‘Historic’ floods in French Riviera

Stacy Summary: Another day, another once in a hundreds year type weather event. The South of France is quite expensive to buy property, but definitely way overpriced if you factor in the coming effects of climate change. While I didn’t expect historic floods to ever be a problem, it is expected to face once in a hundred years heatwaves every year or so and drought. And, by the way, re: that flooding . . . it’s downstream water from all the nuclear plants. Wouldn’t want that stuff running through my home.

10 comments on “‘Historic’ floods in French Riviera
  1. HMM says:

    The deniers seem late this morning with their comments. Maybe their alerts aren’t working as well as they should. “To the keyboards! Someone is suggesting unrestrained greed has negative impacts!” Anyway, my brother lives in Adelaide and a couple of years ago they had a “once in 100 year heatwave” two years in a row! Go figure that hey. Oh, yeah, I forgot. The deniers and Murdoch newspapers tell me: “Australia has always been hot”. That’s right. You just keep consuming and leave the problem for your kids. Or their kids. Someone else anyway. One of them brainiacs that writes for The Australian. I’m busy watching cricket. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi!

  2. Snooze says:

    Australia pays some of the highest prices for electricity, whilst the French nuclear has some of the lowest. I am starting to think Australia should switch over to nuclear. Nuclear power has a lower carbon emissions, plus it’s cheaper.

  3. Snooze says:

    Well, what is the solution? Anyways, I love the meme of the climate denier, similar to that of a holocaust denier. I am in no place to deny anything, I just don’t get on the wrong side of the ADL.

  4. Enviro mental says:

    >> The deniers seem late this morning with their comments. Maybe their alerts aren’t working as well as they should.

    psychological projection perhaps?
    or perhaps even psychiatric projection.

  5. Da'ad Vader says:

    @Snooze 11:01am It is deliciously ironic that France has to import expensive “green” electricity from this area’s neighbours every year to make up for a shortfall in nuclear production. Pushing the message “nuclear is cheap” over several decades has encouraged the building of electric-only properties in high-density areas of France, especially the SE. In the summer, there is excess capacity in nuclear powerstations which is exported mainly to Italy at a discount. Come winter, however, when permanent and seasonal residents switch on their heaters, nuclear production is insufficient, resulting in frequent power outages that have only been reduced by importing renewable – and expensive – electricity from Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

    All-in-all, despite being Europe’s poster child for nuclear power, in monetary terms, France is actually a net importer of electricty and desperately pushing the development of alternative sources wherever possible.

  6. dlweld says:

    Yeah, France has had to import renewably generated “green” energy from Germany – not enough water in summer to run France’s atomic plants at full capacity.

    Germany’s got the right idea as about 22% (and rising) of its energy is generated by wind and solar (more or less free once it’s set up).

  7. @Snooze – as per @Da’ad Vader and @dlweld – nuclear is NOT cheap; it costs a lot to build, a lot to guard and a lot to dispose of the waste; the Brits as paying tens of billions per year to clean up Sellafield; plus, Australia is burning up, will never be able to keep nuclear plants running for more than a few months per year, you need a body of water nearby which is cool and in which you don’t mind devastating the fish supply

  8. Snooze says:

    Of course you green folks are either simple or in denial. Gazprom, Rosneft, and here I meant to cut on my way of life. There is no point of being environmentally sensitive, when the elites are simply gutting the environment, and the smart people are cutting back. If the elite don’t give a darn, why should I? Wake up, and demand your slice of life, or have the mentality of a peasant. The world is partying at Europe’s expense.

    Drive your tiny little car, and the likes of Roman Abromovich sails around on his yacht:

  9. Vindor says:

    I lived in the south of france for 33 years. This kind of flooding is nothing new. The biggest in my memory was in 1992 in “vaison la romaine”. My parents and grand parents also remember similar flooding from their youth.

    Do not take any weather events for proof of a global warming you are making a fool of yourself

  10. the historic disclaimer says:

    Punctuations around historic because it happened frequently before man became the usual suspect for global warming hahahaha. Keep it coming Femi-Nazis

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