Climflation – Lamb prices set to rise by 15% in Australia on drought & heatwave

LAMB prices are set to rise by 15 per cent in 2014

Drought in western and central NSW last year meant slaughter rates surged in the first half of 2013 to total 21.1 million head in 2012-13.

I asked this skeptic for his opinion, here is what he had to say:

Only femi-nazis eat lamb. I eat wholesome corporate made food like this trademarked genetically modified goop 'burger.'

Only femi-nazis eat lamb. I eat wholesome corporate made food like this trademarked genetically modified goop ‘burger.’

57 comments on “Climflation – Lamb prices set to rise by 15% in Australia on drought & heatwave
  1. ronron says:

    repetition is very important.

  2. EIT says:

    I’ve always feared for our planet. I like to believe in its power of renewal, hoping that life could continue after our “footprint”. Worst would be to have this planet die, grow barren and empty in the cold. As a child, I asked myself how could the german allow the Nazi terror? (being born as I was) I sense within my conscience the answer to that question, elusive in its clarity. DMT anyone?

  3. YoLithos says:

    Reality asserts itself. ‘Eppur, si muove.

  4. Lamb is my favourite.
    Sam Kekovic has his work cutout for him this Australia day.

  5. Agnes says:

    I am seeing signs of anorexia.

  6. Nicholas Hellstrom says:

    Only femi-nazis eat lamb. I eat wholesome corporate made food like this trademarked genetically modified goop ‘burger.’

    “Femi-nazis” DO NOT eat lamb, those “clowns” are vegan.

    Lamb prices went up in Australia, no wonder they are now importing lamb, for a better price, from Uruguay and Southern Brazilian state Rio Grande do Sul,

  7. Snorky says:

    Is anyone else starting to think that Stacy has a ‘thing’ for calorie-challenged people?

  8. Useless Eater says:

    Along with the news that Velveeta is also an endangered species, what am I going to do for my midnight snack tonight? Chase down and kill an Armored hot dog?

  9. Jayme says:

    Mr. Gmo Goop Burger is sequestering much carbon. 😉

  10. Chris says:

    It’s interesting in the TaM show to listen too the hesitation in Stacey’s voice when talking about climate, clear sign of doubt. Listening to Max monotone talk about fat people being killed off is consistent with Malthus + Austrian economics, you get both with the gold standard. I suspect some warmist types used a little NLP programming them both on climate, that’s why the fat pics.

  11. dlwedl says:

    Seeing those well-nourished folks I can now understand why the Rapture was called off – not enough heavy lifting capacity. Pity.

  12. Snooze says:

    I prefer to eat Australian beef. A nice t-bone, finely slice grooves into the meat, filled with finely chopped garlic, covered in barbecue seasoning, and pan cooked until crispy. Best served with a seasonal Caesar salad.

  13. alan says:

    Lamb is about the last meat that is not factory produced.
    I have not seen a lamb feed lot yet.
    Less growth hormones, less antibiotics, good pasture must be a good thing.

  14. Mini US says:

    It looks like Supply and Demand have made a comeback in the ‘Price Discovery’ stakes 😉

  15. leilu says:

    slaughtering spring baby lambs on the cheap is a reason to pay Al Gore carbon taxes. The absurdity of the femi nazis.

  16. confused says:

    I have noticed a trend, if one watches from the halfway point of Max’s report the IQ of the experience is greatly enhanced. 😉 Baaabaa

  17. Bruce says:

    Serious stuff if true. So serious that not even peasants would notice or bother to buy something else instead. We had bananas increase in price tens of times over their normal price and life still went on.

    How does this drop-in-the-ocean compare to an unavoidable carbon tax and an ever-more-powerful UN and vanishing basic freedoms under Agenda 21?

    In other news:
    Grab your “I’m warming up to fat men” tshirt with large smiling Stacy on the front.

    They iz selling out fast, yo.

    15% discount if u mention this post, yo.

  18. Bull says:

    way too much global warming snafu news, Stacy. I get the feeling that a grudge is being formed. Stick to financial news, you’re going to lose some listeners with your focus on dubious science.

  19. Enviro mental says:

    isn’t everything “set to rise by 15% in 2014” ?

  20. Ptah says:

    #ronron – You can say that again…!

  21. jogador says:

    the photo is disgusting!!! almost racist!

    People who are thin generally make it a priority to be so.

  22. mirrormirror says:

    @jogador …. “the photo is disgusting!!! almost racist!”

    I agree .. my stomach turns every time I see such people being mocked (used) like this .. although it is only meant to be symbolic of course , it is very populistic.

  23. Danny Cunnington says:

    Yes well the pews are empty now in Al Gore’s church of Climatolgy. It’s just hit and run street preachers and decrees from politicians now.

    It looks and feels like a credibility crisis

  24. YoLithos says:

    @alan – Re: ” … Less growth hormones, less antibiotics … ”

    Less/ Maybe. Still far from little, if from a regular commercial farm. The do use antibiotics and hormones. Many or most use favor insemination over natural reproduction. Hormones are usually used there, to “synchronize production”. And the technicians and veterinarians usually had a big chemical agro worldview education. Which doesn’t bode well for restrained use of chemicals and pharmaceutics.

    Most use commercial feed – that certainly does have hormones, antibiotics, tranquilizers (in some cases). And “protein” from somewhat “injudicious” sources, as well as cheap additives from China – always a health extra.

    The fodder – specially commercial fodder – is usually from fields that have been doused with the usual systemic long term poisons and toxins. Usually pushed by Agricultural experts educated and trained by the big zyklon-cartels – Tuoblásfemo, Dysjunta, and the rest.

    Company farms tend to be worse than most individual farmers, though more “regular” in their practice. Many farmers who sign “package deals” with the companies are essentially loaned out to them. And of the few left, some don’t care what “needs to be done”, if it brings in the money. The latter view is more prevalent in certain places than in others.

    Now, with spending being reduced the world over, banks becoming more stingy and demanding, rates on loans and taxes going up, margins squeezed beyond belief. Which way will that trend? They’ll lose money to continue in business, they’ll “pay to have a job”. Producing food with ever more poisons in it.

  25. YoLithos says:

    And fuel, unless they’re one of the luckier ones, who have their own biogas or biodiesel.

  26. Sword Mayor says:

    Dubious science or not ITS FREAKING HOT here at the moment!! Whether its a trend or a freak moment either way 98 degrees F at 4am last night WAS NOT FUN!!!

    Send us some polar vortex!!!

  27. Snorky says:

    “… the photo is disgusting!!! almost racist!”

    @mirrormirror and @jogador

    I agree. And where is the phrase “haters gotta hate” so often abused by, err, well, you know? Ha ha …

  28. Curious says:

    Peter Attia: What if blaming the obese is blaming the victims?

  29. mirrormirror says:

    @Snorky … ““haters gotta hate” so often abused by, err, well, you know? Ha ha …”

    Yep … and how many slices an Onion has .. I keep peeling them back and always new surprises found.
    OTOH , this MMT outfit (posted much earlier on another thread ) was too obvious a plant IMO.

  30. Agnes says:

    Confused – I have noticed that too.
    Curious – Good point.
    jogador, mirrormirror, & Snorky – I agree. Disgusting and racist.

  31. 623-3 says:

    Is the US the land of the inbred?

    AGW is shaky science, Al Gore, new ice age, Agenda 21, chemtrails, carbon tax, global communism, blah blah blah

    I’m from a country that has no Ruppert Murdoch media. And to tell the truth, when I read comments with keywords such as those, it seems like coming from the short bus. I know Americans live in their own information (or disinformation) bubble, so they might not notice it. But for people from around the world, those lucky enough outside Murdoch’s sphere of influence, you sound utterly retarded. Sorry. You should listen to the rest of the world a little more.

  32. Curious says:

    Also known as: Reductio ad absurdum, Ad Absurdum, Reductio ad ridiculum

  33. ptah says:

    I get the disgusting bit… and assume that the image was chosen because it did look disgusting and therefore reflected a humorous point, but what is ‘racist’… or ‘almost racist’ about the picture?

    It looks like a a picture from an image library, so – getting back to economics – it is likely the model was paid for the image and new exactly what he was doing when the picture was taken.

  34. Agnes says:

    Curious – Wow. Great web site. Thanks.

    I have noticed all along a lower social position. The technique you refer to may be popular with those trying to raise their own position by dumping on others.

    Interesting how it all came together.

    Thanks again.

  35. poopysnot says:

    sell your car and walk to the studio.

  36. poopysnot says:

    Carboncoin anyone?

  37. Andy Perry says:

    Stacy is really starting to hone in on some of the important cultural characteristics of the Germanic cult of K with her ‘plumpist’ photos.
    Some respondants starting to mutter nervously about ‘racism’ (can you believe the nerve?!?!) while EIT seems to have come down with full Ragnarok psychosis
    ‘Worst would be to have this planet die, grow barren and empty in the cold.’
    Cue Wagner Ring Cycle played on pedal guitar…

    Keep up the good work Stacy!

  38. Agnes says:

    Ptah – True, racism is the wrong word, but it is close. Sometimes people can see something but cannot find the right word. The right word is stereotype. Racism is a form of stereotype. This is another form of stereotype. The stereotype I am seeing is that all Americans [which would include Stacy, wouldn’t it] are disgustingly obese, stupid, and the cause of climate change. It looks to me like an excuse for genocide, which is another wrong word, but I don’t know the word for killing off all the people in a country. I hope I am wrong.

  39. Andy Perry says:

    When you say ALL Americans is that some kind of attempt at devious language or genuine Saxon stupidity?
    Does the man in the picture look like a Navajo or a Cheyenne to you?

  40. Agnes says:

    Andy Perry – This was the 3rd or 4th post by Stacy portraying obese people. The first began as a put-down on the stupidity of Americans in conjunction with climate change. It is the entire series that I object to, associating obesity with stupidity with climate change. Americans aren’t allowed to know what is in their food, and much of it is addictive. It sounds to me like a call for killing off fat people, especially Americans, to save the planet. Wrong approach to the problem.

  41. Raf says:

    I’m not sure why someone as nice as Stacy thinks mocking fat people is socially acceptable. It’s pretty mean.

  42. Andy Perry says:

    Americans (You mean Saxons) aren’t allowed to know what is in their food?
    As in Germans weren’t allowed to know what was happening in the camps?
    As in The Saxons did not know what was happening to the native people in America?

    You are always the victims aren’t you?
    Victims of communist conspiracy or Muslim conspiracy
    Victims of the big banks
    or the Gubmint
    or the union bosses
    or the Jewish Marxists
    or Obama
    So its never your fault is it?
    So you always try that look of baffled perplexed innocent surprise
    as in : ‘What, you mean ALL the natives died of smallpox?’
    ‘So you are telling me those people were actually kidnapped in Africa and brought here by force?’
    That’s how you know Kapitalism is Bullsh*t. Because the rhetoric is all about reposnsiblility and self reliance but the truth is all about Germans scamming everything they can while squealing about being victims. And it always has been..

  43. alan says:

    If individuals do not respect themselves, why should I respect them?

  44. Nathan Clark says:

    They can run the sheep in the drier parts, but it’s also starting to effect other areas. Australian grain crops and lamb feed the middle east. Price rises in the middle east will be much greater than 15%. Price rises in the middle east will mean price rises in Oil.

    Beef on the east will also be hit but more importantly will be the *evaporation of our drinking water*.

    We nearly ran out of drinking water a couple of times in populated areas thousands of miles from each other at the end of the longest drought on record (2000-2012) and now it looks like we’re being hit again? Maybe the last two years were an aberration in a *permanent* drought?

    This is punishing.

    Back to back droughts are punishing and our government’s addiction to economic growth allows in an extra 150,000 thirsty mouths from the asian population factories every year to come in and join the property ponzi that keeps our banks at #2 in the world.

    Watch out New Zealand. Aussies climate refugees are only a short plane trip away.

  45. ptah says:

    @Agnes: Thinking of the similarity between laughing and crying, the difference is only sleight despite the association one has: ‘happy’ for laughing and ‘sad’ crying.

    Dr Jonathan Miller once explained a fascinating theory into the origins of this reflex action people have. He notioned that the gesture to laugh/cry at another person, to mock and to denigrate is often demonstrated in chimps, and was a call to straddlers within a herd context. Those members of a herd or group who do not keep up can become the victims of predators. So the instinctive gesture could be born out of a desire to help… to mock in order to encourage survival.

  46. alan says:

    Live sheep exports to the Middle East.
    A lot of expense and waste could be saved by just shipping the frozen carcase.
    Live exports are cruel business that was designed to destroy unions, the Middle East religions were a convenient tool.
    When they can not afford live, frozen will be fine thank you.
    PS. I have always stated that petrol was cheap. You will know it is expensive when everyone is riding Honda 50’s.

  47. ricecake says:

    That guy look familiar ….. isn’t Kim. Com 😉

  48. poopysnot says:

    @Andy Perry re: That’s how you know Kapitalism is Bullsh*t

    so, It’s capitalism’s fault, correct?

  49. alan says:

    Inside the house it hot.
    Honey will not stick to a knife. you need to scoop up honey in a spoon as you would water.

  50. alan says:

    I do not know how you will adapt to working outside in this heat.

  51. Jayme says:

    As much as I’d wish for the best outcomes, if the numbers are correct (I haven’t checked so am taking the 50:1 number at face value) it seems foolish to me to try to change the climate, either way. People will suffer.

  52. Jayme says:

    I’ve worked in outside in Arizona. You get up before the sun and you quit before noon or you get heat stroke.

  53. Chris says:

    The other 50 to 1 is the constant ratio of CO2 in the ocean as opposed to the atmosphere, which means human activity is just statistical noise. Warm periods have always been beneficial to human life, direct air measurements by nobel scientists amoung others have detected higher levels in 1820, 1857 and 1940, the warmists cherry picked 2 or 3 out of approx.20 that had results they wanted. You can add all the CO2 you want and it does nothing without adding more infrared to trap.

  54. 623-3 says:


    Yeah, sure. So now the scientific community is cherry picking stats… says a non scientist…

    And the 50:1 thing misses the point. If global warming gets out of hand (as it once did ), then all that argument goes void.

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