the media spotlight and waddle off to other pursuits. But the global warming agenda is really about money, trading carbon credits and imposing carbon taxes, and with Obamacare failing to produce the expected windfall in tax revenues from higher insurance premiums, this rather pathetic attempt to continue supporting the global warming hoax in the face of record cold tells us that as soon as the snow and ice melts later this year, Obama will start pushing for a carbon tax, as the government inevitably sees our wallets as the only solution to their self-created problems.
    With the government’s credibility and legitimacy hanging by a thread, public awareness of just how wrong all these government agencies like EPA, NASA, NOAA, etc. were about global warming is a major threat to the government’s ability to bamboozle us all into more wars and Wall Street bailouts!
    Repeat after me:
    War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is Strength
    Freezing is Warming

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