“I hate the stench of poor people in the morning”

Stacy Summary: Says a guy who was part of a drug money laundering business – that is, he used to work at HSBC.

Expat banker who mocked ‘poor people’ on public transport faces fury of Singapore

Ugh, you poor people smell like shit. Literally. And I ought to know - I package it for a living and sell it back to your pension funds.

Ugh, you poor people smell like shit. Literally. And I ought to know – I package it for a living and sell it back to your pension funds.

The furore began on Sunday when Mr Casey, who has lived in Singapore for 12 years, uploaded a picture on Facebook of his son riding on a metro train, with the caption: “Daddy, where is your car & who are all these poor people?”

Another picture showed the boy sitting inside a silver convertible Porsche, with a caption saying: “Ahhhhhhhh reunited with my baby. Normal service can resume, once I have washed the stench of public transport off me.”

22 comments on ““I hate the stench of poor people in the morning”
  1. Peter Jennings says:

    The stench was emanating from his top lip.

  2. Andy Perry says:


    ‘You see a rail system and this money system have another important thing in ccommon-the elite don’t like sharing with people like us. I don’t just mean seats in train carraiges, they don’t want to share access to the system itself…’


  3. Lisa Reed says:

    If they weren’t poor, he wouldn’t be able to afford a wife. (I’m making a risky assumption his wife is female!)

  4. Snooze says:

    I can only imagine, the public transport in Singapore is clean and efficient, like the country itself. I wouldn’t be surprised if the millionaires in Singapore have to use public transport to save time. Deport the bum.

  5. Will Summers says:

    They might be poor, but at least they can look themselves in the mirror in the morning, although judging by the photograph he doesn’t look to be tall enough to reach the mirror. The Porsche is obviously necessary to cure Small Man Syndrome.

  6. Snorky says:

    If this person really said such a thing, then he deserves whatever may come his way. He can’t take his filthy money with him.

  7. Bruce says:

    – Bernice Wong (formerly Bernie Wong)


  8. aminah says:

    yehahh..his wife and her family & friends are just as smelly, yes? gosh… and he somehow smells like fresh lavender? in your dream.

  9. BarmyBA says:

    Deprived of a meaningful existence deprived of work spat on shat on by the rich who cares ….?
    The word on the street among the poor who he despises is….that the planet will be three quarters incinerated….by mans own hand? By cosmic catastrophe?
    I DONT KNOW…but I trust the insight of the poor more than rich kids like him….!

    Enjoy the fireworks punk…! What will good will your silk underpants and your trophy wifey who REALLY loves you for YOU be then eh?

  10. What-me-worry? says:

    I’ve seen these guys before somewhere…..

  11. Chris says:

    Don’t they have caning in Singapore, I know he hasn’t committed any crime but they could always make an exception.

  12. Singapore Poor says:

    Newspaper comment –
    “I hope his wife takes him for every penny and runs off with someone actually attractive.”

  13. Magnum Innominandum says:

    If he didn’t have money, that woman certainly wouldn’t be standing with him. What a sad little man, overcompensating for what he lost in the genetic lottery.

  14. Chris says:

    What the dumb shit plebs of this world don’t get is people like this, think like that, about ALL (poorer) people all the time!!!! The more aristocratic the more condescending they get. There’s even a well known word for such an attitude – i.e condescending.

    What the poorer people should do is dig up the roads, that they laid in the first place. Then see how far the Casey’s of this world get in their, (averagely plain) Porsches.

    Casey is an a..hole!

  15. Jay says:

    Looks like a heated argument … I like the fact where this fellow is all of the sudden “sorry” for the statments he has made, like bankers & regulators are sorry for “oversights” (read planned fraud). The Elite will always protect the elite whilst sacrificing a few minor minions here and there … just the way the system works. I know wealthy people with good hearts… wealth does not equate to stupid or mean. But the bankster kind consider themselves God’s (fill in your own God) gift to the planet. On any of the highest levels corruption reigns. Many people for example believe that their leader and European leaders care about them … it really makes them really really naive … But voilence is never the answer despite Max’s call for the guillotines to come back into fashion

  16. Flopot says:

    Lol. The guy is a stupid moron and thinks he is brilliant. He fits the profile for a sociopathic drug money launderer…I mean a banker…no I mean a criminal…I mean banker…bankster! That’s the word.

  17. Flopot says:

    On the otherhand, the fact that people continue to vote in the same politicians who eagerly bend over for these guys, sort of justifies their low opinion of the hoi polloi.

  18. sam says:

    the jealousy on these comments is obvious. I’m not ashamed to admit two FACTS that make his comments, well, FACTUAL.

    1 – the chick in that photo is HOT. I covet. So do you.

    2 – Public transportation, in general, is a VERY smelly place. And if you haven’t smelled people on public transport, then you simply have never taken public transport.

  19. blackswancandidate says:

    1. Speak for yourself – i dont covert ladyboys
    2. That smell you sense on public transport, far from being other passengers, is your own pleb ass

  20. Paul Freeman says:

    Lets just expose the mechanisms this monumental turd and his parasiic ilk use to make their money.
    Then overturn them. http://youtu.be/F527LbW84hA

  21. Paul Freeman says:

    Here’s a link to Nicholas Shaxson’s book ‘Treasure Islands Tax Havens And The Men Who Stole The World’.


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