Overstock.com CEO attacks Krugman: “Hopefully Bitcoin will destroy central banking”

19 comments on “Overstock.com CEO attacks Krugman: “Hopefully Bitcoin will destroy central banking”
  1. Andy Perry says:

    Hopefully these pills will give me a six pack in three weeks without any exercise!
    Hopefully this shoe polish like substance I purchased on the internet will make my bald patch magically dissapear!
    Hopefully this body building course I purchased for only $15.99 will mean that the bullies will never kick sand in my face again!

  2. Alan Mint says:

    Nigel Farage MEP Knifes Big Business and Bankers in the EU almost as well as Max!


    Can’t Stacy get him on the show?

  3. yawp says:

    holy crap, a capitalist biting the invisible hand that feeds. I like this (grabs popcorn for show)

  4. Sash man says:

    Love it, go Bitcoin

  5. Andy Perry says:

    The phrases ‘six pack’ and ‘body building’ in my post actually have active links to internet arsewipe sites. I think satire is probably dead like they say. Yes, I think it probably is.

  6. Hangemhigh77 says:

    I will buy from Overstock using BitCoin every chance I get.

  7. Dippy says:

    Hugs and kisses from the UK , Overstock dude 🙂

  8. jarrollin says:

    Yep. If Bitcoin doesn’t, Litecoin certainly will.

  9. mijj says:

    pfft! ..

    .. Bitcoin is no more likely to displace Central Banking than .. than email is likely to displace the Post Office. Ridiculous fantasy.

    PS: I’m wondering if TelepathCoin might be viable. Ie. mind-to-mind communication of TelepathCoin: a Bitcion alternative which bypasses the internet. TelepathCoin Mining and Transaction Validation will be performed by a network of Telepaths .. anyone interested please concentrate on this dot (·)

  10. Talcott says:

    Fuck yeah!

    Good Link.

  11. jarrollin says:

    Max Keiser is about to shoot that laser and blow up the Death Star. He did it with silver in A New Hope and now he’s doing it with Bitcoin in Return of the Jedi.


  12. lupe says:

    this whole bitcoin/gold/silver windfall appreciation belief that is forecast to happen because of the collapse of the government corporate cartel banking system, reminds me of the old carney game of pay for another chance and each time you get 1/2 way to the win… but you won’t get there until you have spent enough to pay for the prize twiceover.

  13. Alex says:

    A few days ago the Sears CEO was “crucified” on this site for being a libertarian. Now, the CEO of overstock.com (a libertarian) is praised? Oh come on!!!

    Make up your mind ffs! Are libertarians evil, good or so-so? Or does it depend if they toot your horn once in a while? Double standards again.

  14. Jayme says:

    Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin Will Cause Massive Decentralization of Financial Services

  15. Nat says:

    Is there an actual link to the interview or is it rstricted to a no-context soudbite?

    How does Mr Overstock hope to overthrow the central banking system by changing the BTC straight to fiat? All talk it would seem!

    I bet his company has many funding links with the banking cartel, hedged loans with dodgy swaps or some other derivatives and bottom line is to pay out massive dividens to bond holders above all else..

    I bet he simply wants to live in a gated community with his 0.01percent buddies and to never pay any taxes, shut out the dirty peasants and let them die, like any other fuedal system.

    Bitcoin needn’t be the crypto to achieve anything much. Too soon and the world’s not ready. Another will be more successful I think.

  16. g-man says:

    BitCoin: The Global Cure for Zionism
    by Johnny Punish

    OK, so can Bitcoin do the job and defeat the Zionist dream? Can it force the USA and Israel into a space where leverage reduces them back to dealing with us as human beings and NOT chattel or collateral damage to their mentally ill aspirations?

    Well the outside world is currently running to BitCoin because its the peoples revolution against the banksters who’ve dominated we-the-global-peoples. It’s a freedom thing, a new world order by the people, for the people, and by the people. And if this thing takes, well it could destabilize the fiat U.S. currency taking out the legs of the Zionists who control the Federal Reserve; ergo destabilizing the U.S. Congress and their ability to sell off the U.S. working man as a slave to the Zionist masters and boom, the grand plan falls apart quick!

  17. richard says:


    Quoting Prof Steve Keen – for international transactions all the
    bank does is record that a transaction has taken place.

    I’d suggest that bitcoin can do that faster, cheaper, more securely,
    and more transparently than any of the current banks.

    It will be interesting to see what happens when overstock goes

  18. Curious says:

    Deep Capture: How Wall Street criminals hijacked the institutions that are supposed to be protecting us from them. – Patrick M Byrne


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