In Davos: Reuters journalist asks Mark Carney to keep rates low to help her mortgage repayments

Stacy Summary: Oh look how chummy they all are!

14 comments on “In Davos: Reuters journalist asks Mark Carney to keep rates low to help her mortgage repayments
  1. Dippy says:

    @Stacy, that could have been you on ch4’s behalf, if only eh ;)

  2. drummerboy says:

    thats kinda crazy.if she already has a mortgage,her rate is locked and should never change over the life of her mortgage.rates aren’t going lower anytime soon,if thats what she wants.

  3. Tom Not Terrific says:

    Another example of non journalists getting hired instead of real journalists because they’re … fucking cute, I guess.

  4. Hondo Stalwart says:

    I have to say, If my arm was around her, I’d be smiling too. She’s gorgeous. :)

  5. Hangemhigh77 says:

    I’m sure later that night her rate was locked in at a very sweet percentage.

  6. kenkat says:

    Carney is such a douche, as is his sock puppet replacement Stephen Poleslaw.

  7. mac says:

    Max and Bloomberg TV love Bitcoin…strange bedfellows!

    Pic of Goldman’s thug Carney with a sheeple loser.

  8. Bill Stewart says:

    FYI :: An unusual “early” adopter of BitCoin (BTC) …

    Bitcoin is an anonymous cash-like digital currency. It requires no bank account, there are no account statements and bills cannot be charged automatically. No identifying information is needed and no one can tell who you’ve sent money to.

    If you want to buy Motherless Credits anonymously, this is for you.

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    If you want to be part of the revolution, this is for you.

  9. Julian says:

    Looks like someone’s embarrassed enough to take the picture down.

    Yes, Reuters, that’s what corruption looks like.

    If Reuters ‘journalists’ were doing their jobs properly – being professionals who think, ask questions and search for truth behind the PR bullshit – they would not be brown-nosing these crooks.

    They’d be exposing them, and their fraud against the people. Day in, day out. Like Max and Stacy, and their small army of very talented and interesting guests, each and every one of whom has somehow managed to maintain their critical faculties, along with some sort of integrity.

    Reuters is complicit in this debacle and clearly isn’t up to the job of journalism in any way, shape or form.

    And it’s not just Reuters. When the BBC’s economics editor Stephanie Flanders took a job with JP Morgan, that pretty much told us everything we needed to know.

  10. Nat says:

    On another BitCoin related note, Resonance FM is accepting BTC as donations this year!! Only 1 single BTC donation so far of a measly 0.0087BTC..

    You can beat that! Resonance FM = The home of TAM and all that has spawned from it (essentially practice and inspiration for all M&S’s shows!)

    Donate button on the right sidebar.

  11. Snorky says:

    Dumb broad. Go into debt and give all of your personal power away to your creditor. Yeah, I know, “haters gotta hate”. *rolls eyes*

  12. Jayme says:

    “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!

    Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.”

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