Police chiefs say water cannon are needed because ‘austerity measures are likely to lead to continued protest’

Stacy Summary: So there you have it. Let’s just call this ‘the water cannon of financial fraud,’ for that is what it is. The ‘austerity’ measures are part and parcel of financial fraud, bailouts and QE. Welcome to the brave new world.

Police chiefs say water cannon are needed because ‘austerity measures are likely to lead to continued protest’

The water cannon of financial fraud.

The water cannon of financial fraud.

The Association of Chief Police Officers says that the need to control continued protests “from ongoing and potential future austerity measures” justifies the introduction of water cannon across Britain for the first time.

Of course, the water cannon is already in use against protesters in Turkey and in Bahrain.

He cites three occasions in the last 10 years that police commanders would have considered using water cannon on the streets of London had they been available.

He names them as the Countryside Alliance demonstration in Parliament Square in 2010, the Gaza demonstrations against the Israeli embassy in 2008/09 and “potentially” the student protests of 2010, when specific locations were targeted.

The bespoke water cannons are made to order in Germany. Of course. And relevant to this:

The police envisage using their water cannon to “exert control from a distance and critically to provide a graduated and flexible application of force ranging from spray to forceful water jets. The mere presence of water cannon can have a deterrent effect and experience from Northern Ireland demonstrates that water cannon are often deployed without being employed.”

They say that the alternative tactics to the use of water cannon to disperse a crowd or protect vulnerable premises are the use of baton rounds, batons, mounted officers, vehicle tactics, police dogs or even firearms.

24 comments on “Police chiefs say water cannon are needed because ‘austerity measures are likely to lead to continued protest’
  1. Andy Perry says:

    The Anglo Saxon system once again finds a way to introduce some much needed liquidity into the general population proving once again that Our Way Of Life works. Here is one in the eye for you Mr so-called ‘Guy Fawkes’ and all you other trouble makers!
    As an Anglo Saxon libertarian anarcho-corporatist I often feel that the state is way too big and intrusive except of course when it is stealing council houses and giving them to people like me or shooting down unarmed darkies in the street.
    Well done Britain, you are doing a ‘Cracking’ job!

  2. Skintus Maximus says:

    So they are expecting government policies to result in ‘behaviour’ that requires the intervention of water cannon. Perhaps then the appropriate move is to use the water cannon on the government and actually try to avoid civil unrest rather than prepping to meet it head on.

    P.S. If they think water cannon is the answer then they really need to rethink the question.

  3. Peter Jennings says:

    Pretty soon the way things are going in the UK they will be needing them for the banks.

    I wonder if they will use them on the elderly when they start protesting about their pensions…or lack of?

  4. Ptah says:

    Sounds like history repeating itself, but on an ever tightening circle. I am sure readers of this site will recall the analysis done on MKC prior to the Lehman collapse – something which we all saw with almost 20:20 vision.

    What struck me at that time was that governments took actions such as making massive purchase of tasers rather than stockpiling food or making some visionary step in managing a situation they clearly new was going to happen.

    Wasn’t it around this time MKC began the Gulag Wealth Fund? Perhaps its time for another index of misery to chart the ongoing incompetence/calculated brutality of neo-liberal economics.

  5. Nat says:

    Well there you have it indeed!

    The Police think that the government’s policies will result in riots..

    It’s not the government saying this but the police in response to government policy..

    And all to defend the fraud at the banks!

    That article says that the police say they wouldn’t have worked against the 2011 Riots because they were too fast moving – well, thanks for the tip!

  6. Tricia Lawlor says:

    Democracy indeed! Well rubber bullets were useful in NI too so when will they be deployed on the streets? Totally out of proportion.

  7. Gutz says:

    good.. them Euro types have poor bathing habits maybe this will defunk them

  8. Andy Perry says:

    Join the struggle for Anarcho-Corporatism today!

    The overwhelming logic to justify this new invigorating movement is as plain as day.

    1. Corporations are people (ref. Citizens United)

    2. People should be free to do what they want (ref. anarchism)

    3. Therefore, Corporations should be free to do what they want!

    You can’t argue with logic!

    You can’t argue with progress!

    You can’t argue with the future!

    Don’t get left behind- sign up for Anarcho-Corporatism today!


  9. @ptah – YES! I think it may be time to bring back the Gulag Wealth Fund!!!!

  10. Mike says:

    The Association of Chief Police Officers Contact Email [email protected]

    Let them know how you feel… I just did!

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am writing to you today regarding your departments statement regarding using “Water Cannons because austerity measures are likely to lead to more protests”

    May I remind you that although you (the Police) & the Government have agreed on Your Wages, you are not a Private Army for the Government, you are Public Servants of the Crown!
    Your oath (Which the majority of Police seem to forget… which is Perjury!) is the only reason I CONSENT to give the Police any authority over me.
    Your first duty as Police Men to protect fundamental Human Rights & to keep the peace… not to enforce Statutes! or protect Government Buildings (That belong to the State… that the public has paid for!)
    I (& everybody else if we are all truly equal) was born with inalienable rights! I have a Lawful Right to show my displeasure with anyone or anything as long as I don’t cause loss or harm, & for you to not respect my Lawful Right & enforce a statute is Perjuy!

    I wish that someone will debate this topic with me & to justify your departments actions. I understand that you maybe busy so I will allow 14 days to reply.

    Kind Regards

    Mike Colbourne

  11. Andy Perry says:

    Well Mike, I was pretty worried that things might be getting out of hand when I read the water cannon article Stacy posted. But now I have seen the contents of the letter that you sent to the Association of Chief Police Officers I can tell you I am very reassured. I can imagine they will probably send a copy of your letter over to Whitehall right away, and won’t there be a few worried faces when they read what you have got to say on the subject!
    I know that if it was me planning to fire thousands of gallons of water into the faces of protestors, and to swamp the streets with police clad in para-millitary riot gear, the thought that someone like you might decide to withdraw their implied consent would certainly make me sit up and take notice!
    We are very lucky to have people like you to advise us on the best course of action we can take in difficult times like these.
    Thank you Mike!

  12. BK says:

    New improved water cannon…now with added fluoride!

  13. Derek Antal says:

    So,the Germans make these water cannon for governments to control popualtions.Do we really need anything from the Germans to be used for controlling or dominating civilians…?

  14. Geraldine Mitchell says:

    Andy Perry….re your response to Mike….although sarcasm as they say is the lowest form of wit, I have to agree that it is the highest form of humour and it did made me smirk.Nevertheless I might also e mail the association of Chief Police Officers (thank you for their e mail address btw Mike ) as I want to be reassured by them that they are not going to use water cannons on anti frackers in stead of the usual extreme violence they now employ at Barton Moss. I’m in my 60s now and having to come to terms with a Government so corrupt it has to use violence against the people to shut them up, while it continues to asset strip Britain and close down Social Security, because it needs all our taxes to give to themselves and their mates, and , well its very hard at my age to realise that what I thought my parents and myself even, had fought for and won i.e. a more equitable society, was just an illusion after all. So I just might vent my concerns to the police knowing that it will not make the slightest difference and its all for nothing, except for myself so I can carry on with the delusion that my opinion and concerns are valuable. In a dog eat dog world where the only thing valued is money and how much you can grab of course those with the cannons and the careless use of violence will win. But who cares eh? The monetarists are lawless and unaccountable now and I will live out my days in creative poverty (getting blasted by water cannon and thumped around the head with truncheons possibly)knowing that the human race for all its amazing achievements is sadly unbalanced and warmongering and greedy and self destructive…..

  15. Hutch Hutchison says:


    No, the economy is on the road to recovery. Osbourne is meeting ACPO tomorrow to explain to them that they don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Simultaneous warnings of social breakdown AND optimism.

    We need to see tanks shelling parliament, like the Russians did in the 90’s. They know how to get the message over.

  16. Andy Perry says:

    Dear Geraldine

    It takes courage as well as some intelligent perception to fully admit the extent to which the post war settlement is now completely violated, not least since this admission implicates the post war generation as at least somewhat gullible or something worse. It is to your credit that you have achieved this. I wonder if you are able to go the final mile and understand that consumerism and the welfare state etc was always a temporary construction designed to protect the Anglo Saxon elite and all Germanic elites from the consequences that should have justly flowed to them as a result of what you have been taught to call WWII. And that it is the allegiance that you have given these elites through race, identity and culture that has allowed them to survive and even thrive in the post war period, to the extent that they can now dispense with your services and your allegiance. While you protest and write letters. they remain unworried. The day you question the right of any dirty German to dig up any part of this island, you will promptly wipe the smiles off their faces. Wouldn’t that be a good joke?!

  17. Snooze says:

    Spending tax payer money to defend the banksters, yet the government doesn’t care about the people who are cold and hungry. Those people who are basically protesting for rights of the 99% will be labeled as trouble makers. The same people who are defending your rights, are going to be targeted by these water cannons.

  18. ChristinePawson says:

    Football supporters be warned ,you are constantly the target for weekly unjustified police “interventions”.

  19. Greg Burton says:

    Well, it was either prosecute the bankers for the toxic mortgage/LIBOR fraud that impoverished the western world, leading to the inability of cities and towns to fund their police and fire departments…or the DHS buys 2.0 billion hollow-point bullets, gives away tanks to US police, flys soon to be weaponized drones over everywhere, confiscates the guns, and pre-positions military hardware in the anticipation of massive US unrest.

  20. alan says:

    A little more oppression mybe what the worms need to turn.

  21. John Drake says:

    Of course, some wiley folk could get into the City water system through the drains or mains and shut down the water…kind of like what is being suggested to those cities and counties where the NSA is building spy-sites. Deprive them of water to cool their systems – likewise in London – deprive them of the water to run the cannons.

  22. Dippy says:

    water is nice compared to perforated ear drums,
    ..’ Extremely high-power sound waves can disrupt or destroy the eardrums of a target and cause severe pain or disorientation ‘..

    and microwaved brains and organs are not known for general health and well being,
    ffs, who actually volunteers to be microwaved eh.

  23. yawp says:

    time for a real cannon

  24. Rioting like a chimp says:

    Alternatively, one could start ignoring the central planners and live your life and think for yourself.

    Hate banks? Take your money out of them.
    Hate government? Start reducing your information flow to them and start working for “cash in hand” TPTB may interpret this as potential tax evasion and money laundering.
    Hate speed cameras? Sell your car and live / work local.
    Hate tabloids? Stop buying them.

    The point is that ultimately you are in charge of your life. Hate Britain, leave.

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