Bitcoin Payrolls and Paywalls

Stacy summary: Bitcoin news today. Fight it all you want, but the blockchain is here to stay.

Want bitcoin but don’t know how to buy it? Why not earn it?

Major newspaper introduces BitWall for micropayments on paywall.

7 comments on “Bitcoin Payrolls and Paywalls
  1. Nat says:

    All these clever things can be done with the blockchain and the crypto blockchain concept and yet BTC can still go to $50 or less and it still works.

    The blockchain concept is completely separate.. service providers can seamlessly migrate to NMC or NewCoin or even a new Dollar cryptocoin.

    Success of one doesn’t guarantee the other.

  2. Curoius says:

    The higher the price, the more incentive there is to mine. The more miners there are on the network, the more secure Bitcoin becomes. The value of the currency and the integrity of the network are most definitely intertwined.

  3. Bitcoin- an adventure in the neverending fluctuation of a crypto-currency backed by nothing, built by who-knows-who and is worth God-only-knows-what day by day. Enter at your own risk.

  4. jk says:


    You always say it’s overvalued. Last time it should be 500 times less (so in the region of $2 ca.) and now $50. From a different “abstract” perspective, i argue that you are a little too concerned over the price. If i buy bitcoin in yen, it’s around 5000. I could say that is ridiculous, it should be 1 yen, or at most 2. I could say a ton of gold is outrageous in price; i could only afford an ounce. I can say I walk 3.171070233*10^-13 light years a day or just 3 kilometres a day. bitcoin as well all know has 8 orders of magnitude and hence the flexibility to adapt to quite a larger market demand. If it grows large enough and hence becomes more stable, does it matter how many bitcoin i have, once value is kept tight enough, numbers of units are no more than aesthetics in a way, in this instance serve to translate value into other units of measure. Bitcoins or Satoshis, I say “whatever, does it represent the value i put in?”

  5. Alex says:

    If Bitcoin can be used as payment for goods/services then why can’t Gold or Silver? Why?

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