Bitcoin retakes $1000


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  1. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    New Little Ice Age Deniers might want to BURY YOUR HEADS EVEN DEEPER IN THE SAND for this:


  2. Useless Eater says:


    I am feeling the effects of it. See here now, I’ll post my Bitcoin Portfolio so everyone else may also gaze in amazement…


    I guess the grass is always greener, and if you accidentally click on this link, you can kick back and enjoy it…

  3. BitCoinIsGreat says:

    If the kid in the picture was honest, hardworking and intelligent he would not have to get lucky with BitCoin.

    Since he looks so sad it could be because he is just a kid.
    Or perhaps he’s just a frustrated BitCoin addict who missed his fix.

    Had your fix lately?

  4. jischinger says:

    I coulda.

    In fact, I was given one by Satoshi himself, then I killed him.

    The thrill of watching $2 go to $2000 must be exhilarating!

    So this is what the free market actually looks like, I’ve always wondered, and the volumes of money being traded – as da man says, don’t tell me we don’t have any money!

    A few observations from someone in the kiddy’s pool:

    To get into this you got to have some money to start – disposable money – and if you don’t have much you need to dedicated your time to make it grow.

    The hangouts, chats and boards I’ve read makes me wonder if bitcoin is quickly becoming the new national past time.

    People get home from work, pop open their crypto programs; the charts are very pretty, bells ring alerting when to buy and when to sell, it’s very elaborate, and damn the lag!

    Looking for patterns, especially when the Chinese wake up; it’s like play in the casino, feeling the zone, looking for lady luck’s sweet spot, you’re just moments ahead of the future, tapping that ball with just the correct amount of force to hit the corner right-hand pocket – clean.

    Eight hours later the conversation turns to, “shit, will I get enough sleep tonight to function at work tomorrow? ah f*ck it!”

    In between all that are how many numbers are in the room, I wish I could meet a nice girl and start a family, endless technical talk, how pretty the program is, male banter, the thrill of buying low and selling high, the sadness of selling and buying at the wrong time. Then the same conversation begins again with different numbers. Everyone is nice and rather pleasant, but the conversation never swerves much past the above.

    World Politics? shrug. The Federal Reserve? shrug. Climate Change? shrug. Any Ethical Implications? shrug. The Poor? meh.

    and the Christmas Tree looks dead. Crap, I don’t even remember buying that thing, I could have put that 20 bucks into bitcoin, it hit 1000.

  5. ronron says:

    i have mined 50 quark. so i,m on my game. 🙂

  6. LexLuthor says:

    It just looks that World hasn’t ran out of greater fools (yet)…

  7. LexLuthor says:

    Well, Max, besides the fact that you are one of the greates BC pumpers, wans’t that also YOU were very strongly advocating just a year or so ago that people should go ALL IN SILVER and crash JP Morgan and go to $500 and stuff. Now you’re telling those same people THEY WERE WRONG TO GO INTO SILVER and that they should have bought Bitcoin instead… I believe BC was $2 at the time of your STRONGEST SILVER AGITATION! How could people had bought Bitcoin at $2 if they were about to go ALL IN silver???? Now when you have pumped your Bitcoins back up, you’ re looking for additional foools to finally give up, SELL THEIR PHYSICAL SILVER and buy Bitcoin, so your BC investment will go up a little bit before you DUMP IT, right?

    That simply prooves you’re a total fraud, you’re looking only for your own pocket, you’re a liar and you couldn’t care less for the same people you are executing yout propaganda towards.

  8. Alex says:

    @LexLuthor – well said, the mask is coming off Max and Stacy. Once a wall street pumper, always a wall street pimp. It is very easy to lose credibility and George Osborne should beware if he wants Max to be part of his financial advisor team. I clearly remember Max pumping silver and leading the SLA, it suddenly vanished. The BitCoin pumping started. Sad.

    Satoshi? Right, one dude came up with this? Right 😉

  9. b says:

    I remember Max pumping silver, “$500 if you want it”
    I think I saw him mention bitcoin maybe once at about $2, he was far from sure about it, the big thing was silver to $500. After that mention I didnt see it mentioned again until much later.
    I dont ever recall Max and Stacey posting, “here is an ap, download it and mine some bc”. Not saying they didnt, just I never saw it. I have been here pretty off and on regularly.

    Anyway, all the power to them, I dont begrudge anyone making money and I think Max is a pretty smart guy, gets invited places and has excellent guests etc, why shouldnt he and Stacey make money?

    I finaly met a person that actualy owns a bitcoin, he mined 4 of them. He has no intention of selling them, I cant blame him in the least. He doesnt mine anymore nor does he have any intention of useing them.

    So, from $2 bc until now, I finaly meet someone that has one, how long was that?

    Interesting he does not intend to use it as currency, sees it as a free investment. Why not? No need as a currency, we use Canadian currency in Canada.
    We agreed that if we went into a bank parking lot and he offered to sell a bitcoin and I offered to sell pot, I would get the line up and nobody would give a sh#t about a bitcoin. Pot, is a better currency, as a money transfer, all you guys that need to do that, excellent for you, but as currency, Canadian paper works even better than pot around here.

    James Turk getting into them, Karen Hudas figureing them out, ya never no, maybe some day I will have a use for them too.

    I wonder what the people in Colorado would be more interested in? Or Uraguay or Wahington or……
    Best of luck to everyone. So much printing is going on it doesnt matter what you have, everything is going to require more of it eventualy.

  10. @b – before you went ahead and embarrassed yourself, you should have done even a teeny bit of research; you know like any ordinary human with more than two brain cells and type in “keiser report bitcoin 2011” then “keiser report bitcoin 2012” you would have found dozens; but, go ahead, show us the poop inside your nappies if that’s what’s your thing

  11. backchecking says:

    Silver is the eternal commercial trading specie — going back further in time than gold.

    The latter metal was — in the beginning — THE religious metal; which one might note every time reading of ancient icons. (Silver being conspicuous by its absence.)

    Silver was commercial specie for:
    Constitutional America

    Classic Rome
    Imperial Spain
    Imperial Britain
    Imperial France
    Classic China
    Imperial Austria ( hence thaller — dollar )

    Gold became commercial specie only in the 19th Century. (!) Imperial Britain had finally struck so much gold that she shifted over so as to flip the balance of trade with the mega-silver powers: America, Austria, and the French silver trading bloc.

    (Google: Stella… and read up on the French trading bloc scheme.)

    So, Max is VERY likely to win even his silver call.

    To go back to specie is to go back to silver. There is NEVER enough gold to make the ‘system’ work, not in recorded history.

  12. Alex says:

    Stacy is condescending and shows utter contempt.who are you to call anyone dumb or that a person has shit for a brain?you guys are turning into pumpers indeed,the SLA was a scam and it is dead,finished.seriously lady,show some class.

  13. Bruce 2 says:

    Baby actually thinks bragging about BitCoin gains is getting very old and thinks adults are all stupid.

    Don’t ask how I know, I just do.

  14. jarrollin says:

    Bitcoin is the equivalent of the strange places that sugar lodges itself in a diabetics body. It is a speculative investment that can hold yet another load of the dead fiat currency. It is a bit of a cul de sac. It would’t fly at kitty hawk.

  15. jarrollin says:

    I really don’t resent Max and Stacy for this Bitcoin charade. I knew what I was getting into when I started watching their show. It’s infotainment, baby. Meaning: it’s an odd mixture of stuff; her cute outfits, odd sense of what metaphor is, their “chemistry,” Max’s old Wall Street shenanigans, their funny sense of rebelliousness and slightly disproportionate sense of themselves. If I wanted real journalism, I’d seek it out. But it’s a little tough to take. Infotainment is about what I can stomach. So, I take it for what it’s worth.

  16. Nathan el Corochio says:

    All the nappy-fetish guys think that’s a nod to them now..
    I think the show has been pushing the winners. I am considering myself lucky silver has not gone through the roof yet as I have yet to buy in. I have not got on the btc supersonic sky elevator but good luck to stacy and the winklevii, hope the view is nice up there

  17. LexLuthor says:

    So much about ponzi schemes that Max always talks about… It will blow in the faces of all the idiots listening to these frauds…

    BC can never be a currency. Why? It’s prohibited in Chine, that’s more than 1/7 Worlds popoulation, that’s why. And scammers still pump it and idiots still buy it. Why else use Bitcoins?

    ANYONE? An investment? You really have to be seriously retarded to believe that. The only people who went into at $2 were the very scammers themselves and nobody else, the scammers with the PLAN.

  18. Bruce 2 says:

    does BitCoin really need gov endorsement though? I’d rather it didn’t personally.

    Good vibes to all who gained from BitCoin without the criminal mafia taking their cut. I think there should be hundreds or thousands of competing currencies out of reach of gov hands.

  19. Goldman Sucks says:

    My god, the trolls are out tonight.

  20. Bruce 2 says:

    jarrollin, M and/or S will be upset that you’re not calling them real journalists (which I think they are, whatever a real journalist means in today’s corporate crapworld, yo).

  21. jarrollin says:

    It’s funny because journalism is such humbling, painstaking and under- appreciated profession, one which takes a lot of academic and real life training — yet it’s a label people very much want to have, so long as the dirty work gets left out of the job.

  22. jischinger says:

    I think if I have any regrets it’s that all the people in bitcoin didn’t march on DC and over throw the government with the energy they have for transferring bank funds into bitcoin exchanges and their dedication to daily trading on the highs and lows of bitcoin.

    On the one hand most of the people I think that are into bitcoin are to some degree less-government-minded Libertarians. Which is also ironic cause most Libertarians believe only gold and silver are money and nothing else – if you can’t hold it, it’s not real.
    This also seems to have caused resentment and a mild break in what was thought of as a strong and united Libertarian faction.

    L1: gold and silver are money not some imaginative computer bit-whatever! There’s nothing tangible backing it up bitcoin!

    L2: fuck you! don’t tell me a sovereign citizen how to spend my labor. What’s wrong with you?! I bet deep down you’re just another statist!

    L1: oh yeah! well your bitcoin is worth shit without the bee hive of the community connecting all computers like a centrist Stalinist state. One flip of the government’s switch and your bitcoin is dead dead dead. Socialist!

    L2: drop dead moron, we all know gold and silver are manipulated by the Comex – the bankers and government own your ass and they decide what your PMs are worth. Bitcoin is a true free market, they can’t confiscate bitcoins like FDR commandeered gold in the 30’s. No government can touch us!

    L1: your mother!

    L2: I can buy your mother with my bitcoin.

    On the other hand social minded liberals – a little more complicated – who could have taken advantage of bitcoin early on, made millions upon millions using the funds for community projects, supporting green ideas, climate change campaigns, and fighting da man with a web site that gave out free bitcoin for shaming a politician, but they didn’t!

    S1: mic check!

    Me? I’m still stuck in the muck holding Pandora’s Box hoping there’s still some hope left in it or at least a winning lotto ticket.

    Yes, I know what the odds of winning the lotto are and that I’d be better off investing that fiat dollar bill in silver or a sliver of a bitcoin.

    funny thing.. I was recently asked whether it was the lottery, bitcoin or inheriting granddads mysterious hidden giant gold and silver stash what would I do with such funds, and as I’ve said in the past start a self-sustainable organic farming community; living wage, everyone works, etc… and this man said, ‘so why don’t you just go and get one, there’s probably some one out there who has a farm that wants out and is looking to give to someone just like you.’ Of course I laughed, but thought receiving a farm is better than buying the farm, if you get my drift.

    Anyway, one thing I did learn in my journey through bitcoin is if you want bitcoin just ask.

    So if you’re looking to unload a clean farm or invest in a gold and silver, bitcoin growing proper sustainable moral community role model of free minded libertarian love your neighbor… social humanist ideals, just clink.

  23. Nat says:

    @Stacy Herbert @b

    Max Keiser said in 2011:

    If people want to speculate in it (or cabbage patch dolls, or dotcom shares, or McMansions) and lose all their wealth, well then that’s their own (stupid) choice. If bitcoins succeed or fail, I don’t see how that is a threat to my own personal savings or existence. It’s just another currency among hundreds, if not thousands, currently operating in the world.

  24. Nat says:

    @b In Jan 2013 Stacy was saying how speculation hadn’t really occurred to her regarding gold, silver, BitCoin – anything but it was the first thing Max reacted to when she transfer some BTC over to him (that it had gone up in value and he had profited).

    She was only interested in the easy of transaction compared to PayPal (me too – Paypal effectively shut down my ebay business for breaking an arbitrary T&C rule of refunding too many people after PayPal caused me to by withholding funds for 21 days out of the blue). Coming from the same place perhaps.

    Yet now we see Stacy shrieking in delight about the latest high BTC prices and only a couple of months ago she was casually chatting in the comments about day-trading some BTC to LTC as THAT was increasing in price faster .

    How people change and in such a short space of time! That is the brainwashing power of easy money.

  25. Bruce 2 says:

    “It serves the purpose of playing the role of a public service machinery in the dissemination and analysis of news and information.[1] Journalistic integrity is based on the principles of truth, accuracy and factual knowledge. Journalistic mediums can vary diversely, from print publishing to electronic broadcasting, and from newspaper to television channels, as well as to the web, and to digital technology.”

    Dissemination & analysis of news & information.

    M&S analyse and dissect financial news fantastically. Therefore, I would class them as jouranlists.

    They shouldn’t be punished for having a personality, nor does that make them less serious to me.

  26. Bruce 2 says:

    * posts about Bitcoin gains notwistanding :/

  27. Bruce 2 says:

    notwithstanding too

  28. jischinger says:

    Ad Campaign

    bitcoin – it’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it.

  29. jarrollin says:

    Yes. I read the wikipedia article. I could see that the argument was there. Some of the brands of journalism (e.g. Gonzo) didn’t even seem to include factual as a characteristic of journalism. I’ll still go with infotainment so far as Keiser Report is concerned.

  30. Poppy21 says:

    The one thing that’s creating doubt in my mind about Bitcoin and cryptos in general – the views of Martin Armstrong!

  31. jason davies says:

    dont need the negative comments, if you dont like risks go elsewhere this is risk talk, REAL TALK

  32. mijj says:

    pfft! .. this here “Bitcon” thing is just another “horseless carriage” fad.

    Hopefully, those people who control our lives with no thought for themselves will pass a law requiring someone to walk in front of Bitcoin with a red flag.

    And what about all the unemployed stable-boys? And the Road Apple Clearance industry?

  33. b says:

    @[email protected]

    I said stacy
    “I dont ever recall Max and Stacey posting, “here is an ap, download it and mine some bc”. Not saying they didnt, just I never saw it. I have been here pretty off and on regularly.”

    Having a little trouble with reading Stace? Sry just gotta say.

    Nat, yup you point things out well, Stacy, you seem so nice on the shows. Thats ok tho, Liberty is for everyone.

    But Stace, your coming across kinda like a spoiled child (little girl)in these threads, grumpy baby pictures kinda trying to “rub it in” and calling people “trolls” that disagree with you. It is your business but geesh.

    Now, just as I have said,”I expect Max and Stacy to start pumping other crypto currencies as the big money has already been made from bitcoin”.

    All the power to you guys,I say again, I do NOT begrudge you making money, its just a little thing called capitalism.

    Kinda funny tho, that bitcoin gets more pricey because of a virtual game? Give me a break, more valuable because it can be used in a virtual game? It doesnt do anything, nothing no production, advantage, zero. Why on earth should it increase in value?
    Its simple, it doesnt,its all psychology, altho you can argue that markets are nothing but psychology.

    I say over and over, It may very well be a better payment system, or currency transfer system, thats excellent for those that can use that service, but me? I have no use for it, nobody uses it around here, we use Canadian currency.

    Online maybe, but nobody but nobody I meet has a use for bitcoin, VERY few people have even heard of bitcoin, you really have to ask computer geeks and be determined to find someone that has heard of it and as I said, I FINALY found someone that owns one,but he has no intention of USEING it. So much for being a currency, he is gambling it increases in price,an investment,not use not currency.
    So there ya go, until its good for taxes, who but geeks and speculaters or those trying to capitalise would be interested? For the average guy, ME, it has zero use. Obviously there is a money transfer use, but the average guy doesnt transfer money, not often enough to own a bitcoin anyway.

    One day it will have a use to the average person maybe, I am all for bringing down these corrupt psychopaths and KOODOS to Max and Stacy for exposeing and KOODOS to the inventer of bitcoin for the attempt,
    but at this point, bitcoin is NOT it,and at this point, it has NO use for an average “go to work,watch the game,have a beer screw the wife,go to bed get up and go to work person” (fishin/hunting on weekends or out with kids etc) Some day tho, maybe.

    Keep up the good work Stacy and Max,

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